Adorable Consort – Chapter 295

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Chapter 295 – Chu Qing-Yan’s domineering declaration

After talking about things for a while, Xiao Xu felt that oppressive air in his chest slowly dissipate.

His lips couldn’t help but curve, what the little fellow said was right, once the heart starts to accumulate depressing matters, you shouldn’t suppress it. Otherwise, every step you take will become heavier. Eventually, a day will come when you collapse from the weight.

For so many years, he had never mentioned these matters to people. One reason was because he felt it wasn’t necessary, only a weak person would keep talking about their suffering over and over again. The other reason was he didn’t have a partner to unburden these matters to. The people around him either deferred to him, or wanted to scheme against him.

Once again, Xiao Xu lifted his hand to stroke her hair. It was soft, not greasy, yet shiny as a mirror. The harsh lines of his cheeks slowly softened, his expression turning gentle. “Little fellow, if you can wake up, this king will grant you a wish.”

Chu Qing-Yan walked aimlessly in a desert. This world was like a stove, no matter where she walked to, a heat wave would hit her. The sand under her feet seemed to want to drill into her soles, drilling until it hurt.

There was nobody in any direction, no trees, no water. It only has this scorching sun over her head, giving off an endless amount of light.

If this continued, she would be burned to a crisp.

She suddenly recalled a short story she saw on a microblog. The only difference between me and barbequed skewered meat is only that a pinch of cumin is lacking.

Chu Qing-Yan wanted to cry but lacked the tears. Is this really a dream? But why does it seem so real ah!

Hot from head to toe, the sand burned!

Finally she couldn’t bear it. Her lips were cracked and even if she had to lay on the ground with her skin being burned, she really couldn’t move anymore.

“Thirsty——” she felt as if her mouth was stuffed full of sand, it was very dry and it hurt.

Just when she was about to lose consciousness again, a burst of water poured into her mouth.

Did it rain?

She guessed while in a daze.

While she was delirious, suddenly she seemed to hear a person say something by her ear, it seemed near yet far.

Low and magnetic, a sound so pleasant like sounds of nature. The more she couldn’t hear it clearly, the more she wanted to know what it was saying.

Until later she heard and understood the last sentence.

“Little fellow, if you can wake up, this king will grant you a wish.”

A wish?

Her eyes suddenly opened.

Large eyes stared at smaller eyes.

“Big Block of Ice, you are awake?”

“You are awake?”

Both of them spoke at the same time.

She hadn’t returned to her senses yet when she saw that person whose lips were always pursed into a straight line suddenly the corner of those lips curved up.

In that instant, thousands, no tens of thousands of trees blossomed with flowers, like the splendid stars that extended out to the horizon.

“Big, Big Block of Ice, you smiled?” She couldn’t help but use her hands to rub her eyes. She definitely wasn’t dreaming?

Hearing her words, Xiao Xu retracted his smile, and his tone became very strict. “Even now you still have the mood to be concerned about other things?”

“Huh?” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t understand why the scene suddenly changed.

“Not listening to this king’s order, returning without permission, hum? Didn’t take good care of yourself but instead you fell ill, hum?” The lively words from the person in front of him finally allowed him to put down that large stone in his heart. He couldn’t help but hold her hands tighter.

Chu Qing-Yan’s brain hadn’t finished loading, but hearing those two hums in succession, this threatening tone made her heart tremble three times. “I, I——”

“You what?” Xiao Xu raised his tone, looked at her with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

Her complexion reddened from being incited by his words. Xiao Xu sighed slightly. It was still this appearance, full of vitality that suited her best.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that no matter what she said, she would be wrong, so her brain turned and she immediately smiled. Taking advantage that he was off guard, her hand extended out to hug his arm. In a spoiled manner she said. “Isn’t this just my first offense? It won’t happen next time!”

“You still want there to be a next time?” Xiao Xu slanted her a glance.

Having heard what he said, she immediately raised her hand. “I promise, from now on I will definitely listen to you. I won’t disobey your order again.”After saying this, she stealthily added a sentence in her heart, unless there were special circumstances!

Finished speaking, she swayed his arm back and forth, smiling happily. “Like this, is your Highness satisfied?”

Although her tone was elated, her voice still had a hoarseness from having just woken up. He pressed down on the reproach in his heart. In fact his heart was very clear, the little fellow only returned in order to save him. If she hadn’t rushed back, then everything would have become a different scene.

But he had to say something. This kind of experience, he really doesn’t want it to reoccur.

“If there is a next time, don’t take it on without permission, listen obediently and continue to live well, that is best.”

Hearing this, she couldn’t help but recall that night. The matter of Yan-Luo saying that his will to live was weak. She rubbed against his sleeves, her tone carrying a tad of sadness. “Big Block of Ice, I’m going to ask you a question, you must answer it honestly.”

The seriousness that suddenly took over the little fellow was something he was not used to. His hand that was in mid air slowly dropped down. “You ask then.”

“At that time, why didn’t you have the motivation to keep on living?” She lifted her head to look toward his eyes, as if she wanted to see into his heart. Stressing each word, she asked very carefully.

She must confirm a certain matter.

Xiao Xu’s hand paused, he had already guessed earlier, based on the little fellow’s temper she won’t let go of this question. It wasn’t because he didn’t have motivation, it was because he felt it was already meaningless.

“There weren’t any reasons.” His eyelid dropped down, those thick lashes covered up all of his pain.

She knew she couldn’t get an answer from him, but she still didn’t want to give up. Because not only must she determine this matter, she also had to put an end to this kind of thing from happening again.

Her powerful Big Block of Ice must not have this kind of unsolvable knot in his heart. A weak spot that would collapse at the first blow.

“Was it because Western Xuan’s emperor forced you?” Chu Qing-Yan asked without the slightest hestiation.

“Qing-Yan! Don’t say such nonsense.” Xiao Xu patted her head. Although his tone was very strict, his expression was very serene.

Grabbing onto his finger, Chu Qing-Yan wasn’t a bit afraid. “Okay, I won’t talk about it. But I know I’m not talking nonsense. You and that cloaked person’s conversation, I heard it all. Only, my heart hurts a lot on your behalf. In your previous life, how many bad things did you do to land this kind of father in this life?”

“Qing-Yan!” Didn’t you say you won’t talk about it, why are you still prattling on? Xiao Xu really felt helpless when it came to this little fellow.

“Big Block of Ice, you shouldn’t keep calling me by name. I know it sounds good.” Chu Qing-Yan struck the posture of picking at her ear, then her mouth pulled into a smile to look at him. “Big Block of Ice, you mustn’t feel sad, this life of yours is one that I saved. It has nothing to do with Western Xuan’s royal family. Those things you did for Western Xuan before are already enough. Your identity should end here.”

Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow and didn’t know what earth shattering thing this little fellow would say.

“That moment when I woke up your willpower, I already thought it through. This life of yours is mine, therefore I order you not to take responsibility for those so called duties and obligations. Starting from today, you have already been born again, a rebirth. The emotional attachment from being born and the grace of being brought up could be returned in an appropriate manner. But your identity right now, aside from being master to Xiao Lie Cavalry, you are also mine, Chu Qing-Yan’s Big Block of Ice. In the future, if there is something you must do, please first consider us before making a decision! Moreover, I forbid you from abandoning yourself to despair and isolating yourself in exile.”

Chu Qing-Yan declared in a domineering manner.

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