Adorable Consort – Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 – Two periods of time enjoyed together

Xiao Xu called a servant who brought a cloak, he accepted it and in passing draped it over the little guy’s shoulder. Soon after, he tied the knot on the cloak.

After ordering people to take Cheng Yi, Fire Spirit turned his head back and saw this loving scene. He shook his head and said in his heart “Master in doing these things has become more and more skilled. Could it be that he has really started to treat the little consort as his own daughter?

The image of the ten year old master carrying an infant aged little consort appeared involuntarily in his mind. Fire Spirit immediately shuddered at this thought.

No, no, no it must be because recently he hasn’t rested well, that must be why he would have these outside the boundaries thoughts. Fire Spirit patted his head, he decided it was best he went to bed!

“Big Block of Ice, good night.”


She would not ask about this kind of matters, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t see through what happened.

Chu Qing-Yan used cold eyes to sweep the people in the courtyard. She coldy smiled, if there were more dirty tricks, anyone daring to harm Big Block of Ice, then wait until this lady comes back from digging the mine to take care of you guys!

Next day.

Chu Qing-Yan wearing men’s clothing appeared in front of Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu turned around to look at the clothes on her body, and he couldn’t help but feel they looked somewhat familiar.

Seeing Big Block of Ice’s slightly surprised expression, Chu Qing-Yan very proudly spun around in front of him once, then asked. “How about it? The clothes you wore ten years ago, doesn’t it fit very well on my body?”

Xiao Xu faintly glanced at her and showing no quarter, gave her a psychological blow by saying. “ This king’s clothes from eight years old does indeed fit well on your eleven year old body.”

Being so nakedly looked down upon for her height, Chu Qing-Yan’s cheeks bulged out. Immediately after, her anger dissipated. Indeed compared to Big Block of Ice, she really was a bit shorter. But she was a female ah, who at eleven years old was as tall as she was? Stand out, she guaranteed she won’t beat that person to death!

Xiao Xu did not notice her disheartened little face. Rather, he turned his face to say to Hong Yi. “Why supply princess consort with old clothes? Could it be that this king can’t even afford this bit of silver?”

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart that was jabbed by a sword suddenly recovered completely. She licked the corner of her lip, last night, he ferreted out the traitor as warning to others. This morning, was he giving support to establish her status?

Looks like it was not that Big Block of Ice didn’t understand matters inside the courtyard, only normally he was unwilling to get involved!

Hehehe, Big Block of Ice really was deeply hidden without revealing anything!

Only this matter really had nothing to do with Hong Yi. Chu Qing-Yan saw Hong Yi wearing an embarrassed expression, not knowing how to reply, so she immediately opened her mouth to explain. “This can not be blamed on Hong Yi. It’s me who wanted to wear it. In any case, back then you never wore these clothes, so making use of it again was very good to avoid waste. Moreover, the time before our departure was very tight, there wasn’t enough energy to make new clothes again. Being diligent and thrifty is a virtue passed on by the ancestors. How could I forget, you say, am I right?”

Xiao Xu hearing this, raised an eyebrow to glance at her. Listening to her argument, if clothes were in perfect condition, they could be taken as family heirlooms to be passed on to the next generation?

“En, in the future if you need something, just say so. This king does not lack this bit of money. As long as you are happy, it is fine.” Xiao Xu patted her little head.

Chu Qing-Yan’s mind was in disarray when Big Block of Ice said these words, why did his body give off the feeling of an overbearing chairman!

The place in front of her eyes suddenly transformed into a large fish pond. Look at this fish pond, it has all been taken over by you!

Hahaha, brain fart!

Fortunately, she was able to put away this figment of her imagination in time!

“Okay.” Big Block of Ice’s golden mouth opened, how could she miss the change, she must give some thoughts to her future life as a rice weevil!

In another hour they were to set off, Xiao Xu calmly sipped tea, and Chu Qing-Yan was inspecting one by one everything they were taking along, she was frantically busy.

Xiao Xu’s gaze finally landed on her body. This finely embroidered cloud with wild goose clothing on her body made her seem a lot taller from half a year ago. Her long hair was bound up high like a black waterfall flowing straight down. Her facial features were solid, setting off a delicate little face, remarkably like a noble young master.

It seemed he could see himself at eight years old when looking at the now eleven years old her. He sipped a mouthful of tea, striving, struggling to advance!

That happy period of a child that he didn’t have time to experience, then just double it to give to the little guy. The two periods of time, let her enjoy it together!

The thin sculpted lip slowly hooked up. The smoke from the burning incense rose in spirials. The emotions and sorrow of parting dispersed one by one.

A faint thought emerged from his heart, as if his family’s daughter was slowly growing up.

Xiao Xu shook his head, he felt that this was somewhat ridiculous.

Because it was to go away to carry out the mission and not to go on a scenic tour, they didn’t need to show off in a grand style, so there weren’t that many people they could bring. But since earlier, Big Block of Ice had assigned her the task of picking out the people.

She also seriously chose the people by her side. She could not do without people, but Xi Ning alone was enough. What she ate was inseparable from Huang Yi, moreover she heard there were two servant maids by Big Block of Ice’s side. One that was responsible for lodging called Lu Yi, the other was Qing Yi in charge of travel. Lu Yi had returned home to visit her family and returned to the manor today. And Qing Yi usually wasn’t in the inner courtyard, so she had never seen her. But the things these two were responsible for, she felt that Big Block of Ice may find them useful this time, so she took them along.

Lan Yi was literary and weak so forget it. Zi Yi still hadn’t came out of retraining, and there was still a Hong Yi.

But don’t know why, the servants think highly of the always smiling gently Hong Yi but her heart seemed to have a trace of guarding against Hong Yi. She couldn’t say why, because a woman’s sixth sense was always baffling, but it was exceptionally accurate.

Moreover, taking care of the inner courtyard couldn’t be done without Hong Yi, therefore she arranged Hong Yi to have full authority and to be in charge of matters in the inner courtyard.

Hong Yi did not express her thoughts, she still had the same gentle expression as she agreed to manage matters.

As a result, for this time’s setting out on a journey, she brought three of the senior maids by Big Block of Ice’s side. Food and lodging on this trip was essential! Afterwards, several second ranked servants that served them were added, then several servant boys, adding it all together was about ten people.

Before leaving, she gathered all the servants and managing people, then made clear the arrangements after they leave, drumming it into those servants that would laze off when the masters are not home.

Fire Spirit and others like him walked out carrying their stuff in bundles. Seeing the little consort definitely looking the part as she admonished the servants, each of them gave their approval.

After finished admonishing the servants, Chu Qing-Yan directed everyone to carry the stuff one trunk at a time onto the horse carriage. Everything was done orderly and methodically. Totally didn’t need people to worry about it. Fire Spirit and others like him continued to give her their approval in their heart!

About to get on the horse carriage Chu Qing-Yan also saw Lu Yi and Qing Yi.

Lu Yi was cultured and courteous, Qing Yi had a lively personality.

The two of them saluted towards her, and after Chu Qing-Yan secretly seized them up, she arranged a horse carriage for them. In any case, they had gone through training, along the way what they ought to do, they should know better than her. So she didn’t need to waste time explaining.

Everything was prepared and in order.

Set out!

Fire Spirit rode a horse and moved ahead of them. Bodyguards followed on both sides of the horse carriage. Everybody’s expression was respectful, but they were dressed in the servant attires of an ordinary family. Their positions seemed to be chosen at well. But if a person that understood strategic layout was to see this, he would be amazed to discover that although these people’s position when walking didn’t seem to have a method, but no matter from which position someone was to attack, they would always be stopped outside.

Hong Yi stood at the doorway to send them off, seeing this group of people march far away, her gaze was cold as ice.

Finished being busy with everything, Chu Qing-Yan somewhat collapsed inside the carriage and looked at the comfortable and carefree Xiao Xu leisurely reading a book, her heart suddenly became uneven.

“Big Block of Ice, my hands and feet feel limp and sore, quickly help me hammer it!”

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