Adorable Consort – Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 – Do everything she can to keep him alive

Now Chu Qing-Yan was already as anxious as a cat on a tin roof, but this Older Sister always liked to talk in riddles. Really made it hard for her little heart to bear.

Cheng Yan-Luo felt she had teased this little girl enough, so she stopped speaking in a roundabout manner and directly said with a smile. “I remember that before my father went to travel the world, when he handed the entire sect to me, he also gave me a box. He said inside was a holy fruit that could solve poisons. At that time I didn’t pay attention. But now recalling this, maybe it is the Red Stone fruit.”

These words from Cheng Yan-Luo ignited the hope in Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes. “Then could Older Sister Yan-Luo return to search around and see if that box is still there? If it is like this, then one among the three most difficult medicinal herbs to find has been gathered.”

Finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan immediately realized that her words may seem rude. The other party only mentioned it and didn’t say they wanted to give the thing to you. After all, how precious was that Red Stone fruit, how could it be given to her so lightly?

Chu Qing-Yan hesitated a short while, then pursed her lips to say. “Older Sister Yan-Luo, I’m sorry, I was a bit too anxious.”

Cheng Yan-Luo understood her meaning, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Why are you overthinking things? Although I’m a bit of a miser, but the matter of promising you to save that person was not me saying something without thinking it through. Moreover, this thing hasn’t been determined, so you should not be excited too early.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan’s face spread into a smile, and she said somewhat excitedly. “Older Sister Yan-Luo, you are really a good person.”

Cheng Yan-Luo immediately made a strategic withdrawal. “Don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t praise me ah. I really can’t stand those things the most. You first wait. I’m going to return and try to find where that thing is.”

Finished speaking, she smoothly turned and exited the room.

As Chu Qing-Yan watched Cheng Yan-Luo’s figure leave, a feeling of gratitude emerged in her heart. She walked back to the bed and resumed her endless talk to Big Block of Ice.

“Although it’s said that there will be many unfair or unexpected things that may occur in our lifetime, but we would also encounter some good people.”

“Older Sister Yan-Luo seems to be the type to say one thing and mean it, she has well-defined likes and dislikes. Nevertheless, she is a nice young lady with a sharp tongue but soft heart. I don’t know why she misunderstood you before. If in the future you wake up and there is an opportunity, you guys should explain it and resolve the misunderstanding. That way, maybe everyone will be satisfied and delighted.”

“Moreover ah, I feel that Older Sister Yan-Luo is so good, why would Air Spirit let her down at that time? In fact, I also don’t know in the end what happened between the two. But if the two of them could bury the hatchet and become good again, then it would be even more wonderful. The man is handsome and outstanding. The woman is beautiful and generous. They seem to be well suited.”

“Hey, this time you are at a critical state and I actually still have the thought of becoming a matchmaker!”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head, mocking herself. In fact, she were merely finding joy among the sorrow, waiting was a hard matter to endure. If she didn’t divert her attention, then she would indulge in wild flights of fancy.

Just when she was mocking herself in annoyance, the large hand in her hand suddenly gripped hers. She was startled and looked at the slowly folded fingers unexpectedly. She immediately lifted her head to look at the person on the bed. But what disappointed her was, Big Block of Ice’s pair of eyes were still tightly closed. Ever since the last time he lost consciousness in the cave, he never woke up again. This morning he recovered some consciousness, but still didn’t wake up. Chu Qing-Yan stuck her face to the back of his hand.

Big Block of Ice, are you comforting me?

Rest assured, I’m not that weak. Whether it is to go to heaven or hell, no matter what kind of extreme danger, regardless of how difficult it may be, I will help you gather together all the medicinal herbs to help solve your poison.

Even if I have to give it my all, I’ll keep you alive.

Before that, you just need to recuperate properly, you don’t need to care about anything else. I will help you manage everything well.

After a while, as if Xiao Xu could perceive her thoughts, he slowly released her hand. Chu Qing-Yan smiled slightly.

After a short period of silence, there suddenly came knocking sounds from the door.

Chu Qing-Yan straightened her body and said. “Come in.”

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit walked in at the same time.

“Is there something?” Chu Qing-Yan asked in puzzlement.

“Little Consort, today we made contact with Water Spirit. She passed on a letter telling us that, in the capital, don’t know how but the matter of master’s disappearance has been found out. Now His Majesty has ordered every official from every county to search for the whereabouts of master. At the same time, he also dispatched people from the capital to search. Now what should we do? Should we start making contact with the local officials?’ Earth Spirit reported.

Chu Qing-Yan’s graceful brows immediately furrowed. From the time Big Block of Ice was ambushed to being poisoned up until he disappeared, it was only a short three to four days time. How could the capital get the news so fast? Was it possible that the so called “the mountains are high and the emperor is too far away” was in fact a saying to fool people? Could it be every regent’s gaze covered the entire nation?

Suddenly, Chu Qing-Yan recalled the dialogue between Big Block of Ice and that cloaked person that time in the rain. At that time, she didn’t pay attention to it, but now recalling it, she felt those words at that time seemed to have hidden and profound mysteries. Could it be that the cloaked person had a relationship with the royal family?

This thought made her body go stiff. Although she thinking like this was too daring, what if the truth was like this?

No, she must not take chances with Big Block of Ice’s life.

“First don’t contact them. Now we are preoccupied with solving His Highness’s poison. If by the slight chance his whereabouts is leaked, it would be very unfavorable to us.” Chu Qing-Yan promptly made this decision.

Earth Spirit glanced at her in surprise, he originally thought the little consort would contact local officials for shelter. Didn’t expect that her thinking would be so cautious. He nodded. “This subordinate also thinks like this.”

Earth Spirit’s response also surprised Chu Qing-Yan, she couldn’t help but think that Earth Spirit coming over to get her opinion may in fact be because he was also suspicious of the royal family. Now she believed even more firmly, the cloaked person’s origins.

Now that Western Xuan Emperor had already given the orders, how could she let this opportunity go to waste?

A light flashed through Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes, the corner of her mouth hooked into a crafty smile. “Although our whereabouts can not be leaked out, but this doesn’t mean we can’t leak the whereabouts of those assassins. They have harmed us so much, they ought to eat a bit of bitterness and have a taste of being eyed by others like prey.”

“Earth Spirit, go find ways to leak the whereabouts of our opponents to the local officials.”


When those local officials heard orders had been sent from the capital, they were eager to find master’s whereabouts in order to receive meritorious awards. When they heard there were traitors besieging and mounting sneak attack on master, in order to steal credit, they certainly would send troops to capture them. At that time, those assassins would be targets of scorn, being yelled at and beaten by everyone. Not only could they get revenge for previous hatred, they could also stall the opponent’s footsteps, making them too busy to have the energy to chase and kill them.

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit exchanged a glance, they suddenly felt the little consort in front of them really wasn’t as innocent and naive as she had shown in the past.

When acting cute, no one was her match.

In using stratagems, she was incomparably crafty.

They suddenly started to worry a bit about master’s life in the future.

After Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit withdrew, Chu Qing-Yan raised an eyebrow. Just now, what kind of ghostly expression was that they had? Could it be they thought she is extremely dangerous?

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