Adorable Consort – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 – A dispute between close people who failed to recognize each other

“Get up!” Xiao Xu lifted his hand slightly, then that military officer finally got up.

When Liu Ying saw that military officer turn around, he immediately became rooted to the spot.

He had seen this military officer before. When he entered the capital to see the emperor before, they had passed each other.

Commander-in-chief of Two Rivers, Sun Zi-Chuan. He controlled three thousands troops, in charge of the upper regions of Jiang Zhe river.

This person had once defended the borders with Prince Ying Xiao Xu. He made a great contribution on the battlefield. Afterwards, His Majesty give him the post of Commander-in-chief of Two Rivers.

Now Liu Ying had already sensed that this major event was far from good. No, he ought to say a great catastrophe was imminent.

One only saw commander-in-chief Sun turn his head to look at him. He frowned. “Liu Ying, why haven’t you kneeled down to pay respects to His Highness Prince Ying?”

Liu Ying’s legs trembled, then went limp as he dropped to the ground. “This official Liu Ying pays, pays his respect to His Highness Prince Ying!”

He actually fancied His Highness Prince Ying, wanted to rape him and then wanted to kill him to prevent the secret from being divulged. Fortunately he didn’t have enough time to start, otherwise another level of crime would be added.

“This official’s eyes are dull and didn’t recognize His Highness. Just now because someone was impersonating His Highness, intending to harm this official and the people of Ping Yang city, therefore I may have offended, I ask that your Highness forgive me!” Even if it was a mistake that was confirmed, Liu Ying still couldn’t give up on the final struggle.

“Really?” Xiao Xu shot him a faint glance, then turned to look at Zhao Qin who was kneeling at his side. Zhao Qing had already bent his knee and head when Commander-in-chief Sun entered. Now sensing that gaze on top of his head, he wished he could dig a hole in the ground and squeeze into it.

He could have grabbed anyone else, but actually grabbed His Highness, the stately prince! He really wanted to slap his own mouth twice.

And just at this time, the team that went searching returned. One person reported. “Reporting to your Highness, just now this subordinate found three million silver taels in the warehouse, countless amount of gold, silver, precious jewels and treasures, several tens of deeds for different shops.”

Once this was said, all the people in the front courtyard boiled up. A mere governor of a province receiving an official’s salary but actually had such great wealth and family business. Where these wealth came from was clearly self-evident.

Xiao Xu looked at Liu Ying whose entire person laid on the ground in front of him. He said faintly. “Honorable Liu, how do you explain all these things?”

“This——”Liu Ying was at a loss for words.

When Xiao Xu was about to order people to take him away, Liu Ying suddenly raised his head and said in a small voice. “Your highness, this official is the direct descendent of Liu Zhi-Pang’s nineteenth generation offspring. This first time’s mishap can be said to be a dispute between close people who failed to recognize each other. The people from the same family didn’t recognize themselves. Is it possible to ask you to be magnanimous? If you let this official off, that three million silver taels as well as the other deeds for land and houses will all be presented to your highness to show respect. What do you think of this your highness?”

Xiao Xu looked at him coldly. “Liu Ying, you exploited your authority to get conveniences, gave bribes and received bribes, raked in wealth from the people’s blood, sweat and tears, bullied the common people and embezzled public funds, these crimes are hard to forgive, even heaven’s law won’t tolerate it.”

Finished speaking, Fire Spirit passed on a folded paper. Xiao Xu accepted it in passing and then tossed it in front of him. “If the emperor breaks the law, he will be guilty like the common people. Now with human testimony and material evidence all present, you’d best save those words to say to his Majesty!”

Liu Ying’s hand trembled as he picked up the folded paper on the ground. He only glanced at it and his entire person almost passed out.

This Prince Ying’s speed was so fast, he didn’t have time to destroy the evidence.

The Retired Emperor sighed softly, it could be considered that this Liu Ying had knocked against the muzzle of a gun. The reason why he would perform the operation during Liu Ying’s birthday feast, to seize him under everyone’s eyes, was just to break off his escape route. Even if Liu family wanted to save him, they had no way to start.

In front of all the people in Ping Yang city, they spread out his crime and counted all the charges against him with conclusive evidence. And the witness testimony was from these common people. Even if Liu family wanted to press it down, it would be hard for them to stifle so many mouths.

He couldn’t help but say, this grandson of his was a rare and remarkable talent indeed!

The Retired Emperor unhurriedly stood up, passed through the crowd and walked to stand in front of Liu Ying.

Liu Ying saw the shadow in front of him and slowly lifted his head. When he saw the person standing in front of him turned out to be the Retired Emperor, he was immediately overjoyed. “Retired emperor, save this humble official ah!”

“You did evil deeds so you should not live. I haven’t been involved in court matters for many years. You’re on your own!” The Retired Emperor shook his head.

Hearing this, Liu Ying’s whole person went limp. And at this time Xiao Xu had already ordered people to bring him down.

Liu Ying was dragged down with his head hanging low. Only, before he left, he looked at the person standing under the splendor of the moon, full of unwillingness.

Their Liu family wouldn’t be so easily destroyed. Xiao Xu you just wait! Sooner or later, there will be a day that I will make you regret this.

“Honorable Sun, these people in the front courtyard, check them thoroughly one by one. Those that colluded with Liu Ying to do illegal things will be punished severely!” Xiao Xu turned to say this to Commander-in-chief Sun.

“This subordinate won’t bring disgrace to this order!” After Commander-in-Chief Sun accepted this order, he waved his hand to let his subordinate carry it out.

This matter had finally came to an end when Earth Spirit brought people and hurriedly rushed over. With a worried expression, he walked to stand in front of his family’s master. He quickly said. “Master, little young master is missing!”

“What!” Xiao Xu’s body went rigid.

And in the remote back mountain of Liu Manor, that Daoist priest and his apprentice opened that iron door. Chu Qing-Yan in the back was a bit worried.

Just now hearing their conversation, they were planning to act immediately to harm these children. Chu Qing-Yan felt she couldn’t tarry much longer, once that iron door closed, then the consequences would be too terrible to contemplate.

As a result, she made an audacious decision.

The Daoist priest that was just about to enter the iron door when he heard footstep sounds from behind him. He immediately turned his head to vigilantly say. “Who?”

One only saw a young man slowly walk out from behind a large tree. The moonlight dyed his sleeves, body and that charming little face with specks.

That Daoist priest clenched his hands into fists hiding it in his sleeves as he coldy said. “Who are you, why are you here?”

Chu Qing-Yan blinked her large eyes. “I am an outsider that was caught and brought into this Liu manor. Don’t know how I just walked here. Can you guys tell me how to escape this Liu manor? If my cousin doesn’t find me, he will be worried!”

So it turned out to be a naive little young master. The Daoist priest recalled the information he just got. This person ought to be the congratulatory gift Zhao Qing gave to Liu Ying. He came out from close door cultivation just wanting to grab him. As a result, his fingers relaxed. His face with monkey cheeks and sharp mouth strived very hard to put on a kindly appearance.

“So it turns out that you are lost. Then come over to grandpa’s side, grandpa will bring you out.”

Chu Qing-Yan saw his appearance that was uglier than a crying face, she wanted to vomit in her heart. But seeing he believed her excuse, her heart couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Really? You really will bring me out?” Chu Qing-Yan pretended to look ignorant as she carefully asked.

“That’s only natural, I never lie! Let’s go little young master. If you enter this gate after passing through the underground tunnel then you’ll arrive outside the wall. Then you’ll recover your freedom!” The Daoist priest coaxed her.

Chu Qing-Yan coldly snorted in her heart. He really thought that she was a fool. But today she really needed to walk this path..

“Good!” Chu Qing-Yan walked before them and very obediently entered in through the iron door.

That Daoist priest and apprentice revealed a sinister smile behind her. Immediately after, that iron door dropped down.

The light from outside was isolated from the darkness inside.

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