Adorable Consort – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 – Depending on others, it’s better to depend on oneself

Inside the Bright Dawn Palace, Xiao Ran slowly woke up, pleasantly surprising the room full of people.

Concubine Yue dispatched people to invite over the imperial physician. After diagnosis, the imperial physician said as long as he recuperates properly, after a period of time he can get out of bed.

Concubine Yue was ecstatic, she rewarded the imperial physician and ordered people to make supplemental soup. All at once, Bright Dawn Palace became a busy chaos, but the group was cheerful.

Only Xiao Ran could not feel happy. When he woke up, taking advantage that mother concubine wasn’t present, he asked Xiang Yu what happened these several days. Xiang Yu told him in full detail what happened to His Highness Prince Ying, so Xiao Ran now couldn’t sit still.

And at this time Concubine Yue entered. Seeing he was about to get out of bed, she immediately stopped him. “Your wounds still haven’t healed, what do you want to do that made you so anxious as to get out of bed?”

“Mother Concubine, First older royal brother is innocent. This son must go and explain everything clearly to Father Emperor. The person that wanted to assassinate this son is another person.” Xiao Ran struggled to get out of bed, but heard Mother Concubine’s cold command.

“People come close the palace gates. Fourth Prince is not allowed to take one step out the door!”

“Mother Concubine, what are you doing?” Xiao Ran stared blankly.

He only heard Mother Concubine say using a voice only he could hear. “Foolish child, this opportunity is rare. You can’t root out Prince Ying this rival based on your abilities. It’s too difficult to go head to head against him!”

Xiao Ran looked toward his normally gentle and warm Mother Concubine, stupefied. Now she had on an expression he couldn’t decipher. “Mother Concubine, this son never thought of going head to head with First older royal brother!”

“Whether you thought of it or not isn’t important. But in the end there will be a day, even if you don’t want to get on the battle stage, there will be people who will force you up.” Concubine Yue looked into his eyes and unflinchingly said.

“But——” Xiao Ran somewhat unable to accept it said.

“Be obedient. Don’t you like that silly little girl from Chu family? Mother Concubine guarantees that after this time’s matter passes, you can then move her over to be one of your concubines. Or as a side concubine to make you happy!” Concubine Yue caressed his head as she gently said.

Xiao Ran heard this and his heart rate sped up, but very quickly he overthrew this thought. Taking advantage of someone else’s difficulties was a harmful way to conduct himself ethically. He shook his head and firmly said. “The sages said ‘a person of noble character must do certain things and not do others.’ Mother Concubine, you should just let this son go see Father Emperor!”

“Out of the question. Put away your sage sayings. This matter, Mother Concubine won’t agree to your wishes! If you dare to take one step out of Bright Dawn Palace, everyone in here will be beheaded!” Finished speaking, Concubine Yue ordered the guards to be increased, then left angrily.

Xiao Ran covered the wound on his chest. Laying on the bed, he stared blankly at the top of the bed.

Why did everything become like this?

First older royal brother was the brother he was closest to, how could he just sit by and watch?

Why did Mother Concubine become like this?

In the future, how could he face Qing-Yan ah?

Xiao Ran’s face was full of despair.

Whereas Chu Qing-Yan who leaned against the wall after hearing daddy’s words, her heart was moved.

Break into jail ah!

It’s not like she hadn’t thought of it, and today she even said this in front of Big Block of Ice. If all the methods were useless, then she would bring people to break into jail!

Seeing the figure at her side bend down, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t even lift up her head before asking. “Give an estimate of breaking into jail, what is the certainty of success?”

“Eighty percent.” Fire Spirit flipped down from the wall and didn’t ask anything before responding.

“Add another ten percent.” Earth Spirit walked out, adding to what he said. “Unless the ten percent left is once in a while.”

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly was somewhat proud, somewhat gratified, somewhat deeply moved, somewhat regretful and somewhat emotionally moved.

Proud that Big Block of Ice had such great qualified people under him. Gratified that Big Block of Ice’s many years of lonely living was accompanied by Xiao Lie Cavalry. Deeply moved that she could encounter them. Regretful that such an amazing Big Block of Ice wasn’t put in an important position. Emotionally moved because of the deep camaraderie among them.

“Not until the last moment we absolutely won’t use this method!” Once they break into jail, then Big Block of Ice’s reputation of being wise would be destroyed completely. It would also indirectly admit that he was the mastermind behind the scene. It would also mean a lifetime of fleeing afterwards. She won’t allow Big Block of Ice to be in such dire straits for the rest of his life!

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit nodded. They had also thought of this method but they were more worried about master’s attitude towards this. Hearing little consort saying this, the two also gave a slight breath of relief.

Chu Qing-Yan leaned against the wall looking thoughtful, she recalled what Yao Ying-Ruo said today. Suddenly, a bright light flashed through her mind, her hands clapped together. She had thought of a way.

“By the way, does His Majesty have someone he deeply reveres? Or possible someone who can say things and he’ll actually listen to? Or maybe someone he will give some face to?”

Today, she beseeched Empress Liang, pleaded with Western Xuan Emperor, beseeched Concubine Yue. In the end she came up empty handed.

Depending on others, it’s better to depend on oneself.

She’ll find a way, she’ll go save Big Block of Ice.

In the end, it was still asking other people for help, but the eventual success was huge!

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit heard this and both stared blankly. Someone His Majesty reveres deeply? Someone he would listen to? A person he will give some face to?

Wouldn’t that be the Retired Emperor ah?

“Little consort, the Retired Emperor. If it was the Retired Emperor, he certainly would be able to save master!” Fire Spirit was somewhat excited, they really had become muddled from anxiety. How could they have forgotten an important savior like the Retired Emperor!

Earth Spirit nodded his head in endorsement.

Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of eyes lit up, that Retired Emperor soothsayer that bestowed her in marriage to Big Block of Ice?

“Good! Earth Spirit, continue to investigate the whereabouts of that assassin. Fire Spirit, notify Water Spirit and you must find Retired Emperor’s tracks. The two sides must be executed at the same time. Strive to make some headway within three days!”

Although she hadn’t eaten for a day, it didn’t affect her raised spirits right now!

If Big Block of Ice’s matter of being in prison was spread out, then if the Retired Emperor heard this, he ought to rush back! She hoped this Retired Emperor would really take pity on Big Block of Ice!

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit immediately accepted the order and withdrew. The two people’s steps also became much lighter.

Although the whereabouts of the Retired Emperor was unknown, master hadn’t always checked for his news. But if they were to use all of the manpower and physical resources of Xiao Lie Cavalry and dig a meter into the ground of all the land under the heavens, they couldn’t believe they won’t find him!

At this time, the Daddy Chu who hopped away now once again hopped back. At the same time, he brought back words from Mother Chu, asking her to return to the courtyard to eat.

Now Chu Qing-Yan also had a slight appetite and was just about to follow Daddy to go together when she saw a servant run over hurriedly.

“Little consort, outside an old beggar came. Staying outside refusing to leave, saying our prince’s manor owes him a meal.”

Normally, there were many things like this with regards to beggars. But such a bold and confident one, this was the first time.

If it was normally, then just bestow him a meal. But this person was given an inch and he wanted a mile. Said he wanted to have dinner with the master of Prince’s manor or else he won’t eat it!

This person was certainly here to find fault, but recently, bad things happened to the manor and the guards didn’t dare to brazenly chase the person away. It was true that they were afraid that the people would say something about it, but having someone stay at the door refusing to go was also not good. Therefore, housekeeper Bai immediately dispatched him to ask the little consort.

Chu Qing-Yan never expected that there would be such an outlandish matter. She was just thinking of how to deal with it when she saw her Daddy run outside excitedly like a wisp of smoke, saying he wanted to see this beggar.

Chu Qing-Yan placed her hand over her forehead, but she could only let her body endure as she slowly strode over. Then she should also see this person for herself!

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