Adorable Consort – Chapter 172

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Chapter 172 – Don’t blame others for inviting insult to yourself

Cheng Yi held her breath, when her hand was about to reach that black belt, the person laying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

The cold and strict gaze was like the bright light of the scorching sun that burned through the clouds forcing people to close their eyes, not daring to look him in the face.

Cheng Yi’s finger became rigid, her entire person seemed to be fixed in place from having her acupuncture point being sealed, not daring to move.

Xiao Xu’s ice-cold gaze swept over the person who was leaning over, trying to get close to him. His finger moved and the silver quilt on his body flew up.

The silver quilt flew directly towards her face, she still hadn’t reacted when she felt her entire person being bound. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t move. Immediately after, a bad premonition floated in her mind.

Xiao Xu waved his hand and Cheng Yi was wrapped up by that silver quilt that attacked like a thunderbolt that wouldn’t listen. Then she flew out.

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open. Cheng Yi’s entire person wrapped with the quilt flew out of the room. Before she could cry out in alarm, she had already smashed down on the ground outside.

Xiao Xu stood up and brushed away the creases on his clothes. Hearing the continuously moaning sounds that couldn’t be suppressed coming from outside, his eyes narrowed coldly. This kind of person, touching her simply dirtied his own hand.

When he walked out of the door, Fire Spirit was already standing at attention by the door. “Master.”

And the Cheng Yi who was tossed to the ground whimpered painfully. Hearing Fire Spirit’s salute, she immediately resisted the pain on her body and crawled up with great difficulty. Trembling and shivering, she kneeled on the lower steps. She opened her mouth to explain. “Highness, you misunderstood this servant. This servant didn’t intentionally go disturb your rest, only went in to see if you are sleeping peacefully. This servant is worried that you being drunk would feel unwell late at night. So——”

Xiao Xu expressionlessly interrupted her words. “Really?”

She clearly knew that His Highness had already started to have some suspicions, but she still didn’t want to let go of this opportunity to beg for forgiveness. She promptly nodded. “Your Highness, it’s true. This servant didn’t lie. This servant can swear to the gods with the moon as witness!”

Xiao Xu recalled a sentence the little guy had said before, and he couldn’t refrain from sending this sentence to her. “For what reason do you think you can swear by the fickle moon and this king would believe you?”

Cheng Yi’s heart had a bad premonition, tonight His Highness wasn’t planning to let her go. Her heart couldn’t help but panic, with both hands supporting her, she crawled forward several steps. Very quickly, tears flowed down. “Your Highness, Cheng Yi has followed you for so many years, always loyal and devoted to you. How could I take the opportunity to do something wrong to you? You must believe in this servant! Your Highness——”

Hearing this, Xiao Xu exhaled a breath of cold air. “When did this king say you did something wrong?”

Cheng Yi’s heart went thud, she actually confessed without being pressed?!

Xiao Xu did not give her the chance to find an excuse. Now he turned his gaze to look straight at the tear-stained face of the beauty, Cheng Yi, kneeling on the steps.

“If it was not for you following me many years, the moment you entered the door, you would have already lost your life. Without this king’s approval, to enter this king’s room as you wish, late at night. This rule that has been set for so many years, was it just empty words?”

Cheng Yi’s head dropped down, both hands clenched tightly to her skirt. Recalling eight years ago when she was selected to enter Prince Ying’s manor for training, the first subject the nanny taught was to make them recite four things that was prohibited.

One of the prohibited things was that they were not allowed to enter His Highness’s room in the middle of the night.

For so many years, they as the Senior servants scrupulously abided by the rules, fearful of violating the rules his Highness had set.

But tonight, she had clearly violated the established rules.

Tonight, she burned her bridges and didn’t have a surefire plan. Therefore, her lies had hundreds of holes in it.

She bit her teeth, normally she could find sharp and advantageous words to say. But now, faced with a strict Highness, it was hard for her to come up with a plausible explanation.

Her heart couldn’t suppress the fear and she shivered continuously, driving her whole body to tremble.

Normally, with just a meaningful glance from His Highness, they wouldn’t dare to utter a word. But now with His Highness in a rage, how could her little body endure it?

“Your Highness——”

“Cheng Yi, if it weren’t for the fact that you didn’t make a mistake for so many years, this king would probably not have moved you.” Xiao Xu suddenly started to say.

Cheng Yi lifted her head, puzzled and alarmed as she looked at the respectful god like person in front of her. “Your Highness, what are you saying? How come this servant can’t understand it?”

Fire Spirit who stood on the side couldn’t bear it and angrily interrupted to say. “Cheng Yi, you keep on saying His Highness is your master. But in the end, who are you sacrificing your life to work for? Do you really think his Highness doesn’t know? That person behind you, don’t think you hid it so deeply that we can’t dig it out. Cheng Yi, originally His Highness turned a blind eye because you didn’t make a mistake. But that time when you sent information to your master on his Highness, do you think our eyes were blind?”

Cheng Yi become stupidfied on the spot. She had always secretly maintained contact with Concubine Yue, she originally thought she did everything very secretly, she never expected she had already been seen through by His Highness.

Fire Spirit continued to say angrily. “Cheng Yi, I originally thought you have become well-behaved and focused on your duty, but never expected that you would bite the hand that feeds you. Tonight you stealthily entered master’s room, what evil intentions you harbored, you really think we don’t know?”

People from the Xiao Lie Cavalry; either liked to appear unnoticeable, like Earth Spirit, or to be single-heartedly devoted to skills like Wood Spirit, or the smooth, slick and alluring type like Water Spirit, or the type that was indifferent and liked to do research, like Air Spirit, or it was the type that normally showed all kinds of emotions and seemed simple-minded like Fire Spirit.

But all these were their disguises. They were accustomed to life or death, wholeheartedly loyal to Xiao Xu. No matter what happened outside, they were never concerned about it.

If they encountered this matter on a normal day, Fire Spirit would have directly seized her.

But this person had followed His Highness for many years and at the last minute, counterattacked. This ignited the rage in his heart.

What he most loathed was betrayal.

At that time, master was betrayed by his closest relative, that was why he became this cold and detached.

Master may not care about Cheng Yi’s betrayal, but he couldn’t swallow this.

A companion that they interacted with all the time, to be betrayed once again, this kind of feeling must be as if his heart was being cut out.

Really felt it wasn’t worth it on master’s behalf.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw the figure at the corner of the long hallway, Xiao Xu said faintly. “Take her down to interrogate!”

Once these words landed, they had already decided her fate.

Cheng Yi suddenly started to fiercely kowtow. “Your Highness, this servant did not do it voluntarily. It really isn’t because this servant was willing. Ask your highness to be magnanimous. Beg your highness to spare this servant based on so many years of waiting upon you! Your Highness…”

Xiao Xu gave her his back.

This action already expressed his meaning.

Cheng Yi couldn’t help but feel despair, but she still repeatedly wailed to beg for forgiveness. Fire Spirit moved forward to tap her throat acupuncture point. Soon after, two black clothed people appeared and dragged her down.

The figure at the corner of the hallway slowly walked over. The moonlight gradually lighted on her body until it illuminated the expression on her face that was indifferent to fame or personal gains.

Xiao Xu watched the little guy walking closer while yawning, and the gloominess on his face slowly dispersed.

“Tomorrow, we still need to set out on a journey, quickly go and rest. Let Fire Spirit and the others handle these matters!” She didn’t inquire about what happened, and also didn’t go look at Cheng Yi who was being dragged away. She somewhat sleepily said this.

“En.” He agreed as he stroked the little guy’s head.

Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at the servants that ran out here because of the large movement. She raised an eyebrow, originally Big Block of Ice could directly capture the person, but he insisted on settling this outside his room. Was it because he did it for these people to see? Before leaving, he punished an individual to set an example to others?

Then this Prince Ying’s Manor, in the end, how many people were secretly inserted in as spies?

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