Adorable Consort – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181 – Mistakenly entered an illegal business, alarmed, alarmed, alarmed

Chu Qing-Yan propped up her chin, recalling the knowledge she learned before from school books. At that time, what did her teacher say to her? The governor of a province is the highest official in the region. He managed the issues of the people, and decided on litigations and purchases with other regions. He could also self-appoint officials under him.

He was equivalent to the modern day governor of a province and the mayor.

But the province area in the ancient era was much smaller than modern ones, it wasn’t comparable.

But this government official position in ancient era was already considered pretty big.

And at this time, a burst of wind blew by. It blew some paper on the couch to the side of her foot. In passing, she picked it up and inadvertently saw what was written on it.

Three years ago, a flood happened in Qi Xian, a region under Liu Ying’s management. The imperial court allocated the region three million taels, but in the end, the people of Qi Xian only received three hundred thousand. The whereabouts of the remaining two million seven hundred thousand became a mystery. During the flood disaster, one hundred and seventy two people died. Among them, one hundred and ten people died of starvation.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes opened wide after seeing the information written on the paper. No wonder Big Block of Ice’s expression was so bad.

The whereabouts of several millions of silver for disaster relief became a mystery. It already could clearly indicate a kind of meaning.


Under the heavens, there wasn’t a merchant that wasn’t greedy, there wasn’t an official that wasn’t corrupt.

This had already become people’s favorite expression.

Then, was Big Block of Ice going over there to manage this?

She silently placed the paper in its original spot. She had never doubted Big Block of Ice’s ability to handle matters. So she only had to follow him and that would be fine.

No matter what he did, she would support him!

Originally, she had some energy to watch the scenery outside the window. But with the swaying of the horse carriage, she started to get drowsy. In the end, her body turned sideways and she fell asleep on the couch.

This horse carriage’s interior design, Chu Qing-Yan had also redesigned it. The couch inside had a similar principle to the modern day foldable sofa bed.

So when she fell asleep sitting on the couch, Xiao Xu having split a part of his attention on her, saw this and shook his head. He carried her up and flipped out the top layer of the couch, joined it together with the bottom layer and it became a small bed. Then he lightly placed her on the bed.

He quietly watched her sleeping face, maybe from today on, it will start to get bumpy. Not every time will there be a soft bed to sleep peacefully on. Little fellow, are you prepared? Are you prepared to resist the wind and rain together with this king?

Chu Qing-Yan who was sleeping peacefully, wasn’t aware that someone stared at her for a very long time. And his gaze never left her.

Having traveled halfway, a gale erupted suddenly, black clouds densely covered the sky. Fire Spirit looked at the darkening color of the horizon, and his heart sunk. This place had no village nor inns. If a halestorm started, they won’t even have a place to take shelter from the rain!

As a result everyone hurried, in the evening they just so happened to arrive at the ferry crossing.

The horse carriage stopped and Chu Qing-Yan had also woken up by now. She alone remained in the carriage. She was just about to get up when she saw the thin quilt covering her body. She couldn’t help but smile.

Who said Big Block of Ice was cold-blooded and heartless? Can’t they see he knows how to take care of people ah!

In her heart, she silently ridiculed those people that poured dirty water on Big Block of Ice. Then she got up and got down from the horse carriage.

Once she exited the horse carriage, a burst of gale hit her directly in the face. Her entire person was almost sent flying!

Looks like what the microbloger said before on the internet was correct, once the gale comes, its the time to test one’s body weight. Forty kilograms was blown directly to fly away. Forty five kilograms would hug electric pole with both feet off the ground. Fifty five kilogram could with difficulty stay in place hugging the electric pole tightly. Sixty five kilograms couldn’t stand steadily on the road. Only a heavy weight champion could stand as steady as Mount Tai.

Fortunately, this wind’s strength wasn’t as strong as a typhoon, otherwise she would already be floating in the sky.

She opened her eyes that were narrowed from being blown by the wind, and discovered she was currently standing at a small ferry crossing. She could almost see the towns across the river. Only that looking at the large waves created by the wind, it was obvious that wanting to cross over this surface would be very difficult!

She used both hands to create a tent like shade on her forehead. She looked around and immediately saw Big Block of Ice standing by the river as well as the Retired Emperor, Fire Spirit, Wood Spirit, Air Spirit etc by his side.

At this time Xi Ning walked over. “Master, you woke up. Just now His Highness instructed this servant not to go disturb you.”

“En, en, slept my full. That’s right, are we going to cross the river tonight?” Chu Qing-Yan brought Xi Ning to walk toward the people up ahead while asking.

Xi Ning replied. “Just now hearing Honorable Fire Spirit’s meaning, it seems we will stay here for a night. Tomorrow, we’ll cross the river.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, this sky seemed more and more overcast. The wind is getting stronger and stronger. Staying overnight before setting out was the most sensible action.

They had just walked close to that group of people when she heard Lu Yi say. “About one li from here, there is a guest house. We can stay overnight there first.”

Xiao Xu nodded, then Fire Spirit started to order the rest to get on the horses or into the carriages preparing to look for that guest house.

Chu Qing-Yan walked next to Lu Yi, and curiously asked. “Lu Yi, you never put a foot outside the manor, how do you know there will be a guest house nearby?”

She only saw Lu Yi smile slightly. “Little young master, Lu Yi’s primary responsibility is to memorize all the roads and living establishments along it in Western Xuan empire, I’m specialized in this job. This servant merely did one’s assigned duty.”

Outside, everyone called Chu Qing-Yan the little young master. Her identity was Xiao Xu’s younger male cousin called Chu Yan. Of course Chu Yan was the name Chu Qing-Yan choose for herself. Originally Xiao Xu wanted to call her Xiao Yan, but when he said it, she immediately refused. How could Xiao Yan not sound like disinfectant liquid? As a result, she immediately changed her identity from his younger brother to his younger male cousin.

Chu Qing-Yan tsked with her tongue. She verified a saying. As long as you used all effort to do something in one direction, very soon you would become a capable person.

And Lu Yi’s powerful brain capacity and memory, really made her admire her.

The people at Big Block of Ice’s side were all very capable people ah!

As a result, their group headed toward the only guest house within a hundred li’s range.

But when everyone arrived at that guest house, a burst of cold wind blow from behind them.

That shabby building. The board on which was written “number one guest house” had lost three of the nails holding it in place. Only one nail remained, lacking in strength to keep the board still as it swayed back and forth.

“Huh, number one guest house?” Xi Ning used a lot of effort to see clearly the words covered with spiderwebs.

Now was not the time to be bothered by this, the sky was already starting to get dark. Accompanied by the flashing of the lightning, this heavy rain would start at anytime.

As a result, the group of people entered the doorway.

Once the people inside heard the movement, they started to shout loudly. “Who ah, Who ah!”

Chu Qing-Yan looked towards the sound, she only saw a thirty to forty year old male covered with fat that shook as he walked out. His nose was lifted up to the sky. From her angle, she saw his double chin piled up to his neck. A gold necklace as thick as a thumb hung on his short neck, making him simply look like a nouveau riche.

Fire Spirit resisted the urge to vomit, and took a step forward to ask. “Are you the proprietor of this inn? Our group of people want to stay in this inn, don’t know if you still have room available?”

Once he heard they wanted to stay in the inn, that fat male immediately lowered his head and swept a glance at the people present. He only saw the several people in the lead wore beautiful clothing, they seemed to be from a rich and honorable family. Immediately, both of his eyes gave off green light, his attitude did a one hundred and eighty degree shift.

“Have, have, have. No matter how many of you guys come, I guarantee there are enough rooms!”

And at this time, another voice sounded. “Dead ghost, what happened?”

The fat male immediately turned his head to reply. “Woman, a big head has come!”

Once the words were out, he realized his slip of tongue. The fat male immediately laughed fakely and changed his tune to say. “Honorable guests have come!”

Chu Qing-Yan’s face turned black.

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