Adorable Consort – Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 – Layer after layer of danger approaches

“Lost again!” Chu Qing-Yan felt she had never lost so miserably before.

“Hehehe, the thirtieth plate of pastries! Stinky boy, you already agreed. I don’t want the same kind! Otherwise it doesn’t count!” The Retired Emperor stroked his beard, and complacently said. Seeing Yan girl eat losses, he was the most joyous, haha!

While Chu Qing-Yan was tidying up the chessboard, her heart was full of tears. She was merely kindhearted enough to want Grandpa Emperor to have a great time. How did she lose herself in these matches too! This Grandpa Emperor really was too self-centered and didn’t make allowances for family ah!

Forget it, the road she picked herself, even kneeling she will finish walking it.

And just when Chu Qing-Yan finished tidying up the chess pieces, suddenly a tall shadow came down. She lifted her head, and saw Big Block of Ice standing by her side. He had just extended a finger and lightly touched her place.

If she didn’t guess wrong, does this mean Big Block of Ice wanted to play chess with Grandpa Emperor?

As a result, she immediately gave up her place to a more worthy person.

One only saw Xiao Xu sit down and in passing say toward the opposing Retired Emperor. “Respect the old and cherish the young. You go first.”

The Retired Emperor said with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “It’s rare that you would condescend to play chess with me, your grandpa.”

“I have nothing to do” Xiao Xu said faintly, pushing the small box of chess pieces in front of him.

The Retired Emperor laughed mischievously. “Was it not because your family’s doll lost too miserably? And you couldn’t continue to watch?”

Only half of what Grandpa Emperor said was correct, the defeated expression that appeared on the little fellow’s face just now really looked offensive to his eyes.

The other half of the reason was because the little guy’s natural disposition was undisciplined. If you want her to make several plates of pastries, then that will depend on her mood. This time she lost so thoroughly, maybe afterwards she would start to dread pastries. It was rare she had the interest to fiddle with something, if this interest was killed, then he reckoned she would never touch pastries again afterwards.

The gauze hat covered his face, no one knew what he was thinking about right now.

“Since grandpa emperor wants to love the young, then this grandson won’t be polite.” Xiao Xu’s middle and index finger clamped a black chess piece and ignored grandpa emperor’s long windedness. The black piece landed first.

How could the Retired Emperor foresee that he would strike first. While mumbling that he wasn’t a bit filial, the white chess pieces immediately followed the black ones.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that sometimes, Big Block of Ice’s interaction with the Retired Emperor was like a family, completely different from when he was with Western Xuan Emperor and Empress.

Her gaze landed on that pair of long slender hands, the black pieces were glossy with gem like luster that made the skin on his fingertips even whiter. The joint of his fingers could clearly be seen, this pair of hands, it was hard to imagine this pair of hands could master the sword of war on the battlefield and at the same time could execute a plan on the chessboard.

This was the most graceful pair of hands she had ever seen.

It was even better looking than a woman’s hand, yet more powerful.

At her side came the sound of cheering which brought back Chu Qing-Yan from her thoughts. She only saw that the game was entirely one sided, the white chess pieces covered the board but all the roads were blocked by the black chess pieces. Wanting to successfully link it into a line, the chance was very low.

The Retired Emperor was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof. In the end, he could only spread out his pair of hands to admit defeat.

“Once more.” Xiao Xu took back the chess pieces and said this directly, he didn’t give the Retired Emperor any time to react.

The Retired Emperor that was just about to use his feet to slip away from his seat could only sit down again and continue to fight.

As a result, the whole entire afternoon inside the lobby only one sentence of, “once more.” echoed again and again.

As well as in everyone’s eyes, more and more sweat appeared on the Retired Emperor’s forehead.

Finally, Xiao Xu won back twenty five plates of pastries for Chu Qing-Yan, so she only lost five plates.

At this time, Xiao Xu put away the chess pieces into the box and didn’t move his hand again.

“Today will end here.”

The Retired Emperor let out a breath, finally he was let off.

The person on the spot was baffled but the onlooker could clearly see.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart was slightly touched, Big Block of Ice had helped her relieve the pressure of that thirty plates of pastries and also didn’t make grandpa emperor lose too disastrously. At least he still won five plates of pastries, he took care of both sides appropriately. She couldn’t help but think, if Big Block of Ice was to arrive in the modern world, he certainly would be a good son in his parent’s eyes. He would be a good husband in his wife’s eyes. The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law simply won’t exist.

Although in the end he lost so much that he didn’t even have face, but at least he didn’t lose miserably. The Retired Emperor moved his eyes at Chu Qing-Yan. “Don’t forget there are still five plates!”

Chu Qing-Yan laughed in spite of herself, he was thinking of it even at this time. He was really worthy of being a glutton. Five plates wasn’t much, so she nodded straightforwardly.

Xiao Xu put away the chess pieces, and went upstairs.

The Retired Emperor ate his full, drank his full and played enough, then also rubbed his belly and went upstairs.

Chu Qing-Yan felt one person playing was very boring, so she handed the chessboard over to Earth Spirit and Air Spirit to let them go play. She also went upstairs.

And while Chu Qing-Yan’s group of people were playing extremely joyfully, in the back kitchen, the three people including the shrewd woman were right in the middle of a secret plan.

“Tonight, I will put the Blinded by Sweat medicine in the water jar. As long as their family’s servant cooks food, she would use this water, at that time——hehe!” The cook with knife scars couldn’t help but laugh sinisterly.

“Good, then just do it like this! When the time comes, first let me play with that smooth skinned little young master for two days before sending him to a low-grade brothel. With this kind of appearance, there certainly will be many nobles and high officials that will like him. At that time, we can sell him for a good price!” The shrewd woman’s eyes flashed with an indistinct light, making her thick white powdered face look even more terrifying.

“Then I want that servant dressed in green, she looks really fresh.” The fat guy’s saliva was about to flow out.

“Okay, okay, okay the green servant girl will be given to you. That blue servant girl will be bestowed to him!” The shrewd woman pointed at the man with knife scars.

These people hadn’t succeeded, yet they were already thinking of how to divide the spoils.

The dim back kitchen gave off a rotten smell.

And at this time, the black clothed person who was pressed close to the outside wall of the back kitchen heard the secret plan coming from inside. His lips hooked up, revealing a sneer. His finger bent slightly, and the ten black clothed people behind him nodded and leaped through the window.

The shrewd woman’s group of three only felt the candle flash, when they opened their eyes, they saw something flashing below their necks.

All of a sudden, they woke with a start. Wasn’t it a big broadsword under their necks?

Trembling, their heads slanted to have a look. They only saw more than ten black clothed people with swords drawn standing in front of them. Gloom and death suddenly surrounded their bodies.

The three’s bodies became soft from fright, one after another they knelt on the ground.

“Hero spare this one’s life, hero spare this one’s life. Us several people only do business on a shoestring. If you guys want money, you can go look for those guests in our inn, they come from a rich and noble background. They are far more well-off than us commoners.” The shrewd woman’s mind immediately turned, drawing their attention to the people in the lobby of the inn.

“We don’t want money!” One black dressed person slowly walked out. He indifferently looked at these three people and said in a low voice.

“Then, then what do you guys want? Now matter what you heroes want, as long, as long we have, we’ll immediately give it to you guys!” The fat guy was so scared he couldn’t even speak clearly.

“We don’t need anything. As long as you guys cooperate with us on one thing, we’ll let you guys live!” the leading black-clothed person coldly said.

“Okay, even if it is to go up a mountain of swords, or go down into a deep fryer, you just have to instruct us!”

“Fancy people like you guys are actually in the profession of killing people for money!” the leading black-clothed person mocked with a sneer. He turned and lifted a hand to let his subordinates put away their weapons and coldly said, “tonight, you guys just need to listen to orders and move!”

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