Adorable Consort – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – I’ll continue as I please: naturally very familiar

That day, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know when Xiao Xu left. She only knew that that pair of eyes were already carved deep into her mind.

He said he was her pillar to rely on in the prince’s manor.

As long as he acknowledged it, she would be the master of this Prince’s Manor, no one dared to bully her!

So was this her being acknowledged?

Don’t know why, but inside her heart, indescribable joy and gratitude rolled over and over.

“Clap, clap——” Suddenly a pair of large hands appeared in front of her eyes and started to clap with strength in front of her face, frightening her.

“Daddy, don’t always appear and disappear so unpredictably okay?” When Chu Qing-Yan woke up from her memories and looked at the person in front of her, she couldn’t help but laughingly say in annoyance.

Daddy Chu pouted his mouth and mumbled to Mother Chu behind him. “Mother Dan, look at Cai Cai. Don’t know for what reason Cai Cai is always lost in thought, and she doesn’t even accompany me to play!”

Mother Chu’s hand held needle and thread, with head lowered as she embroidered. Having heard what was said, she softly smiled. “Cai Cai has grown up, she has her own matters of the heart. Don’t you go disturb her by being noisey.”

Daddy Chu heard that eldest child wasn’t happy, so he turned his head to stare fixedly at his daughter. “Cai Cai, how do you stuff matters into such a tiny heart? Quickly come and teach daddy!”

Heaving heard what was said, the cold sweat on Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but drip down.

Ever since the last time she mentioned to Xiao Xu to let her parents come often to the manor to play, he just ordered people to bring her parents over to the manor everyday to accompany her.

But he also ordered that if daddy was idle and had nothing to do, he should not be allowed to come and bother him!

Because yesterday, when daddy ran over to the study to look for him, he almost flipped the entire study upside down!

Thinking of Xiao Xu, she couldn’t help but to also recall that Western Xuan emperor made him investigate the matter of the assassination. Although Xiao Xu was able to capture the assassins in a leakproof net to establish a case. Those he captured were all death soldiers who, once they were captured, they would take poison to commit suicide, so all the clues were cut off. But Western Xuan emperor was not satisfied with this result and criticized Xiao Xu for a while before letting him return. As a result, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have a bit of favorable impression toward this Western Xuan emperor she had never seen before.

Recalling the assassination matter, Chu Qing-Yan also thought of Xiao Ran. Ever since the last time Xiao Ran unsuccessfully came to deliver some pastries, he would report to Prince Ying manor everyday. Moreover, every time, he always came to look for her.

She had just begun to feel vexed but couldn’t stand to be bothered, finally she was too lazy to care and with just barely enough effort, got by with him.

However, after slowly getting to know each other, she also learned that this prince was also considered a brilliant, well-known little genius in Western Xuan empire. At two years old, he had read the Four Classics and Five books of Confucianism until he was familiar with them. At three, he could recite poetry and form oration of praise. At age five, he was able to compose seven step poems. At eight, the proposal of governance he wrote flooded the neighboring country as they made copies.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but have a new level of respect for this Fourth Prince. So it turned out that under this good looking leather bag, there still was genuine talent. Only, his conduct towards people normally was somewhat lacking. But Heaven’s son was always arrogant, so a little arrogance is normal.

Now see, speak of the devil and he doth appear. Chu Qing-Yan had just thought of this person, and this person already appeared inside her room.

“Chu Qing-Yan, this highness came to see you!” After several days of interaction, Xiao Ran had already promoted her from smelly girl to her full name after becoming more familiar.

Xiao Ran was dressed in brocade clothing from head to toe. A piece of jade hung at his waist. Seeing it shine with a faint green luster under the sunlight, you could guess it must be priceless.

“What kind of wind blew you, this noble guest in today?” Perhaps it was because the youngster was reluctant to cut off his visits, on top of his unconcealed sincerity, that Chu Qing-Yan was still softened by him. She didn’t have the half-hearted, just-for-show manner of paying him only lip service as before.

Daddy Chu and Mother Chu saw Xiao Ran and also kept calm in the face of the unexpected. In the beginning, Mother Chu was still a little bit reserved, but afterwards, after seeing him often, she only gave him the proper salute and then continued to do her own things.

“This Highness feels it is the wind of mangos!” While saying this, he waved his hand at the people behind him. The person behind him held a basket and walked forward, the lid was lifted up and the bright yellow fruits inside were revealed.

When Chu Qing-Yan heard him say mangos, she subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Mangos in the modern world could be found on all the streets, she had seen it everywhere. But since she arrived in the ancient times, don’t even mention mangos, she hadn’t even seen a mango leaf yet.

The cloth was lifted up, and she saw that each and everyone of the mangos was the size of a fist. Chu Qing-Yan immediately became happy. “Where did you get this from?”

Seeing her open expression, Xiao Ran’s heart that was originally raised immediately dropped down. His heart gave a burst of happiness. But he did not show it on his face, he pretended that it didn’t matter. “These fruits were offered as tribute from western foreigners. This Highness saw that it was very fresh and thought that you, this country bumpkin, probably never even heard of it. Therefore, this Highness just took a few as I wished and brought several over for you to taste something rare!”

The palace servant carrying the basket couldn’t help but lower his head when he heard this. Fourth Prince said this lie very smoothly. The western foreigner only offered one basket in tribute. Fourth Prince used a lot of effort to cajole Imperial Concubine Yue before getting these several fruits.

Chu Qing-Yan saw his expression and knew these fruits were hard to come by. Although it was rare in the ancient world, in the modern world she had eaten a lot of it. But like this, her heart still felt grateful as she said. “Many thanks to the Fourth Prince, however it seems this fruit is very uncommon. It’s best that Fourth Prince keeps it and enjoy it yourself!”

“The things this Highness gave out, where is the reasoning for me to take it back? Besides, this Highness has several more baskets of it in my palace!” Xiao Ran said without concern.

Chu Qing-Yan saw he insisted on it, so she accepted it. Then she ordered Xi Ning to take it out and peel off the skin, and to bring it back after processing.

Originally, Xiao Ran had wanted to show off how to eat it. He never expected that Chu Qing-Yan understood it better than him. Not only did she say everything in great detail, she even knew you must use a bamboo stick. Suddenly, he felt somewhat thwarted.

He waited until after she had finished her instructions, and then Xiao Ran suspiciously opened his mouth to ask. “You have eaten it before?”

Chu Qing-Yan clearly felt the disappointment in his tone, so she shook her head. “No, but I have seen it in various books!”

“But aren’t you illiterate?” Hearing her reply, Xiao Ran clearly was somewhat happy. But he started to be suspicious of another matter.

Chu Qing-Yan lightly coughed, if she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have lied in order to show consideration for his face. She immediately changed the topic. “There is nothing strange about this, some of the books had pictures. I merely saw the pictures were somewhat similar to this fruit and nothing more! So I accidentally guessed at it. Oh, that’s right, today you came out of the palace, it can’t be that you slipped out again, right?”

Although Chu Qing-Yan changed the topic very stiffly, Xiao Ran still didn’t discover it. He somewhat contently said. “Today, this Highness handed in a large paper that the imperial tutor was very satisfied with, so mother imperial concubine gave me a day off.”

Chu Qing-Yan placed her hand over her forehead, so this person came to the prince’s manor to spend his holiday?

Not long after, Xi Ning had peeled it, cut it, then brought it to the table. She even inserted some bamboo sticks in it.

Xiao Ran immediately took one and called to Chu Qing-Yan. “You should quickly try it, see if it tastes good or not!”

Chu Qing-Yan was unable to refuse his kindness and accepted it.

And Daddy Chu, who was playing on the side always had his gaze on the two people. He coldly snorted, he needed to go and tell inserted-in-backwards scallion son-in-law!

Chu Qing-Yan ate a mouthful, and felt the flavor was not bad. If she could ice it, it would be even better. She lifted her head and saw Xiao Ran was waiting for her evaluation, and she couldn’t help but to smile and say. “Fourth Highness, this flavor is very unique. You should also try it!”

When Xiao Ran heard this, he was all smiles. “The stuff this Highness gives out, which isn’t good!”

Chu Qing-Yan saw this youth finally had the smiling expression a person his age ought to have and she couldn’t help but to also smile.

But then, she saw Xiao Ran turn around and cry out in alarm. “Where are the mangos?”

He came from the palace to the manor in order to let Chu Qing-Yan eat it at the earliest possible time, he hadn’t even eaten a mouthful of it. Now, he doesn’t even know what a mango tastes like!

Chu Qing-Yan followed his gaze to look, that table was completely empty. The plate of mangos had already disappeared.

Xi Ning lightly coughed, she didn’t see anything. She didn’t see Master parent-in-law take advantage of the opportunity for personal gain and carry away the plate. She didn’t see anything…

And that plate of mango was already enroute to the study.

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