Adorable Consort – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – Son-in-law, somebody’s digging at the corner of the wall (1)

That’s right. That tray of mangoes was carried away by Daddy Chu!

At this time, he was in a rage. Both of his eyes glared until they were round and his whole body gave off anger as he advanced towards the study.

He had visited this study many times before, basically to look for inserted-in-backwards scallion to play with. Although basically, inverted-in-backwards scallion always let him play by himself on the sides.

The person guarding the study, unfortunately happened to be Earth Spirit.

Earth Spirit had left the prince’s manor for the past several days and had just come back today. Originally, he had wanted to rest properly for a period but was swindled by Fire Spirit to help him work a shift, saying his body felt unwell today, and Earth Spirit skeptically agreed.

Because he hadn’t been in the manor for these past several days, he wasn’t really well informed of the matters in the manor. To the extent that when Daddy Chu dashed over with the wind at the soles of his feet, he immediately berated him coldly. “Who are you and what are you doing?”

Daddy Chu saw the person guarding wasn’t Fire Spirit that brat, but rather a stranger. Although he didn’t recognize this person, he still knew that it was his own son-in-law’s people, so he familiarly said. “I have come here to look for my son-in-law, black ghost, quickly open the door!”

Because he just came back from the outside today and hadn’t had time to change his black clothes, Earth Spirit lowered his head to look at his own clothes and the corner of his eye twitched. “Impudent!”

“Impudent? I don’t want to release four (2) nor do I ever bother with five, you quickly let me in, I still have urgent matters to discuss with my son-in-law!” Daddy Chu said, while waving his hands at him.

Seeing this person seemed to have something wrong in the head, Earth Spirit suddenly had an impression of this person. Wasn’t this Chu Qing-Yan’s father that he and the Highness saw the night they scouted out Chu Family? Rumors say he was foolish like an infant, seeing it now, it seemed to be true. Originally he was not fond of Chu Qing-Yan, so this made Earth Spirit become even colder as he said.

“The study is an important place, how could a leisurely person like you step in? Quickly retire or else don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Daddy Chu felt that this person was really stubborn for no reason, but he was guarding the study door, and looking at his posture, it seemed his martial arts was not weak. Therefore, he somewhat unhappily said. “Black ghost, I already told you, I want to see my son-in-law. Why are you still blocking me? It’s not like I want to see you, is it because you don’t know my identity?”

“What kind of identity could you possible have!” Earth Spirit answered back sarcastically.

Daddy Chu seemed to not have heard the ridicule in his tone as he arrogantly laughed. “If I say it out loud, it’ll scare you. But I will tell you, I’m your family Highness’s father-in-law, you can go and secretly ask white ghost!”

What the heck was a white ghost?

Earth Spirit thought of Fire Spirit who liked to copy Air Spirit to dress in white, immediately his eyes twitched, no wonder Fire Spirit swindled him into coming here to be on duty. It definitely was because he knew that he was going to encounter this hard to deal with Daddy Chu!

“If you still won’t go, then——”

Before Earth Spirit could say more, he heard the cold and cheerless voice coming from inside the study. “What matter is causing that clamor outside?”

Earth Spirit heard this, paused and Daddy Chu took advantage of this opportunity to push him aside. He burst into the study, shouting in a loud voice. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, daddy has a piece of good news and a piece of bad news to tell you!”

The person inside the study held a writing brush between his two fingers and was about to toss it towards the person who burst into the room. But hearing the familiar voice that caused him headaches, he immediately stopped the movement of his hands and looked at the person coming in with an indifferent face.

“What’s the matter?” When Xiao Xu said these words, he was actually looking at Earth Spirit.

Earth Spirit was somewhat annoyed, he actually couldn’t stop this Daddy Chu who didn’t have the strength to truss a chicken. He cupped his hands to say. “Replying to master, this person didn’t explain anything and just broke into the study, saying he came to discuss some matters with you. This servant wouldn’t let him in, but he was impossible to shake off!”

“Inserted-in-backwards scallion, I wasn’t being impossible to shake off from him, it’s he who won’t let me in!” Daddy Chu’s face was full of grievances.

Xiao Xu knew Daddy Chu’s character, he didn’t look into it further and just said to Daddy Chu. “What good news, what bad news?”

He also knew that if he didn’t cut straight to the topic with Daddy Chu, he would idly gossip for a long time here.

Daddy Chu was astonished. “Son-in-law, how do you know what Daddy was about to tell you? You’re so smart! Just like the roundworms in Daddy’s belly oh!”

Earth Spirit face turned dark, just who was shouting so noisily earlier?

Xiao Xu stayed silent for a moment before saying. “Speak then!”

Daddy Chu didn’t have time to care about the rest, he giggled mischievously and was about to speak when he saw Earth Spirit standing at the side. His gaze immediately turned into a glare. “These two matters, Daddy can only tell you. Leisurely people shouldn’t come near!”

Earth Spirit immediately got angry, this person was clearly returning the words he just said to him! But he wasn’t the least bit worried, his master won’t let him leave just because of an idiot.


“Earth Spirit, you go out.”


Earth Spirit’s expressions immediately became stiff.

“This subordinate does as you bid.” He woodenly replied, completely unable to accept that this was real. Earth Spirit walked out with a blank expression on his face.

“Don’t forget to close the door oh!” Daddy Chud smilingly called out to Earth Spirit.

After the person left, Daddy Chu turned around and saw his son-in-law looking coldly at him. He couldn’t help but cower, however, very quickly he puffed up his chest. Son-in-law is just an ice cube, but his heart was warm, no problem, he didn’t believe he couldn’t melt him.

“Say it then!” Xiao Xu fiddled with the writing brush in his hand and casually leaned against the back of the chair. He closed his eyes slightly, not looking at the person below him.

Daddy Chu laughed mischievously. “Do you want to hear the good news first, or the bad news?”

“Whatever you want.” Xiao Xu indifferently said.

“Then I’ll talk about the good news first.” Daddy Chu said happily. “The stripped cat in the manor gave birth to a litter of kittens, there are seven kittens! So happy, so happy!”

Xiao Xu had already known that his good news wasn’t going to amount to much and without thinking said. “Congratulations.”

He didn’t mind whether son-in-law was listening or not. However, after Daddy Chu celebrated for a bit, he suddenly became deadly earnest.

“Son-in-law, I still have a piece of bad news.”

“What?” Xiao Xu remained as idly as before to say.

“Someone is thinking about the corner of your wall, it’s about to be dug away by someone!” Daddy Chu said seriously.

Xiao Xu’s leisurely mood was slightly stirred by his stern face. “Corner?” The wall corners in Prince’s manor?

“It’s precisely that fourth younger brother of yours, that really rich one. He always runs over to the manor to look for Cai Cai and even sends her stuff to court her favor! You look here, this is what he sent over!” Afraid that son-in-law wasn’t going to believe him, Daddy Chu brought out the tray he had carried on his back. Astonishingly, it was the tray of mangoes that had disappeared from Chu Qing-Yan’s room. However, along the way, Daddy Chu ate almost everything up, right now there were only several bits and pieces lying all alone on the dish.

It was hard for Xiao Xu to connect the word ‘rich’ from his description with his elegant fourth brother. But for some reason, he listened to the words he said.

Seeing that his son-in-law cared somewhat about it, Daddy Chu immediately patted his own chest and said loudly, “But don’t you worry, your corner is very firm, Daddy may be old but still vigorous. I’ll grab a hoe and help you defend it, once a person comes to pry open the corners, Daddy Chu will grab his hoe and hit him until he cries!”

Xiao Xu suddenly smiled faintly, the chilliness in his eyes dissipating by a lot.

Daddy Chu saw his line of sight falling on him and thought he was interested in the plate of mango in his hand. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed. “Son-in-law, originally Daddy was planning to reward these fruits to you for working so hard to support the family, but Daddy accidentally spilled it. Moreover your mom hasn’t eaten it too——”

Xiao Xu was misunderstood by him and his face immediately stiffened. Then he saw those bits of yellow fruit at the corner of his mouth, and the corner of his eyes twitched slightly.

In the end, Daddy Chu happily clasped the plate and returned. In passing, he brought along the writing brush his son-in-law was fiddling with.


1) Digging at the corner of the wall – stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend away

2) Impudent? I don’t want to release four: So the Chinese for impudent is 放肆 the 肆 sounds like the Chinese number 4. And 放 in English means release. Thus you get Daddy Chu’s play on words.

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