Adorable Consort – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 – Since ancient times affection will leave injury when parting

“Big Block of Ice, take care.”

In the end, Chu Qing-Yan turned without looking back.

No one could understand the pain she felt from suppressing that urge to rush back.

Xi Ning lifted up the carriage curtain, waiting for her to get on the carriage. “Master.”

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head back, that day, that tree, that person.

The mournful sound of the cold winter was aimed at the long pavillion in the night. The rain shower stopped early, the covering of the tent drank it without leaving a drop. She was reluctant to leave this place, like a boat sent out in a rush. He executed the plan with a wave of the hand while looking at those tearful eyes that stared silently, choked on the words. The thoughts of going thousands of miles in the watery mist of the deep night under the clear wide sky.

Since ancient times affection will leave injury when parting, how could one endure the quiet desolateness of an Autumn festival? Tonight where would I wake up, like the weeping willow on the shore. The wind of dawn chased the waning moon. This time’s parting may be for many years. Agreed it was a very beautiful morning scenery that had thousands of kinds of amorous feelings, but who should I say this to in this arrangement that was like a void!

Now was not late autumn but the middle of winter. There weren’t any mournful sounds, no long pavillion, and no boat. There was only cold wind, dried up woods and horse carriages. She could perceive the emotions and parting sorrow Liu Yong (1) felt when he was very reluctant to leave.

Big Block of Ice, I will wait for you to return to me safe and sound.

When the sound of horse’s hoofs gradually got further away, Xiao Xu looked into the distance. His pair of eyes were like a deep ancient pool of water. No one could tell what he was thinking of right now.

Earth Spirit’s hand grasped the long sword as he looked at master’s silhouette. As if he saw to back then after master’s injury healed from fleeing that huge fire, when he stood in the palace and looked at the horizon in a lonely and bleak manner.

In the end, he took a step forward. “Master, we ought to go.”

“En.” Xiao Xu turned and stepped onto the horse carriage.

The comfortable arrangement and the overly sentimental fragrance, were all traces of the little fellow.

His body stiffened slightly, in the end he put down the curtain. All the reluctance to part and feelings of fond attachment were covered up.

Earth Spirit took a glance at the horse carriage, then took a deep breath. Finally in a loud voice, he ordered. “Move out.”

Originally Fire Spirit was in charge of such matters, but now that he left to protect the Little Consort, he changed from being in the dark to being out in the open and assumed the responsibilities of guarding the entire procession.

Inside a room with flickering light.

“Law Keeper, this afternoon Xiao Xu suffered an attack. None of the people that mounted the attack survived.” A female reported the situation up ahead.

“Along the way Xiao Xu offended too many people, so the people that want his life won’t be a few. Our plan hasn’t changed, we’ll move at night.” The woman wearing snow white clothing took a drink of tea and said this in a even tone.

“Yes, this subordinate will go order people to prepare.” The subordinate complied.

On top of the mountain.

The male wearing a bamboo hat ordered. “Just now, the spy reported that there is now less than half of the original number of people by Xiao Xu’s side. Although we don’t know where they went, however with regards to us, it won’t be harmful. So tonight is the best chance for us to make our move. Notify everyone that we’ll move tonight!”

“Yes, Honorable Sir.” Black clothed subordinate cupped his hand and withdrew to arrange it.

Not long after Xiao Xu’s group left, a group of people appeared in that teahouse.

The cloaked person stepped on that flagpole that snapped off, took a glance at the ground that had been cleaned up neatly without a trace of what happened before and slowly said. “There are some people that couldn’t endure it and have already moved. Looks like tonight there will be a good play for us to watch. You guys prepare well, at anytime we may attack.”

“As you ordered.”

The carriage had already traveled for one hour, and Chu Qing-Yan felt that the further she was from Big Block of Ice the more uneasy her heart became.

And right now the carriage they were sitting in had already been modified and everyone was in new disguises. They no longer had the appearance of that young master and Miss that was sightseeing outside, rather they looked like a family that was about to seek shelter at a relative’s place.

Fire Spirit was the eldest brother, Wood Spirit was the second brother and she was the youngest little brother. The people at their side were all family servants and maids.

Once they got out of the forest, Chu Qing-Yan felt that everyone’s pace became much faster. Even at night they were still hurrying on the road.

Chu Qing-Yan had a guess things weren’t good, had matters gotten to such a serious degree?

As a result, she told Jin Xin to call Fire Spirit over.

At this moment Fire Spirit didn’t have his normal laughing expression, rather he had a cautious expression. “What matters does the Little Consort have?”

Chu Qing-Yan asked. “Tonight aren’t we going to rest a bit? Rushing along for a whole day, everyone ought to be tired.”

“Little Consort, it’s like this, this place is near deep mountains and old forests. If we don’t immediately enter towns that have signs of people, maybe at night the wild beasts would attack us.” Fire Spirit explained.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyebrows puckered up, in the past they slept outdoors in the wilderness, and at times the conditions were even more difficult than now. Fire Spirit’s group had never before been this worried. Moreover, she clearly sensed that when Fire Spirit was speaking, he dared not look her in the eyes. His eyes flickered as if he was concealing something from her.

“Fire Spirit, you honestly confess, are you guys concealing something from me?” Chu Qing-Yan narrowed her eyes as she looked towards him.

Finished speaking, Fire Spirit’s back became rigid from hearing this. Several droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead. He pretended to laugh in a relaxed manner. “How could we conceal things from you? Since the Little Consort wants to rest, then we’ll find an appropriate place to stop.”

Finished speaking, Fire Spirit used the excuse of finding a place to stop and immediately escaped.

Although Fire Spirit promised her to stop and rest, however her misgivings still haven’t been dispelled.

As night fell, the setting sun tilted to the west. The smoky reddish multicolored sunlight dyed the clouds in the horizon and made it look like an area drenched in blood.

Dongting Wang-Yu fiddled with a bamboo leaf in his hand. His mood was somewhat jittery. Don’t know why, but tonight his mood was unsettled. Maybe the longer it dragged on, the more uneasy his mood would be.

And at this time, Xuanxi Zi-Mo walked up. His face had traces of cheerful impatience and excitement. “Young master, tonight those several groups of people will take action. Should we also go forward?”

“Even without this young master’s order, you would still go join the action tonight.” Dongting Wang-Yu slanted him a glance, saying indifferently.

Xuanxi Zi-Mo laughed in embarrassment. “Young master, isn’t it all because this subordinate is being considerate of you to quickly help you find that thing, in order to avoid you worrying.”

“This young master sees it’s because your hand is itching. All along you haven’t abandoned the thought of swapping pointers with Xiao Lie Cavalry.” With such dishonest conduct from his subordinate, Dongting Wang-Yu was somewhat distressed.

Even though his thoughts were seen through, Xuanxi Zi-Mo wasn’t a bit worried that master would change his itinerary. “Oh that’s right master, this afternoon, this subordinate discovered Miss Chu is already no longer by Xiao Xu’s side. As if she was secretly sent off.”

Hearing this, Dongting Wang-Yu immediately became interested. “Was sent away?”

“Yes, moreover the guards by his side decreased by more than half. I estimate they were sent to escort Miss Chu.” Xuanxi Zi-Mo, saying up to here was somewhat curious. “Master you say, at such a critical time, splitting away such a huge part of his power to protect Miss Chu, isn’t this equivalent to crippling his own strength? At that time when these several groups of people attack one after another, I’m afraid he would already have a hard time responding. In less than a few days, he won’t have the strength to resist.”

“It seems this little girl has a huge place in Xiao Xu’s heart.” Dongting Wang-Yu rubbed his chin as a trace of interest flashed through his pair of eyes. “Let’s go have a look at the little girl.”

Finished speaking, his body flashed and he had already disappeared.

When Xuanxi Zi-Mo returned to his senses, he immediately followed behind and blurted out in puzzlement. “Young master, tonight we still have things to do, you should not be so headstrong again oh!”

But what he got in reply was the sound of clothing being tugged by the wind.

1) Liu Yong: A poet from the Song Dynasty in Chinese History. The very awfully translated two paragraphs above were from his poem on the sorrowful feeling when parting from someone or even someplace if you stretch the meaning. The translation of the poem is mostly guess work, so not very accurate.

Translator’s note: Liu Yong’s poem is full of emotions and nuisances that my second grade Chinese language abilities really can’t do justice to. If you have a better translation, put it in the comments and I’ll be happy to use it to replace my ugly translation.

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