Adorable Consort – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 – One careless act, eat, eat, eat

When she touched that ice cold skin, Chu Qing Yan returned to her senses. But all of a sudden she lost her soul.

How did she get a temporary brain fart and ate Big Block of Ice’s tofu?

Oh my god, I ate his tofu!

Big Block of Ice’s tofu!

Chu Qing Yan immediately raised her head not even daring to look at him, sitting in his arms also made her unable to get down. So she simply buried her head in nest of his shoulders, not daring to move.

That warm breath puffed on his skin, Xiao Xu’s breathing was obstructed, while that girl’s fragrance lingered in his nose.

This kind of feeling was a bit strange. His hand stretched out subconsciously to pick her up, putting her far away from him. But when he lowered his eyes and saw her ostrich-like appearance, his hand that halted in midair was finally placed on her body. Only there were no other movements after this.

Just now, that light touch when she leaned down with head lowered, was like an electric current that penetrated his entire body, making him numb. This was a feeling that he had never experienced before.

He recalled from the child raising books, a child will express his moods to the people he was close to with body language. He can’t help but associate it with this as if he had found a reason to convince himself with.

And this short period of quiet also calmed him down a lot.

After he gave a light cough, he found his voice and slowly opened his mouth to say. “Why do you want to let him stay?”

Maybe he should listen to her opinion.

Rather than make the decision by himself.

Hearing this, Chu Qing Yan was stumped for words. Big Block of Ice actually didn’t get angry at her nor did he throw her down. Moreover, he still so calmly asked for her opinion.

This was too miraculous. Did the sun rise from the west once again?

But opportunity was rare, listening to Big Block of Ice’s meaning, he seemed to want to discuss this with her. Then she must fight for this once for herself.

“I want to gather forces that belong to me. This is the first time someone wanted to follow me, and I feel somewhat excited and a little happy.” She told him honestly.

Xiao Xu had an answer in his heart, still he couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you still have Fire Spirit, Earth Spirit and that group?”

“It’s not the same.” Chu Qing Yan finally raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes were clear and bright while her tone was firm. “What I want are forces that truly belong to me.”

Earth spirit, Fire spirit and the others are protecting her because of Big Block of Ice’s attitude. They were protecting her because of Big Block of Ice. That was following orders, not truly deferring to her.

Indeed they are really good to her, but she was very clear just how much stuff was mixed in with them being good to her.

She had never been the best choice in their heart, so she wants to have forces that belong to her. Her wings were still very weak, so she must cultivate her own people. Maybe this youth wasn’t the best candidate, but she had to begin from somewhere!

Once she took the first step, then the second, the third step would be smoother.

This way, she would gain a lot. If she didn’t become strong, she would be hard pressed to save herself when she encountered danger.

If she wanted to keep pace with Big Block of Ice, no, now it’s too early to say that. If she really wanted to help Big Block of Ice, she must strive to be independent.

No one can say what the future will bring, but she must be prepared for a rainy day.

Xiao Xu understood the meaning of her words when he heard it. He gave her a deep look. “It’s enough to have me to protect you.”

“But, I also want to protect you. I don’t want to always live under your wings.” She once again buried her face into his shoulder, her forehead pasted against his cheek. The ice cold feeling dispelled the warmth that floated on her face.

Her closeness made his body slightly stiff, but fell short of the shock that her words brought to him.

He knew his subordinates best.

Since she wanted to cultivate people, then he would let go and allow her to go do it.

He hoped to give her freedom and not restraint.

Maybe it was because when he was young, there were too many things that gave him no choice. Therefore he didn’t want her to repeat the same disastrous policies.

Xiao Xu’s eyes hung down. Those restrictions in the past already made it hard for him to breath. Why force it on the little fellow’s body?

Only that the Chu Qing Yan right now simply didn’t know what he was thinking of. She was wholeheartedly attracted by the skin on his shoulder.

When he returned to his senses and was just about to push away this daring little fellow, pain suddenly came from the area that was wet. Xiao Xu couldn’t endure it anymore and picked her up.

Chu Yan Yan smiled and felt it was really fun, but the face of the person in front of her was gloomy, as if he didn’t think it was fun. On the contrary, he seemed to really want to throw her off.

She immediately put away her smile and looked at him apprehensively.

Xiao Xu didn’t know what kind of mood he should have to treat her, this difficult problem. And when his line of sight fell, the person in front of him looked at him with an unsophiscated pair of eyes.

All of a sudden, he felt that slight stinging numb pain seem to shift from his shoulder to his chest. In an instant, he couldn’t breathe freely.

He made the prompt decision to throw the person on the bed. Of course, the angle he threw her just so happened to make her fall on the embroidered quilt, avoiding her injured hand.

Then he quickly stood up and said a string of lightning fast words. “This person, whether he stays or not, you decide.”

As soon as he said these words, he quickly left the room.

Today the little fellow seemed to be strange, but he couldn’t pinpoint where she was strange nor describe it. But it’s best that he left first.

As a result the person she wanted to keep, he’ll comply with her meaning. In any case under his eyes, that person wouldn’t be able to use some tricks to play her anyway.

Therefore Xiao Xu didn’t spend more thoughts on this and left her room.

Chu Qing Yan had just crawled up after being thrown on to the bed by him, when she saw his back as he walked to the door. She only had time to capture that suspicious red hue at the edge of his ear.

Strange, why was the bottom of Big Block of Ice’s ear red?

Moreover, why did the appearance of him leaving so hurriedly give people the illusion of him fleeing?

Strange belongs to strange, she couldn’t help but click her tongue. As she leaned against the wall of the bed, some of her thoughts were not proper. So it turned out a person’s skin could be like that. Maybe only Big Block of Ice will give off this kind of unique feeling.

Clean and cool, a fragrance that wasn’t rough or flowery.

Pooh, pooh, pooh! When did she learn to bite people? She wasn’t a monster that wanted to eat human flesh ah!

However, cries——

But this will also depend on the person, if changed to someone else, she wouldn’t even have the thought to look.

However, she felt it was because Big Block of Ice gave her a feeling of security, so she would be brave enough to do this. If it was normally, she wouldn’t even dare to contradict him.

If he was changed to someone she just met, she would probably go far away to avoid him, how would she dare to get close to him.

She held her chin and reflected on that taste from just now. That was the kind of illusion that her heart would rather rely on and not let go.

It seemed to contain a mouthful of snow, icy and cold, very comfortable. If there was another opportunity, she would still stealthily take a bite.

What to do, just once and she was addicted!

Haha, she patted her unrealistic fantasy.

Big Block of Ice’s words just now, wasn’t it to let her make the decision? Doesn’t it mean that he will not oppose the matter of her accepting subordinates? Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat excited.

But she knew what Big Block of Ice was worried about, this was also something she was worried about. Only that this timing was just right, she didn’t want to let go of this person.

You can’t bind your hands and feet just because of fear.

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