Adorable Consort – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 – Run, little fat pig

“Young master, this subordinate found out that the Miss comes from Prince Ying’s manor but her exact identity couldn’t be found.” Subordinate Xuanxi Zi-Mo lowered his head to reply.

“Couldn’t be found?” Dongting Wang-Yu raised a brow.

“That’s right. It’s as if there was a mysterious force blocking this subordinate’s investigation so I was unable to complete my mission. This subordinate feels very ashamed.” No matter how it was said, the intelligence of Moon Palace was considered number one or two under the heavens, how could they fail? But the reality was indeed like this.

Dongting Wang-Yu casually picked a leaf from the window ledge, the depth of his eyes had an indescribably charming, amorous expression. “In Xiao Xu’s hand is a group of mysterious military forces called the Xiao Lie Cavalry, normally, aside from the several heads of the cavalry that would appear by his side, the rest are hidden in the dark. These people each have their own specialty so you guys shouldn’t take to heart this failure. Don’t let your recent whereabouts be traced by them as that’ll implicate the Moon Palace. Also, you don’t need to investigate that little girl’s identity anymore, I’m afraid I already know it.”

Xuanxi Zi-Mo was somewhat surprised, but he still obeyed and withdrew.

Although that night was very dark and he didn’t really care who he seized, he had a very strong sense of familiarity.

A few nights ago when their search of Prince Ying’s manor had failed, he didn’t take further action. Now seeing that the little girl had delivered herself to his door, then he couldn’t miss this opportunity.

And at this time, Chu Qing-Yan who was spotted and being tailed by a certain someone, leaped to the neighboring private room’s roof. She was followed closely by Fire Spirit who crouched down beside her.

“Never expected that after learning airy martial arts, the first time using it would be to act like a gentleman on the roof beam(1)” Chu Qing-Yan lamented.

The corner of Fire Spirit’s lips twitched. Little Consort, this is deliberately committing a crime alright? Also, gentleman on the roof beam? Don’t you know how to use idioms? At least use an idiom that better suits his identity okay?

Chu Qing-Yan did not detect Fire Spirit’s unspoken criticism, her gaze was immediately captured by the burlap sack on the bed. She asked in a low voice. “You still haven’t told me, who is the person on the bed?”

She was so focused on coming to watch a good show that she had forgotten to ask.

Fire Spirit glanced at that burlap sack and with an unknown undertone said. “The top martial arts scorer from the imperial exams of this year’s class, Hua Mo.”

New class? Top martial arts scorer? Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but shed some sympathetic tears for Fu An-Lai, but she still happily gloated over his misfortune.

“Shh——” Fire Spirit suddenly had his hand pressed over his lips, hinting for her to not make any noise.

While Chu Qing-Yan was puzzled, footsteps sounded from outside the door, it was heavy and somewhat urgent. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but cast Fire Spirit an admiring glance, just by relying on his hearing he was able to distinguish the sounds. It was simply too amazing.

Fire Spirit received his family little consort’s gaze. Although on the surface he pretended he didn’t care, however in his heart, he had already stuck up his tail.

The private room’s door was pushed open by a person from the outside. Before the person could be seen, an ingratiating tone could be heard. “Young master, the person has already been brought over. Please don’t worry and enjoy her!”

“You guys have done well, here, take this silver pieces and have some young ladies to wait upon you properly!” Fu An said with satisfaction.

“Then thanks to Young Master!” The servant took the money, brought his people and left.

Fu An-Lai stepped into the room and immediately shut the door, his face full of impatience like a monkey.

He rubbed his hands and licked his lips, saying. “Little wife, where are you? Have you become impatient from waiting?”

He walked to the front of the bed and saw a big bulging burlap sack. At first, he looked quite amazed, it looked bigger by a circle. Was it possible that during such short several days he hasn’t seen her, Wu family’s little wife had gotten fatter?

But Fu An-Lai didn’t think too much of it and efficiently stripped the clothes of his body clean, leaving only his obscene underwear on.

Seeing this, Fire Spirit immediately had the notion of jumping down and violently beating him down. No no, before this, he should give himself a good beating first. He should not have agreed a thousand, no ten thousand times to Little Consort’s request and let her see such a disgusting scene ah! Oh my god, would master find out about this matter ah! But just as he turned his head around, he saw Little Consort assessing and criticizing Fu An-Lai’s physique with utter disgust.

“A belly full of evil tricks, whole body full of fat like a swimming ring that could squeeze several houseflies to death. A face full of oil, fat head and large ears debauched to the extreme. Looks like he had already stepped in the courting death stage!”

“I suddenly thought of a sentence that specially suits him!”

“What sentence?” He was curious.

“Zhu Ba-Jie(2) looks in a mirror, he isn’t a human from inside to outside!”

Fire Spirit turned his gaze to the person below, expressing deep approval and deep sympathy at the same time!

His family’s Little Consort had already started using her poisonous tongue!

“Growing up to look like this and even dares to come out to scare people. Can’t help but say he deserves praise for his courage!” She hated people who oppressed others the most. It must be said that this Fu An-Lai had already stepped her bottom line.

Fu An-Lai who deserved praise for his courage with a body full of pig fat was exposed just like this out in the open. He had never even felt ashamed of his body, in fact, he had often boasted that his appearance was comparable to Kan Bi-Wei(3)’s, and often believed himself to be the capital’s number one beautiful man!

Fu An-Lai tossed the clothes in his hand to the side, afterwards, he impatiently climbed up the bed, drooling saliva. He imagined his little wife from the Wu family’s long and slender body, and his two eyes shone with desire.

“Little wife, I’m here!” Fu An started to untie the rope on the burlap sack.

At this time, Fire Spirit who was on the roof saw this scene, and a stone flicked out from his hand and shot towards that burlap sack. It hit the pressure points of the person inside and Fu An-Lai who was struggling with untying the rope simply did not notice. But Chu Qing-Yan and Fire Spirit had already felt the restlessness from the person inside the burlap sack. They both looked at each other, Hua Mo had woken up.

“Don’t be afraid, let this young master love you dearly!”

When the sound fell and the burlap sack opened, Fu An-Lai was about to move closer but was met with a very sturdy fist.

“Ouch——” Fu An let out a miserable shriek as he covered his eyes. Immediately after the burlap sack moved, his whole body was kicked off the bed by a tornado leg that swept across. This time, Fu An held his own butt, screaming repeatedly!

At this time, the head of a tall and sturdy handsome male drilled out of the burlap sack. His eyes were full of rage, he put his two hands on the side of the sack and with just a bit of power, it turned into debris. “Actually dared to plot this on my head, courting death!”

Fu An-Lai who still hadn’t recovered from the shock of this unforeseen event panickedly looked at the pampered little wife that had turned into a violent male, and immediately bellowed in rage from shame. “Who are you! Why did you run to my bed? Do you know who this young master is?”

“I don’t know who you are but my fist tells me it wants to beat you into a pulp!” Hua Mo stood up, he was a full three meters tall!

Fu An-Lai saw the situation was far from good, he immediately grabbed his clothes wanting to run out the door. However, Hua Mo’s speed was much faster than his, with just a kick of his foot, Fu An-Lai’s meaty body crashed through the door. Just like this, his naked and indecent appearance was revealed in front of everyone.

Hua Mo immediately followed up with more hits, Fu An-Lai didn’t have any more time to pay attention to if he had clothes on or not. He rolled and crawled down the stairs in a flurry, wanting to find a soldier to rescue him, along the way he caused countless number of people to scream!

Chu Qing-Yan held up a fist in celebration. ”Run oh, little fat pig!”

Fire Spirit saw an incomparably excited Little Consort and felt a little helpless as he said. “Little Consort, this servant will go down to have a look. Go back to the private room first and don’t go anywhere.”

Chu Qing-Yan waved her hands at him, then Fire Spirit left.

“Things like abusing a scum-like guy is really the best!” Chu Qing-Yan mumbled to herself as she prepared to go back to her private room. Suddenly, she felt the air around her was somewhat wrong, there was a bit of a familiar flowery scent.

Her neck stiffened as she turned her head and only saw an evildoer atop of the roof, he waved his claws at her. “What a coincidence!”


1) Gentlemen on the roof beam: A poetic way of saying thief

2) Zhu Ba-Jie – A character from the novel then TV series Journey to the West. He had pig-like characteristics and features. His weapon is a muckrake.

3) Kan Bi-Wei: a famous, handsome and elegant writer from the Western Jin Dynasty

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