Adorable Consort – Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 – I’ll accompany to guard your home, country and everything in the world


Chu Qing-Yan lifted up her head, before her was the back door of a manor. However, even a small back door could not cover up its beauty and lavish wealth. It could be seen that what those people said was correct – their master was Ping Yang city’s richest businessman. It was located in a flourishing district, it had a very tall door with a huge courtyard. Everyone of the guards were tall and strong.

Chu Qing-Yan felt Big Block of Ice was terrifying cold and gloomy on the way here. Moreover, his gaze would indiscernibly land on those several servant’s bodies as if he wanted to rip them apart.

Xiao Xu used a cold gaze to look at those people, if it was not for him wanting to track the clues by following them, these filthy mouthed people that polluted the little fellow’s ears, their tongues would have already disappeared by now!

These people had no idea they had escaped a calamity as they animatedly entered the door saying. “Hand the people over to the housekeeper, then we’d have successfully accomplished the task!”

The several people excitedly entered the back door. Inside, people had already gone to report this to the housekeeper. After waiting for a long time, the housekeeper arrived slowly while yawning.

Servant A immediately step forward to say solicitously. “Housekeeper Xu, we had brought the people.”

Housekeeper Xu used the hazy yellow flame to take a glance at the two people in the courtyard. The tall one was elegant and very handsome, the smaller one was pretty with delicate features. They had really top-notch looks even with a light lantern that one couldn’t find such beauty in Ping Yang city. The thought that it was a pity flashed by and died. He estimated that these two people’s value would be exchanged for a huge business for master. As a result, Housekeeper Xu stopped tarrying and said.

“En, en, so late, master has already gone to bed. You guys should detain the people in the firewood house. Wait until tomorrow when master wakes up then deal with it!”

“Then Housekeeper Xu, the reward…” Servant B rubbed his hands, asked while laughing with hehe.

Housekeeper Xu nodded. “This time you guys did well. Tomorrow you guys go to the accounting office and collect the silver reward.”

“Thank you Housekeeper Xu.” The several servants each started to smile. Then they escorted the two people to the firewood room.

“Be a bit obedient you guys!” After servant A warned them, he felt relieved enough to lock the firewood room.

Waiting until the noisy liveness from outside became fainter, Chu Qing-Yan sized up the messy surroundings in the firewood room. She said, somewhat disappointed. “I originally thought we could at least get the treatment of being a gift, didn’t expect it was only a little room.”

After mumbling this, Chu Qing-Yan turned her head around, the moon spilled in through the sunroof and it illuminated the person in front of her. The moonlight was bright, this person was clean with exquisite facial features, every part was just perfect. Chu Qing-Yan gave a light sigh, then turned to examine the surrounding, pondering on how to pass the night.

Xiao Xu placated her. “After a few days, we’ll be able to return.”

“Big Block of Ice, you say, would Fire Spirit and the others be worried if they can’t find us?!” Only at this moment did she remember this matter.

“I already sent the signals, they will receive the news.”Xiao Xu searched for a place and sat down without the slightest hint of disgust.

Chu Qing-Yan saw him sit down just like that and she stared blankly. When Big Block of Ice was in the manor, normally the things servants prepared, even if it’s not the most expensive, it was still delicate to the point that every item was carefully reviewed. Once the clothes were stained even a little, then it would be changed without explanation. The room had to be spotlessly clean, even a bit of dust won’t do.

Now she saw him not having any qualms about the dust on the ground or the spiderwebs above his head, and carelessly sitting down. It could be said her heart was shocked.

As if he saw through that astonishment revealed on her little face, Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow. “The matter is urgent so we should just follow through the expedient procedures and nothing more. Don’t need to make a fuss about nothing.”

“Big Block of Ice, I always thought you were obsessed with cleanliness!” Chu Qing-Yan put away the astonishment on her face, crouched down before him, smiled and made fun of him by saying this.

The corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth stuck up slightly. “In the past on the battlefield, even if you wanted to be clean you weren’t able to.”

She suddenly recalled something the Retired Emperor once told her. In fact, Big Block of Ice stayed outside the longest. For example the battlefield, for example with his master, for example many difficult environments. The fact that he was able to become like this now and not grow askew could already be considered good, it showed that his heart was firm.

Outside, he was the general that led campaigns on the battlefield, lived with the soldiers and slept by horses, that was something that happened often.

Returning, he was the country’s prince from the first wife Prince Ying. His food, clothing and expenses were done according to the standard of a royal prince.

Therefore this was called plan according to the politics that one’s position called for. Live the kind of life befitting his position in whatever kind of position he was in.

“Big Block of Ice, when you were gaining experience outside or going to war were you tired?” After asking this, she felt what she asked was simply superfluous. Outside, how could he not be tired? Rushing about for the country with danger on every side, it was hard to determine life or death, being terrified and on the edge. She gave a soft sigh, she was very much worried about her own IQ and decided to change the topic.

She was just about to do so when she heard from the top of her head the voice that slowly came like bubbling water.

“Not at all, living like that made it hard for me to be tired. I’m happy to do so and I gladly endured the hardship, nothing more.”

She raised her head with a start, but she only saw that the person in front of her had a calm manner, his gaze was still as clear and cold as before. She could feel that what he just said wasn’t bold visionary words for the country and for the people. Rather, he really regarded the responsibility of safeguarding the country as his everyday duty and has integrated it into his life.

Was he really perfectly happy to endure the hardship gladly?

These several words, in the world who could say it so calmly?

Managing the life and death of a country could cause good fortune or disaster to hasten over.

She could really understand the meaning of these words. It’s not that Big Block of Ice put family, country and the world on his shoulder, rather he placed them in his heart.

This kind of Big Block of Ice that endured the disputes in the world, yet was rejected by close kin and misunderstood by the common people made her heart hurt incessantly.

For everything under the heaven, for country, for people, the outcome he received was only this.

But he never gave up that responsibility in his heart.

Otherwise, he need not appear here. He only needed to obediently and politely go and seek the mine, and that would have been fine.

But he still came.

She also imitated him and sat on the ground, both hands supporting her chin. With a serious expression, she said. “In the future, I’ll accompany you to guard your home, country and everything in the world!’

Xiao Xu’s gaze landed directly on the little fellow’s body in front of him. The person that was always smiling normally, now had a serious expression. In order to increase his confidence in her, she even had a solemn expression on her little face. He felt this was somewhat funny, but he couldn’t laugh. As if that string in the deepest part of his heart, was lightly touched by these words.

“You are still too small.”

You are still too small, your shoulder isn’t sturdy enough, you can’t carry too much responsibility.

You are still too small, scheming isn’t deep enough, can’t avoid too much plots and treachery.

You are still too small, determination isn’t firm enough, can’t avoid too much resentments and entanglements.

The road to maturity was too long and endless. It’s best that you are under my wings to grow up slowly.

I’ll use my all to keep you safe.

This is the only thing I can do for you while I’m alive.

“I’m not small! Don’t you look down on people!” She made such serious oath yet got such treatment, she was unwilling to accept it!

The night in late autumn and early winter already carried a bit of chill in the air. He had inner force to protect his body but she was already cold and had started to shiver.

Xiao Xu extended his hand, picked her up from the ice cold ground and put her in his embrace. “Okay, okay, okay, you are very big, I think highly of you, is that better?”

Why did she feel these words were so uncomfortable?

Once she entered his embrace, Chu Qing-Yan felt she was surrounded by warmth. A lot of the cold air in her body dispersed. Big Block of Ice’s chest was warm and reliable, making her sigh comfortably. In fact, what Big Block of Ice said was also correct, relative to him, she was indeed too small. His embrace was very big.

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