Adorable Consort – Chapter 237

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Chapter 237 – Meeting the handsome beauty again in the village

“Master, the person has already walked far away. Even if you look more, you won’t see her.” Xi Ning waved her hand in front of her face.

Only then did Chu Qing-Yan return to her senses. The mouth of that alley already didn’t have that beautiful figure. Alas, her heart felt strange. Forget it, going to ignore it.

“Let us return…” Chu Qing-Yan had just started to say that when she saw something flash by the corner of her eyes. When she opened her eyes wide and saw clearly, she was already stunned to the point of having her mouth agape.

How could he be here?

“Master, what did you just say now?” Xi Ning was puzzled, her master had only said half a sentence before she looked as if she had just seen a ghost.

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at that flickering light and dark corner and suddenly said. “Jin Xin, you bring Xi Ning to the teahouse up ahead to wait for me.”

Jin Xin lifted his head and glanced at her, his eyes had surprise in them.

“Cover me.” Chu Qing-Yan said in a low voice as she passed by his side.

Although he didn’t understand why master would suddenly make such decision, Jin Xin still complied.

Once this was said, Chu Qing-Yan quickly left.

Xi Ning was greatly alarmed. “Where is master going?”

“Don’t ask too much, first go to the teahouse.” Jin Xin took a glance in the direction Chu Qing-Yan left in and pulled Xi Ning to walk in the direction they came from.

At this time, Chu Qing-Yan had just arrived at the corner where that person appeared. A pity that person left a step in advance. She frowned and immediately tried to catch up.

That person walked with leisurely footsteps, stopping once in a while as if waiting for her. But when she arrived, he would quickly separate from her by a large distance again. Chu Qing-Yan’s face turned black, was this person playing with her?

In the end, Chu Qing-Yan stopped and pretended to head back.

That person seeing this gave a low laugh. He landed on top of a large tree, turned around and beckoned to her. “You don’t have patience for such a short distance?”

Chu Qing-Yan slanted him a glance. “Is there anyone else that would play with people like this?”

The person in front of her wore reddish purple clothing, with a face as beautiful as that of an evildoer. His smile was extremely crafty, who else could it be but Dongting Wang-Yu that guy?

“Okay, okay, okay, come over. Standing there, are you afraid this young master will eat you?” Dongting Wang-Yu sat on top of the tree and beckoned to her with his hand.

Chu Qing-Yan gave him a glare. Her body jumped and she also went up the tree.

He clearly had a cultured and sophisticated appearance, but always liked to do things that were inconsistent with his appearance. Just like how he was sitting there right now.

However, this kind of causal nature really made it impossible for people to dislike him.

“How come you are here?” Chu Qing-Yan asked the first thought that crossed her mind when she saw him just now.

“You can be here, why can’t I be here? Besides——” He gathered up and said in a enticing tone. “being able to encounter me, shouldn’t you be wild with joy?”

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes. “Okay, all roads head toward the imperial city. Whatever direction you like to go in then go, it’s none of my business.”

Seeing her automatically ignoring his second question, Dongting Wang-Yu didn’t get angry. He placed both hands behind his head and leaned against the tree. An indecipherable smile floated in his eyes. “Little girl, having not seen you for several months, did you miss this young master?”

Chu Qing-Yan yawned. “If you didn’t appear, I would have simply forgotten there was a person like you.”

Dongting Wang-Yu laughed. “Then it looks like this young master must appear more often in front of you in the future.”

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly became guarded. “What do you mean?”

“The places you guys want to go to, by coincidence this young master also wants to go.” Dongting Wang-Yu saw all her hairs standing up erect from head to toe and felt it was amusing. He was determined to tease her.

Originally she wanted to ask more, but seeing that crafty expression appear on his face, Chu Qing-Yan dropped the thought. She reckoned that this person was teasing her again for fun.

“Fine, according to your wishes.” Ever since she sensed this person didn’t have malice towards her, Chu Qing-Yan was able to relax her guarded heart against him. In any case, in this world having one more friend is better than having one more enemy.

The little girl actually wasn’t looking for trouble for him, he was not used to this. Immediately he thought a bit then asked. “You at such a young age have become the consort princess to Prince Ying. What kind of thoughts do you have on this?”

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head around and looked at him in surprise. “How do you know I’m consort Princess Ying?”

She immediately reflected over the several times they saw each other, it seemed she hadn’t revealed her identity ah. Moreover she didn’t leave a bit of clue, then how did this person know?

Dongting Wang-Yu saw this girl take a step away from him after hearing this and look at him vigilantly. The corner of his eyes tilted up, making him look romantic and elegant. “Why do you have this appearance of seeing a ghost? Prince Ying and his fiancee caused a disturbance in Ping Yang city. Do you think you could cover it up? Don’t you know the entire Western Xuan is singing you guys’ praises? It was impossible for this young master not to hear it while traveling here!”

Chu Qing-Yan was still susupicious. “Rumor is rumor, how do you know it’s me?”

“Hehe——” Dongting Wang-Yu slanted her a glance that had a trace of contempt. “Do you think this young master doesn’t have eyes? Prince Ying’s group had just left Ping Yang City, afterwards you arrived in Yang Xia. The timing was just right. Moreover, aren’t you guys also from the capital? Little girl, this young master isn’t stupid. You don’t need to think of ways to fool me.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan immediately stopped the ideas spinning in her mind. In any case if he followed them all the way, sooner or later he would have discovered it. The only thing she didn’t understand was why he would follow them. Listening to the meaning in his words, it turned out that he chased over from Ping Yang city.

Dongting Wang-Yu knew the little girl had become suspicious because of his words. But sooner or later he would expose this in front of her, so there wasn’t really a good reason to conceal his own whereabouts. That was why he took this opportunity today to appear when she was by herself.

“Dongting, what is your purpose?” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t smile at him, rather she asked this with a serious expression.

Dongting Wang-Yu stroked his chin. “Dongting, you calling this young master like this is really novel. This young master will allow you to address me in this way!”

Chu Qing-Yan gave a sigh. “Don’t change the subject!”

“I didn’t change the subject, rather what purpose would this young master have?”

Isn’t having no purpose the best purpose?

Dongting Wang-Yu smiled meaningfully.

Chu Qing-Yan knew if she continued to ask, there still won’t be any answers so she may as well just ignore him. In any case sooner or later, the fox’s tail would be exposed.

“Forget it.”

He didn’t expect this little girl would give up on interrogating him so quickly. Dongting Wang-Yu’s heart was somewhat puzzled. Sometimes he felt this girl may be young but was a huge imp, sometimes she was scarily intelligent. She clearly knew there was a problem with him, yet she still didn’t break that gauze to ask his identity. She really was an interesting little girl.

Although she gave up interrogating him, he didn’t give up his curiosity about her.

“Hey, you still haven’t answered my question. How do you feel about the matter of being the little consort?”

Faced with this evildoer’s stubbornness, Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes again. “What thoughts could I have, it just is! Furthermore, us being friends is being friends, but you musn’t overstep to pry into the other person’s private business. This is called respecting each other, young master Dongting!”

Faced with the little girl’s righteously justified words and warnings, he didn’t take it seriously, rather he continued to say. “Prince Ying is ruthless, vicious and tyrannical, he is not suited to you. It’s best you break away as early as possible from him. Don’t say this friend didn’t advise you. The fight in the palace is as deep as the ocean. I reckon your Prince Ying has already provoked a huge trouble!”

“What did you say?” Chu Qing-Yan’s face immediately became serious.

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