Adorable Consort – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 – This kind of separating was called painful

She wanted to walk forward but he held on to her tightly.

The wind on a winter’s day was very cold. As long as you revealed a bit of skin to the outside, it would all be maltreated by the wind as if the veins underneath the skin would split open.

But right now Chu Qing-Yan could only feel those fingers that gripped her wrist, closely stuck to her sleeves. That person’s temperature seemed to go through her thick clothing and stuck to her skin. One hand was ice-cold, one hand was boiling hot. Now she knew what was called fire and ice these two heavenly elements’ tastes.

Just like at this moment.

“Qing-Yan, this king has let Fire Spirit arrange manpower to let you go to Fu Li mountain range first, we’ll arrive soon after you.”

The cold as ice tone that Chu Qing-Yan heard was even colder than the wind in deep winter that thoroughly cut to the bone.

She dared not release the hand covering her ears. She was like an ostrich hiding in her own world.

Xiao Xu looked at that delicate figure with her back to him, even though his heart was very unwilling to part with her, he could not be soft hearted at this moment.

“Qing-Yan, I know you are listening.” That clear and cold voice sounded along with the cold wind. “I also know you are a smart child. The assassination attempt just now wasn’t the first time, and also won’t be the last time. Maybe you feel that with Xiao Lie Cavalry present, those enemies won’t be a problem. But if we are to continue walking on this road, we will encounter more and more opponents. They will be more and more difficult to deal with. So I must let you reach the safe place first.”

Chu Qing-Yan knew she couldn’t continue to cover it up. She suddenly turned and embraced the person behind her. The rims of her eyes were red like the sunset in the horizon. “But I don’t want to leave you. We said before that we would taste the sweet together, and shoulder the suffering together. How could you let me walk away from it? I have said before that I won’t abandon you by yourself. You can’t go back on your promise, moreover I’m not a coward, I’m not afraid!”

Suddenly being hugged, the hard to predict dependence was just like a stone that abruptly tossed into his soul, firmly landing in the lake that was his heart. It sent flying water droplets that drenched his entire body, making him lose his ability to speak for an instant. However, when all the shock faded, what remained in his heart was a firm decision.

“I know you are not a coward, and I didn’t say I’m going to abandon you. I merely want you to arrive at Fu Li mountain range first and wait for us. Now the enemies are hidden in the dark while I’m out in the open. With females present, when the opponents attack, in order to protect you guys, we will be distracted by our focus on you guys. You ought to understand that once we go on the battlefield, our hearts must have no other distractions. Even a bit of worry and distraction would be a fatal weak point.”

Chu Qing-Yan tightly gripped the clothes in her hand, the soft clothing was like a thorn sticking deep into her fingertips. The pain from the ten fingers linked to the heart, she felt her heart was like a densely packed pincushion, giving off intense pain.

The person in her arms remained standing there silently. He know this was her silent resistance.

“If you guys leave, we can focus our mind entirely to respond to the unfavorable situation following this. As long as we dispose of these people, I promise you, we will join up with you as quickly as possible.” Xiao Xu lowered his brows as a difficult to read expression floated from the depth of his eyes. Only that Chu Qing-Yan was buried in his chest at this moment and didn’t discover that slight anguish in his expression.


She was not a person that could only throw small temper tantrums. Now that the situation was unclear and they were very passive, she was aware of this, moreover, she remembered Dongting Wang-Yu had said before that Big Block of Ice had provoked a lot of hatred from those officials along the way. If all of these people were to make a move, then it would be greatly unfavorable to Big Block of Ice.

No matter how brave and good at fighting the Xiao Lie Cavalry were, they were also unable to endure so many assassination attempts.

If in addition they had to protect her, then they would have less time to spare to protect themselves.

Therefore she didn’t want to affect Big Block of Ice’s plans because of herself again. After all with her group there, their movements would be greatly restricted.

“Really.” Xiao Xu extended his hand to caress her long hair. The soft black hair slid through his hand, like the past he couldn’t grab onto again as well as the future.

“Okay, then I promise you.” Chu Qing-Yan closed her eyes and said this softly.

Two lines of clear tears flowed from the corner of her eyes. It flowed down and hid in his thick clothing, no one was aware of it.

And everyone on the side silently watching this scene, one after another shifted their gazes away. They couldn’t bear to continue watching, feeling how could this year’s winter be so cold.

“Big Block of Ice, I already had people check the rations I prepared once again, there is enough food for three days.”

After tidying things up, Chu Qing-Yan walked to stand in front of him, as much as possible she changed her tone to be a bit more cheerful.

Xiao Xu nodded. “Fire Spirit will escort you till you arrive at the destination. On the way if you have any needs, just order him to go and do it.”

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at Fire Spirit standing up ahead leading a horse, then turned to look at him. Her brows wrinkled slightly. “Big Block of Ice, Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit are your left and right arm. My heart would be more at ease if they were to be by your side, so you should let Fire Spirit stay with you. Moreover, I think he also wants to stay by your side.”

Xiao Xu did not waver from his own decision. “No need, before, I already sent out an order to the high ranking military official defending around here, calculating the time, I estimate they ought to arrive soon. Therefore you don’t need to worry that there is a problem with the number of people at my side. Moreover if Fire Spirit is by your side, I would also feel more at ease.”

Chu Qing-Yan thought a bit, like this is also good.

The carriages, the people were all prepared.

Chu Qing-Yan walked two steps, her heart suddenly felt astringent and she couldn’t take another step. Soon after, she turned and ran back to Xiao Xu.

“Do you have any other matters?” Xiao Xu saw her hurriedly run back and thought she might have forgotten something.

“Big Block of Ice, I have several sentences I need to say to you.” She lifted her head, behind her was the desolate woods, dried up branches and rotten leaves flew in the air. Only her pair of eyes were shiny, as if lighting up this moment of lifeless darkness.

“Okay.” He agreed.

“The first sentence is, you must take good care of yourself. You are not allowed to not rest or eat on time.”

She was afraid that when she is not around, there won’t be anyone that could supervise him and there weren’t people that would disobey him. If he didn’t put his own body to heart, then no one would have a way to deal with him.

“The second sentence is, you are not allowed to be injured. I demand that you appear in front of me in perfect condition.”

She could imagine how difficult the road they had to walk after this would be. There were so many tigers, wolfs, jackals and leopards glaring at them like predators. The swords are heartless, she was afraid he would get injured and bleed. Clearly he still hadn’t completely recovered from his internal injuries.

“The third sentence is, you are not allowed to break your promise. After you have handled all the matters, you must join me at Fu Li mountain range.”

What she was most afraid of was that even if she stayed on that ice-cold mountain waiting, she won’t see him arrive.

Xiao Xu’s pair of eyes moved, the pair of hands hanging by his side slowly lifted up. He pressed this little fellow in front of him with a pair of red eyes into his chest.

There was never a time when he departed that he couldn’t bear to let go like this.

“I also have several sentences I need to make clear to you.”


“No matter what happens, you must not turn back.”

“In the days when I’m not there, protect yourself well.”

“Obediently stay in Fu Li mountain range and wait for us to return.”

A clear and cold voice sounded by her ear.

Chu Qing-Yan bit her lips and nodded lightly in his embrace.

In a row, she agreed with three okays.

And at this moment, the entire world seemed to be quiet.

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