Adorable Consort – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 – His only shortcoming was a poor sense of direction

This hug caught Chu Qing-Yan somewhat unprepared.

Before she could react, her cheek was already pasted to that ice-cold jacket.

What’s wrong with Big Block of Ice?

Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of hands grabbed at the corner of his jacket, but she dared not move about randomly. Just like this she quietly remained pasted to him.

“Accompany this king for a moment.” Low tone, his soft words carried traces of loneliness.

Chu Qing-Yan relaxed her rigid body a bit and extended her hands to hug his waist in return.

Now she understood why Big Block of Ice’s mood was so indeterminate. It was because he placed all the responsibility on his own body, so he was blaming himself right now.

But the task was set for him because of his position as a prince. It made him unable to be aloof from the common people that had been subjected to deep burns.

This time’s search of Liu manor and confiscation of possessions, in fact its influence wasn’t merely just Ping Yang city. Perhaps it had already started to influence the political situation in Western Xuan empire.

Liu family was the deceased empress dowager’s family before marriage, the family’s offspring and descendants had already been spread out to every corner of the entire Western Xuan empire. The power wielded in the family’s hand included military power, political power, literary offices, military officials all had their people in those positions.


Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt a thought flash through her mind, only it was so fast that she couldn’t grab onto it.

She faintly felt that this may have some relationship with Big Block of Ice’s mission of searching for a mine this time. But she couldn’t grab onto something solid, so she felt somewhat regretful.

And at this time, the person hugging her seemed to gradually retrieve his reasoning. He released her.

Chu Qing-Yan raised her head at a loss and saw a palm land on the top of her head. “These several months you have indeed grown a lot. Before you only reached this king’s mid abdomen, now you have already reached my chest. It seems I didn’t raise you in vain.”


Chu Qing-Yan was dumbstruck.

Clearly it was a soft and fragrant mood, why was what Big Block of Ice said out loud so aggravating?

This picture was clearly amiss!

Could it be the way she turned it on was wrong?

Just at this moment Air Spirit walked over. Chu Qing-Yan swallowed the question she was about to ask and retreated to his side.

Air Spirit took a glance at the little consort standing naturally and unrestrainedly at master’s side. He didn’t hesitate more, and directly said to master. “This subordinate has already found Junior Sister’s trail. Nowadays she is staying in Yang Xia county. We only need to pass through that town up ahead and we’ll reach it.”

Xiao Xu nodded. “how many days do we need?”

“We can reach it in two days of travel.” Air Spirit replied.

“Good, tell everyone to pack up then set out.” Xiao Xu instructed.

“Yes.” Air Spirit withdrew.

“That Junior Sister Air Spirit was talking about, is she a female that has excellent medical expertise?” Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat excited.

Xiao Xu glanced at her faintly. “It could be said like this.”

“Oh wow, really awesome. There is hope for a cure to my dad’s illness!” Chu Qing-Yan spun three circles around Xiao Xu. Afterwards, she suddenly hugged him. The corner of her mouth was almost pulled to the corner of her eyes.

Xiao Xu seeing her so happy hesitated a moment, and in the end he still didn’t tell her Air Spirit’s worry from before.

The two returned to the procession of horse carriages, Chu Qing-Yan turned her head to glance at the place where the Retired Emperor’s horse carriage used to park. The bottom of her eyes had a trace of reluctance to part. Although this Retired Emperor’s mouth was a bit poisonous, a bit of a glutton and liked to order people about, but in the end he was still a very cute elder. After interacting for this period of time, she was still very reluctant to part with him.

And just at this moment, Xi Ning hesitantly walked up. Thinking things through for the third time, she still decided to tell her master this news.

“Master, before the Retired Emperor left, he went to the carriage with the reserve supplies.”

The carriage with the reserve supplies? That was where the pastries were places, rations she made with utmost care, as well as all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Hearing Xi Ning say this, Chu Qing-Yan immediatley had a not so good premonition.


“The Retired Emperor emptied out the entire carriage of reserve supplies!” Xi Ning spoke very quickly and finished her words with a spurt of energy.


The master in front of her, sure enough stood in place with that foolish blank stare as if hacked by lightning as she had expected.

“Not a bit remained?” Her voice already floated.

“Not a bit remained!” Xi Ning also somewhat blamed the Retired Emperor, how could he do it to this extent!

Following which Chu Qing-Yan said between gritted teeth. “This gluttonous, lazy spirit that cheats people!”

With great difficulty she and Huang Yi had made so much tasty food, just so these days of hurrying along the road would pass a bit easier. How could she have known that the Retired Emperor won’t even leave her a tiny bit! Too excessive! Next time when she sees him, she certainly won’t be so soft hearted as to make pastries for him!

At this moment, the Retired Emperor who was already riding the carriage on the road, happily eating pastries and drinking good tea suddenly sneezed. He was immediately on guard, who was talking bad things about him behind his back?

The deeply hurt and heartbroken Chu Qing-Yan got on the carriage. She buried her head in Xiao Xu’s chest, feeling like her heart had received a deep wound!

Knowing about entanglement between the little fellow and the Retired Emperor, Xiao Xu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The horses’ hoofs gave clattering sounds as the group of people continued on their way.

Now the sky was clear and the air was pure. The favorable wind was smooth. White clouds shifted gently as if everything was tranquil.

But what was waiting up ahead for them was the unknown and hard to defy tribulation.

At this moment——

In the deep old forest, a deep dark purple figure was traveling among the trees at a fast speed. He was flying fast gracefully, with a remarkably beautiful face and demonically charming temperament. If you overlooked his annoyed expression right now, you could say he was a devastating beauty that could cause the downfall of a state, a rare beauty!

“Damn it, how come we still haven’t walked out of this forest?” Rare beauty, oh that’s not it, should be Dongting Wang-Yu. At this time, he was looking with annoyance at the densely packed trees in front of him. Ever since ten days ago when he entered this famous forest by mistake, he couldn’t get out.

While the subordinates following behind him wiped away a handful of cold sweat. In fact as early as seven days ago, they would have walked out. Only that regarding this young master of theirs, everything is great and he was good at everything, the only thing lacking was that he had a poor sense of direction. Also, he wouldn’t let other people question his ability to recognize the route.

So when they pointed at the road, their honorable young master would immediately go in the opposite direction, not recognizing their ability to find the route.

As a result, they have been strolling along in this deep forest for close to half a month.

“Young master ah, to continue like this is not a good method ah. We have eaten almost all the animals inside the deep forest. Tomorrow, we would have to go hungry!” One subordinate used the sympathy card to say.

“Almost finished eating it all?” Dongting Wang-Yu stopped his going in all directions footsteps. After seriously pondering over this problem, Dongting Wang-Yu finally made a decision.

“Release the fireworks to let people pick us up!”

Hearing this, everyone immediately cheered as if they were celebrating the New Year. Their master was finally willing to put down his noble face and choose to let others pick them up.

“Okay, this subordinate will do it now!”

A firework flew up to the sky, everyone waited for less than a stick of incense time, when more than ten black clothed people quickly jumped over. They kneeled in front of Dongting Wang-Yu. “Subordinates pay respect to young master.”

Seeing this, Dongting Wang-Yu gave a light cough. In any case, he could not directly get to the point and ask them to bring him out. Wouldn’t it reveal his own shortcoming, even though a lot of people seemed to already know about this shortcoming of his.

“Has anything important happened recently?”

“Reporting to young master, several days ago the palace master sent out the must kill order for Western Xuan’s Prince Ying.”

Dongting Wang-Yu raised an eyebrow. It has been years since the Moon Palace sect people have seen the must kill order. What kind of damn thing did that old man want to do?

“Nowadays, where has Xiao Xu’s group of people arrived at?”

“Tomorrow they’ll arrive at Yang Xia county.”

“En, we’ll also go over to join in the fun!”

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