Adorable Consort – Chapter 216

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Chapter 216 – You are good, I’m good, everyone is good

Waiting until the group of people left the vicinity of the rock garden, Liu Fu then let out a breath of relief. She was just about to call for her servant when she discovered the servant had passed out from losing too much blood. Liu Fu secretly cursed with a sentence, really useless!

Then she decided to call Chu Qing-Yan, but was knocked out by a chop from a hand that came from the side.

She only had time to say one word. “You…”

Chu Qing-Yan flung her hand and smiled nefariously at Liu Fu while saying. “Many thanks for sending me off, the road after this it’s best you don’t follow. This way you are good, I am good, everyone is good!”

Soon after she left the rock garden, she only had time to see those people’s backs off in the far distance. She immediately started her airy martial arts, quickly following them.

After catching up, she saw there was three people in that group. One was wearing Daoist priest uniform with a priest hat on his head, his back was hunched. He looked to be about forty to fifty years old. It can be assumed this was the Daoist priest Liu Fu mentioned that was Liu Ying’s guest. And the others were wearing Dao uniforms of grey robes, they ought to be the priest’s disciples.

“Teacher with this number 49th child, can you really refine that secret formula?” One Dao apprentice couldn’t help but ask.

“With Teacher present, success will naturally follow. You say, am I right Teacher?” The other apprentices flattered eagerly.

“Now collecting all the people is the most critical matter. You guys put away all your extra thoughts, raise your mental strength to 120%. Tonight we can only succeed and are not allowed to fail!” That Daoist priest’s tone was strict as he lectured the two disciples.

The two apprentices immediately lowered their heads.

The Daoist priest seeing this continued to say. “Few days before, I had already prepared all the materials. Wu Xu, you go tell your First brother to lay out the materials properly. A while later when we go we can directly start! Taking advantage of today being a night with the full moon, if today is no good, then we can only drag it until tomorrow!” This Daoist priest coldly humphed in his heart. Reckon this Liu Ying planned to first enjoy that child tonight, then hand him over to him tomorrow. Fortunately he snatched a replacement, otherwise it would have wasted such a great opportunity as today. The Yin aura on the 15th is heavier than on the 16th of the month. The odds of success would be much higher!

That apprentice who was called Wu Xu immediately accepted the order and preceded the others to leave.

Chu Qing-Yan followed them all the way and finally understood what she heard. These people was planning to use 49 children to refine some ghostly secret formula. Just like before on TV when she saw virgin males and virgin females being exploited to refine some secret medicine.

Never imagined that the story plot on TV was being staged in front of her.

Taking human life as worthless grass was vicious and merciless with no consideration of them being human. No, if it weren’t for the fact that she ran into this by chance, maybe after the event of tonight those 49 vivid human lives would thus wither.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart had a nest of fire, this kind of people, she must let Big Block of Ice punish severely.

But at this critical time, because she couldn’t see a single Xiao Lie Cavalry member, even if she wanted to notify them she couldn’t!

Chu Qing-Yan wholeheartedly followed those people, and didn’t realize the more she followed, the more remote it was. This region could be considered the most hidden area in Liu Manor. And it was also because of this that Liu Ying would use this area as the base of operations for these Daoist priests to refine immortally pills and medicines.

So even if the Xiao Lie Cavalry were in Liu Manor, it would be very hard for them to find such a hidden place in a short time.

The more she walked, the deeper she went and the darker it became. Chu Qing-Yan also sensed it, she wanted to turn back and find some soldiers to help. But she was afraid that if she went out, she would delay the time to save people. She considered the pros and cons and still decided to follow them.

After walking for quarter of an hour, Chu Qing-Yan saw the group of people stop by the side of the back mountain covered with vines. She suspiciously observed for a quarter of an hour, there was no courtyard here. Also there weren’t any places for people to live in here, what are they planning to do running here?

Just when Chu Qing-Yan was full of puzzlement, she saw the other apprentice’s hand reach out to brush away the vine. The moonlight was bright, under those vines seemed to be something that gave off a faint reflected light. When she could see clearly, she discovered it was an iron door.

She was slightly surprised.

And as early as an hour ago, Earth Spirit brought people and found the Plum blossom garden.

“Master, our people have split into three groups and moved according to your instructions.” Fire Spirit stood in front of his master, reporting all the details of the progress at present.

Xiao Xu’s body turned around, and said to Earth Spirit. “Did you find Qing-Yan?”

“Earth Spirit had already brought people to search for the little consort in the inner courtyard. I suppose they have already found her!” Fire Spirit calculated the time and said his prediction.

“En.” Xiao Xu’s heart had a slight feeling of unease, but very quickly that unease disappeared.

And just at this time, a small squad from the three groups that went different paths returned. One person among them offered up with both hands the materials they found in the study. “Master, this subordinate found these secret letters of his dealings with other officials in a secret drawer in Liu Ying’s study. On it are letters on using money to purchase and sell official positions, using money to bribe, misappropriation of public funds and other evidence. There is also evidence of his collusion with Ping Yang City’s merchants. Among them is an account book, it contains a record of the transactions he had with those merchants.”

Xiao Xu in passing picked up a letter to look over, and his expression became somewhat ugly. Originally he thought Liu Ying was merely using his position for personal gain and nothing more, but he never expected that his pair of hands had reached so far. It could simply be said that his hand covered the sky!

He slowly closed the paper in his hand. “Good, Governor Liu’s birthday feast, since this king is passing by, how can I be absent?”

“Naturally. Such bustling excitement, how could it not have us?” Fire Spirit immediately showed a smile full of interest.

Xiao Xu had his hands behind him as he welcomed the moonlight. The color of his eyes were indistinct, like the darkness of the night.

In the front courtyard, the host and guests were living it up. There were cheers, laughters and joyful conversations because Liu Ying invited several theatrical troupes. Now they were singing loudly and staging the play of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea.

Suddenly from every direction, black clothed bodyguards rushed out. In the blink of an eye, they had surrounded everyone in the center.

Everyone still hadn’t returned to their senese from being immersed in the celebrations with songs and dances. Those silvery blades that suddenly lit up immediately scared away their souls.

Liu Ying who saw this scene, was already somewhat drunk from drinking too much. Seeing there were actually people who dared to cause a disturbance at his own feast, he immediately used his official tone to yell: “Who are you guys? Daring to trespass in this offical’s manor appointed by the imperial court, why haven’t you guys quickly withdrawn!”

Just as his words landed, before the stage appeared a tall and cold as frost figure.

Liu Ying’s pair of eyes narrowed, now his head couldn’t think, his tongue couldn’t be straightened. “Beauty, beautiful person, why are you here? Wasn’t it said you were drugged? Quick, quickly come over and let this official have a look. When you are awake, it makes this official’s heart itch even more than when you were sleeping!”

When Fire Spirit and the other members of the Xiao Lie Cavalry heard Liu Ying’s words, they all wanted to vent their rage. The weapons in their hand were gripped tightly, does this person need a good spanking?

Hearing this, all the people present looked at each other in dismay. They heard that Liu Ying liked men, but he had always been secretive. To be so publicly frank about it, this was the first time, no one knew how to react.

Moreover, they all had a feeling from the man in front that came stepping on a cool breeze under the cold moon, looking noble from head to toe with manners that didn’t allow people to trespass. Apparently, he wasn’t a simply character ah.

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