Adorable Consort – Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – Good and evil, in the end there will always be restitution

Just after Chu Qing-Yan spoke, that youth didn’t even frown or hesitate. His hand relaxed and that torch floated to the ground.

“What!” That black hearted Daoist priest simply didn’t anticipate this loathsome boy would even set things on fire to stop them.

But was this really of any use?

Once the torch landed in the kerosene, immediately a plop sound echoed. The flames rushed up and quickly spread out. Compared to those lanterns that were lit before, this speed was several times faster.

Once the fire was lit, Chu Qing-Yan and that youth immediately retreated. At that time for this scheme that would cut off their retreat, she especially spread the kerosene further to avoid the smoke reaching their side.

But this boiling temperature still made everyone perspire.

“Master, what to do?” This youth that had a baby face was so decisive when he did things that all the Daoist priests immediately panicked.

“What, what to do? Quickly put out the fire!” The black hearted Daoist priest immediately ordered everyone to use the dirt to put out the fire.

The flames that reached the sky spread out before his eyes. It also ignited the raging flame in his eyes. This loathsome boy, if he damaged those boys and girls that he went through so much to capture, he will toss this boy into the deep fryer. Let him feel the meaning of begging to die but can’t die!

So what if these Daoist priests had dirt? Not only the ground, they even applied the kerosene to the walls. Therefore this fire won’t be extinguished in a short while.

The flames were everywhere, what entered one’s sight was a surging ocean of fire.

Chu Qing-Yan’s mind started to become dizzy again and she stumbled at a step. Just when she was about to fall, her shoulders were steadied by a pair of strong arms.

“Are you okay?”

Everything was hazy to her so she thought Big Block of Ice had arrived, but when the other person opened his mouth to ask with a tone full of concern, she felt a basin of ice-water was poured over her. Immediately, she became clear-headed.

She lightly pushed away that youth’s hand, then tried hard to straighten her body. When the mist retreated from her pair of eyes, she then turned to look at him with a placating smile. “No need to worry, I’m okay.”

And at this time, the circle of children at the corner seeing this endless raging fire immediately started to sob again.

In front was a raging fire, the road behind was a dead end. They could already feel the threat of death coming!

“Don’t be afraid, use the clothing strip to cover your nose and mouth. Don’t breathe in the smoke.” Chu Qing-Yan softened her voice, and used her most careful tone to lightly say this.

“Will we die?” A very small child’s pair of eyes were opened wide in alarm, blinking back tears to ask.

“No, for good and evil, in the end there will always be restitution. You all are still children, you guys still haven’t experienced the large gales of life. You still need to experience the sadness, joy, sweetness and sourness of life, so the Heavens would not be so heartless as to take you all away. Whereas those bad people that have done many evil deeds will certainly get their comeuppance!”

Chu Qing-Yan looked into the child’s eyes as she said this gently. Like a burst of spring wind that brushed away the boiling heat in this room, her words brought them calmness, like the drizzle of rain.

That youth turned to look toward her. His eyes also had a bit of relief. Don’t know why, this person clearly wasn’t that old, but her actions and ways of dealing with matters showed she was more quick-witted and firm than her peers.

Maybe by listening to her, they really could live through this!

“The fire is so big, my chest feels stuffy!” One child who couldn’t breathe freely said.

“Relax your bodies and lay on the ground!” Chu Qing-Yan immediately ordered.

Before in school, the most frequently practiced drill was earthquake or fire. The smoke would float up and only closest to the ground would the air be the cleanest. So the reason she ordered them to lay on the ground was also because of this.

But on all sides of this passageway were stone walls, the thick smoke couldn’t disperse. Very quickly it would cover the entire secret passageway. So right now, time was very precious to them!

And this stone room was built by Liu Ying for this black hearted Daoist priest, so it wasn’t very elaborate. So when the large fire was ignited, the smoke would certainly follow along the cracks and float out. If Big Block of Ice was in the surrounding, he would definitely discover the difference. At that time they would be saved.

When the stone room was covered in thick smoke a bit of the smoke passed through the cracks in the stone wall to float out.

Fire Spirit’s group of people at this time were nearby, searching for the secret entrance when they heard someone cry out in surprise. “Highness, smoke is coming out from here!”

Once these words were said, Xiao Xu immediately stepped forward. The guard pushed away those layers of vines and revealed that hidden iron door.

And at this time, the smoke was passing through and around the iron door, drifting out in all directions.

That black colored iron door now gradually had a dark red color. It could be imagined what kind of disaster was happening inside.

“Master, this door can’t be opened!” Several guards tried to look for a mechanism, but no matter what, they couldn’t find it. Moreover, the smell of the smoke became stronger and stronger.

“This subordinate will go get Wood Spirit!” Fire Spirit suddenly remembered Wood Spirit. He was an expert at all kinds of mechanisms and secret techniques, this iron door simply won’t be a problem for him. As a result, Fire Spirit was just planning to go and grab him.

At this time, Earth Spirit who was at the other side said. “There isn’t enough time.”

“Then what are we to do? Maybe the little consort is inside!” Fire Spirit grabbed his hair, his whole face was very anxious!

“Tear it down!”

While everyone was anxious, an ice cold clear tone like the spring broke through the thick smoke and arrived at their ears.

“As you ordered!”

The black clothed guards picked up axes and chopped toward the areas around that iron door. Since they couldn’t open this door, then I’ll let this door have no meaning in existing!

Little fellow, endure just a bit more. This king will arrive very quickly!

Everytime they hammered down, a hole would appear on that thick stone wall and more smoke would float out. The people outside couldn’t stop coughing from inhaling the smoke, let alone to say the people that were sealed inside!

Xiao Xu’s brows tightened even more, the more time passed, the deeper his heart would sink.

And at this moment, the people inside already couldn’t endure the smoke that was becoming thicker. Each and everyone of them coughed non-stop, but no one cried. Because that person standing straight on the steps told them, it’s useless to cry and it would waste their strength. So no matter how afraid they were right then, they didn’t dare to cry. They bit their teeth and endured.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the red light that was everywhere, like watching a fiery dragon endlessly spitting out fire.

The temperature was very hot, her entire body seemed to be set on fire. It seemed as if her skin was burning, like ten million needles stabbing into her, it was a thin but dense pain.

She felt her line of sight becoming fuzzier. In that large fire that reached the sky, she seemed to see a fine noble youth in magnificent clothing crouched on the floor of the palace. Around his body one after another roof beams fell down, but he seemed to be totally unaware of it all. His pair of eyes were empty as he looked into the distance.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly opened her eyes wide.

Big Block of Ice, it seems as if I can see to that time. The large fire that burned the palace as well as the you that was helpless and at a loss.

It turned out being surrounded by a large fire brings this kind of despair.

This fire is so big, so hot, makes it difficult for people to endure.

I seem to be able to feel the anguish you felt at that time.

My heart hurts so bad.

At that time, was it this painful for you too?

As if there were ten million ants biting your body.

Big Block of Ice, I really want to go and save you!


The sound seemed to be coming from something being opened.

She turned her head back and saw a familiar figure flying down the stone steps.

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