Adorable Consort – Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 – Traces from the specks of blood were like engraved crescent moon

The second that iron door was shifted away, Xiao Xu was the first to enter.

The heatwave that hit raised the hair at his ears, as if it was about to burn his flesh. He didn’t retreat even as his eyes narrowed, searching among the thick smoke.

That figure tottering on the verge of collapse had her back to him, in front was the heat wave and the tongue of the burning flame. The hot wind puffed up her sleeves, clothes moving to and fro. The white splendid clothes danced around the hot flames as if it would take the opportunity to go back.

Now she was dressed as a boy, the clothes she wore were ones he hadn’t worn since when he was young. That figure inside the raging fire came into view linking together the scene of that huge fire that swallowed the entire palace. It was like that huge fire he faced ten years ago.

No, he won’t let that disaster from the past repeat again.


His foot stepped on the stone wall, with a turn of his body he landed. His hand extended to catch her falling figure.

As if catching the most valuable treasure in this life, he drew her into his embrace, not daring to let her go again.

The familiar smell, clean, simple yet elegant that set her mind at ease.

“Big Block of Ice, you came.” She could finally release the hand pressed on the dagger.

“Yes, this king came late!” Xiao Xu’s cold eyes looked at the huge fire that was wrecking havoc. While Fire Spirit and the group who arrived a step behind, had already started to extinguish the fire.

She knew as long as he came, she could hand everything over to him.

But the her right now had lots of words she wanted to say to him. She wanted to say to that helpless and despairing young prince in that huge fire ten years ago.

“If I came ten years earlier, maybe I could have prevented that disaster at that time?”

This great fire, she was fortunate, because she was able to wait until Big Block of Ice came.

And that great fire ten years ago was full of despair, because he waited and didn’t see the person he was hoping for.

“Sorry, I also came late!”

After Chu Qing-Yan finished mumbling this, she sunk into endless darkness.

“Qing-Yan——”Xiao Xu saw the person in front of him close her eyes, and his heart became a disordered mess.

“Don’t need to worry, it ought to be because he breathed in too much of that knock out incense.” Suddenly a voice sounded. Xiao Xu’s eyes turned to look at him and saw a youth. He guessed this youth must be one of those children that was missing and nodded his head. He was just about to lift up the person in his arms when that hand clenched into a fist at the waist suddenly rolled down. The fingers opened slightly, revealing the bloodstain inside.

Xiao Xu immediately stopped his movement and quickly lifted up her left hand. He only saw that what ought to be her snow white exquisite palm, was covered with many deep and shallow knife scars. Some had already stopped bleeding, some still had fresh blood flowing out.

“This——”The boy took a step forward and after seeing clearly he couldn’t help but take a step back. After the shock, he suddenly realized seeing the dagger inserted into her belt. In disbelief he said. “I thought he didn’t suck in too much of the knockout incense thus he didn’t fall down. I didn’t expect he used this method to keep himself awake.

Xiao Xu opened her right hand again, what entered his eyes were densely packed crescent moon- like imprints. Because she used too much force, some of the imprints had broken the skin, revealing the tender red flesh inside. Some marks still hadn’t disappeared.

He looked at the hand that had blood scars and the other that had crescent moon like imprints, his heart was in so much pain. The person who would normally call out non-stop because of a little bit of pain now smothered the words and endured the pain in silence, waiting until he arrived.

The vicious currents spun faster and faster in his eyes. His entire person seemed to be covered in ice and snow, giving off a dangerous ice-cold aura.

“Earth Spirit, you are not allowed to leave even one of those people. This king will personally interrogate them!”

He lifted up the person in his embrace, his pair of eyes were already as cold as ice. His tone had a murderous undercurrent as he ordered.

Earth Spirit also saw the scars on the little consort’s hand, he first stared blankly, then compiled. “Yes sir.”

Master had always been overprotective. He reckoned that those Daoist priests won’t have many ways to survive.

Xiao Xu looked at the already unconscious person in his arms. He was finally able to relax his muscles that had been stretched taut like a bow.

It was just that he felt he had fallen short. He clearly said he would protect her to be safe and sound. But time and time again, he kept breaking this promise. That pair of deep and hidden eyes flashed with faint annoyance.

He tightened up his arms, holding the person tightly. Fortunately the person was lying again in his arms, safe and sound.


When Chu Qing-Yan was woken up by the hungry grumbles from her stomach, she slowly opened her eyes. In front of her was a strange bed, she turned her head, it was an unfamiliar room.

All of a sudden she wasn’t certain, it was as if she had just had a long dream. In the dream there were children, wooden prisons, a large fire, and Big Block of Ice. After she woke up, how come everything changed?

Her stomach failed to live up to expectations and started to grumble again. This is the rhythm of how long she had been hungry ah!

The door was opened and a person walked in. Seeing she was away, she immediately rushed to the bed, saying words in rapid succession like artillery shells hitting towards her. “Master it’s really good you can wake up. You have slept for a day and two nights already! Now does your body feel unwell anywhere? Oh, that’s right, His Highness said once you wake up I must immediately tell him. Master wait a bit, this servant will report this to His Highness!”

The might of the rapid succession of words that were like artillery shells smashed Chu Qing-Yan until she was dizzy and confused. By the time she returned to her senses, Xi Ning that girl had already rushed out of the room. The words she didn’t have time to say got stuck in her throat.

“Xi Ning, I’m hungry——”

Oh heavens, she won’t become the first case ever that wasn’t burned to death but after waking up was starved to death, right ah!

Don’t know if it was because these several days she hadn’t seen her, Xi Ning legs’ ability to run faster has become stronger. In the blink of an eye, she could hear the sounds of footsteps approaching from far away.

She turned her head to look toward the door. She only saw a deep black figure appear, running as if flying, heading toward her.

When she could clearly see that silver mask on his face, a fondness from not seeing him for a long time bubbled up from her heart.

“How do you feel, does your hand still hurt?” Xiao Xu sat down at her bedside and asked in a soft voice.


Chu Qing-Yan lifted up both hands, when she could see it clearly she was first startled, then immediately she wanted to cry but lacked the tears. Who was it that wrapped up her hands like cocoons, stand out, I promise I won’t beat you to death!

“Your left hand was injured too seriously, I was afraid your right hand would get infected therefore this king wrapped both of them up.” Xiao Xu saw her looking at her own hands with an indescribable expression of gnashing her teeth. He thought it was because she recalled that Daoist priest in the stone room, so he stroked her head and explained. “This king has already apprehended everyone of those people and brought them to justice. At that time, they will receive the proper punishment. And as for those children, you should feel assured, they have already been sent safely home by people.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediatley stopped the thoughts in her mind. If it was Big Block of Ice that wrapped her hand, she promised she won’t beat him to death, really!

But being able to bring the villains to justice, she was still very happy. She felt those things she did was worth it.

Xi Ning listened to their family’s Highness saying these things in a trivialized manner, and the back of her body felt cold. She had heard the honorable Fire Spirit say that when master was unconscious, his Highness had said: How many knife cuts was on master’s hand was how many cuts that must be made on those people’s bodies!

“I always feel assured about the things you do. Hehe——” Chu Qing-Yan smiled brilliantly, but soon after, it turned into a distressed smile. “Big Block of Ice, I’m hungry!”

Very, very hungry!

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