Adorable Consort – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Warm and bright like the stars

While Chu Qing-Yan was still in a state of shock, Xiao Xu had already gotten up and left in a complacent mood.

Chu Qing-Yan bit her chopsticks, looked at Xi Ning on the side who similarly looked dumbfounded and asked. “Just now, did His Highness really promise?”

Xi Ning nodded foolishly. “Master, you didn’t hear wrong, His Highness is going to pluck the star from the skies for you!”

Chu Qing-Yan covered her eyes with her hand. Oh god, she must’ve asked using the wrong method, otherwise why would she encounter this scene?!

However, when her birthday really arrived, the table in front of her was really packed full of sumptuous dishes. There were meat and vegetable dishes both known and unknown to her. When Huang Yi set down the last dish, she sincerely said to her. “Ninth Miss, Happy 10th Birthday.”

“Thank you.” She replied, somewhat moved.

And after a short while, Daddy and Mommy were also fetched over by the manor’s bodyguards. The family had a reunion and ate their meal together.

This was, in her memories, the first time that she had really spent her birthday together with her parents. Moreover including the memories from her previous life that didn’t belong to her.

Mother Chu gifted her a charm for safety. She personally helped her wear it around her neck. She then lightly patted her shoulder and somewhat choking with emotions, said. “Didn’t think you’d turn 10 years old so quickly. The years hasten people to get old. You have grown up, mother feels happy for you.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s body turned as she hugged her mother, her voice was also somewhat hoarse. “Mother, today is also the day you suffered, if it wasn’t for you suffering hardship to give birth to this daughter, this daughter also wouldn’t have appeared in this world. Mother is this world’s most admirable person, this daughter loves you.”

In the ancient times, because hygiene conditions were inadequate, the doctors didn’t understand how to properly deliver babies. As a result, giving birth to children in ancient times was like going to the gates of hell. Because of this, many people had difficult births and lost their lives, going to the underworld.

And that was why she felt incomparable admiration and love towards her mother. This was also the first time she bravely professed her love to her mother. In the modern times, because Chinese people were always shy about expressing their love towards their parents, she had carried on this tradition until she crossed over to ancient times where she started to feel a bit remorseful. She had never told her dad and mom “I love you” till now. She used this chance to say the words that were concealed for a long time inside to her dad and mom in ancient times as well as the ones living in the modern world.

“Good good good, really a good child!” Perhaps it was because of her daughter’s sudden confession that Mother Chu felt a bit shy. She wiped away her tears and felt somewhat embarrassed.

Daddy Chu saw this and also ran over to hug the two and said with all smiles. “I also love you guys.”

The three people suddenly burst out into laughter together.

Before leaving, Daddy Chu fished out a stone from his chest pocket and stuffed it into his daughter’s hands. He said this was a celestial stone an immortal had entrusted to him through his dreams so he gave it to her.

Chu Qing-Yan received it laughingly, then watched as her parents walked away.

When everything resumed its usual quietness, Chu Qing-Yan felt somewhat regretful. Don’t know what Xiao Xu was busy doing today, he hasn’t appeared the entire day. She had originally wanted to thank him for bringing her parents over to spend her birthday together with her, a pity she couldn’t find him. She asked Hong Yi and others, but they were also unsure.

When the night curtain fell, Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat discouraged. It looked like Xiao Xu was not going to appear today, so she couldn’t help but feel somewhat thwarted. He clearly said he was going to accompany her, how come his words doesn’t count? He’s really a big liar!

Just when she was cursing a certain someone in her heart, that certain someone appeared.

Chu Qing-Yan widened her eyes to look at the person in front of her, her lips suddenly flattened saying. “How come you only came back now? There’s no food left for you!” In fact, what she wanted to ask was, why didn’t he join her birthday feast!

Chu Qing-Yan hadn’t noticed that he was covered in dust and turned around in a wilful manner.

Xiao Xu broke into laughter, however it was all covered by his mask and no one detected it.

He approached her, towering over and looking down at her. “I’ll bring you to a place, do you want to go?”

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly before immediatly returning to her senses and replying. “I’m going.”

Xiao Xu once again laughed in spite of himself, however this time, Chu Qing-Yan could keenly feel the smiling expression overflowing in his ink black eyes, and was somewhat stunned from staring.

But then she heard him shake his head saying. “Not even asking this Highness where we’re going and just agreeing, aren’t you worried I’ll trick you away to go sell you?!”

While saying this, he bent down and picked her up.

Chu Qing-Yan took the initiative to extend her hand to wrap around his neck and replied in a “matter-of-fact” tone. “If you really wanted to sell me, you simply don’t need to trick me, just pack me up and carry away will do the job!”

Xiao Xu praised her saying. “I see you have self-knowledge.”

“Of course.” She generously received this compliment.

“Hold on tight.” Once Xiao Xu stepped outside the door, he lowered his head and told her this. Immediately after he flew up, the tip of his toes touched the roof and landed on the walls of the manor before jumping up again once more like an eagle soaring in the night sky.

She didn’t think that he would directly use martial arts to carry her. The wind was very strong, lifting up her long hair that covered both of her eyes. She looked through the cracks, and saw black clothed people following closely behind, she only recognized one person among them and that was Fire Spirit. Other faces were foreign to her, and she guessed that these people were probably secret guards that he hid in the dark.

She once again turned her attention to him and raised her head just to see the chin under the mask, such fine skin in a perfect arch. It was hard to imagine that under that mask hid an ugly countenance.

Xiao Xu nimbly landed and jumped on the roofs of the capital. Chu Qing-Yan experienced this rare taste of flying, she reach out to catch her hair that was flying in mid-air. She lifted her head giggling to ask him. “Is this the star you’re going to give me?” It really was close, every time they flew up with her head raised, she could see the sky full of stars, this was the place she could come up with that was the closest place to the stars.

“We haven’t reached it yet.” Xiao Xu continued forward, but from her giddy tone, he could feel her mood. Xiao Xu who had never been influenced before was infected, his brows smoothed out and his tone became less cold.

Turned out that there was still something good waiting for her in the end, Chu Qing-Yan felt excited, she expectantly nested in his arms, waiting for the arrival of the surprise.

After several jumps, they reached the bottom of a mountain, Chu Qing-Yan thought that they had reached their destination but Xiao Xu did not stop and continued forward. He carried her higher and easily went towards the peak of the mountain.

Just now, the height on top of the roofs wasn’t really a problem for her, but now when she looked down, the entire village and cities were tossed under her feet, her little heart and liver trembled lightly. But what was stronger was the feeling of seeking novelty; she could feel that this time’s outing would become one of the most beautiful memories of her life.

She listened to the wind passing by her ears and felt the most refreshing calls of the mountains. She opened the eyes she had shut, the ink black hair of the person above her danced behind him, with the night sky as background and his silver mask shining under the moonlight. This time, the mask he wore only covered the bridge of his nose, so she could see his sculpted thin lips that were pursed in a cold manner. But the starlight covered them with a clear and crystalline shine so his lips seemed glossy and in the dark night, it gave off a never before seen, enchanting sex appeal.

Chu Qing-Yan was stunned by this idea that flashed through her mind, wasn’t Big Block of Ice always icy like cold iron? Could enchanting and sex appeal, these words be used to describe him? How could she have such a strange idea ah?

“We’re here.” The thin lips parted and pulled her back to her senses.

She followed the direction of his gaze to look and her eyes widened in the next instant.

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