Adorable Consort – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Irreconcilable differences, just wait and see

Chu Qing-Yan closed her eyes and waited for a long time but the slap never landed. Just when she was puzzled, she heard the sound of the court eunuch at her side sucking in a deep, painful breath.

“Royal Brother——” Xiao Ran involuntarily cried out in surprise.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately opened her eyes, and met that pair of obsidian-like, glossy eyes. She had never felt anything like at this moment, a burst of grief and sadness rushed up.

“Fourth Royal Brother (1), did you come to this prince’s manor just to hit my people?” Xiao Xu’s gaze indifferently swept over the two eunuchs who held Chu Qing-Yan down. Under his ice-cold gaze, those two people instinctively let go of Chu Qing-Yan from fear. The court eunuch whose wrist was captured by Fire Spirit covered his wrist with the other hand, immediately scurrying back behind Xiao Ran. Chu Qing-Yan felt that his action was certainly not light, or else that clean, white face wouldn’t have become even paler!

Chu Qing-Yan unconsciously walked to Xiao Xu’s side. Her head was lowered slightly, a pair of eyes filled with tears, looking like a little young bride that was abused, but she didn’t say a word.

These two people were brothers, so Xiao Xu stopping Xiao Ran from hitting her did not prove that he would help her vent her anger. Perhaps he did it to save his own face. If words were to spread out that his own fiancee was beaten, his face also wouldn’t look good. So, she stood at the side very discreetly. However, if she didn’t worry about all of these, she wouldn’t have eaten these pent-up unspoken grievances. But this person, in the end, was still a child, she was too embarrassed to bicker over such things with him!

However, Chu Qing-Yan subconsciously still wanted Xiao Xu to help her vent her anger, but when she became aware of this thought, she sighed slightly. On what basis would Xiao Xu censure his younger brother for her? She really overestimated herself.

“Royal Brother, you don’t know that this ignorant wicked commoner actually contradicted me just now. She simply didn’t put me in her eyes! I was trying to give her a little lesson just now!” When Xiao Ran saw his royal brother open his mouth, he immediately knew he was going to defend this foul girl. His heart couldn’t help but give birth to anger. This was the first time he heard his brother censure him for the sake of an outsider.

“Bickering with a girl, what’s there to brag about? Moreover, she only needs to put this king in her eyes.” Xiao Xu sat down on the chair, an indifferent expression in his eyes. However, it still made people unconsciously feel an intimidating pressure.

Xiao Ran, having heard this, felt his royal brother’s words were hard to refute, but his heart was still upset. Was it possible now that Royal Brother had this foul girl, he didn’t want him, this younger royal brother anymore?

“Royal Brother, what’s good about this girl? Even disregarding the fact that she looks ugly, her temper is also bad and she doesn’t know the rules. She isn’t worth you defending her like this!” Xiao Ran glared at the well-behaved Chu Qing-Yan.

Faced with Xiao Ran’s childish temperament, the two adults facing him were both unperturbed. Xiao Xu’s expression didn’t change while Chu Qing-Yan just rolled her eyes at him.

“Fourth Royal Brother (1), could it be that you have some objections to Father Emperor’s imperial decree?” Xiao Xu said indifferently.

Xiao Ran choked. If his words from earlier were to reach Mother Imperial Concubine’s ears, perhaps he would be criticized.

Fire Spirit, who stood at the side, saw this and butted in to say, “Your Highness the Fourth Prince, I heard that Concubine Yue was very approving of the marriage between Our Highness and Miss Chu. At that time, she even made a lot of effort at playing matchmaker!”

Smiling words and speech that carried ridicule. This made Xiao Ran’s face go pale. He recalled that day when the imperial edict for the marriage was bestowed, how Mother Imperial Concubine wasn’t able to conceal her smiling expression. He suddenly felt that he didn’t have the qualifications to stand here and debate this with his royal brother.

Xiao Xu glanced at Fire Spirit and Fire Spirit immediately shut his mouth and lowered his head.

“Just now, when this king was coming over, I saw the people your mother sent to find you. It’s getting late now, you should return to the palace.” Xiao Xu said lightly.

Once he heard that Mother Imperial Concubine had sent people to look for him, a burst of panic hit Xiao Ran. This time, he had secretly sneaked out and didn’t think he would be found out so quickly. However, having his beloved royal brother snatched away, Xiao Ran’s heart was still full of resentment.

He fiercely glared at Chu Qing-Yan, “If it’s not for Royal Brother absolving this for you, this prince(2) would definitely not let you go!”

Finished speaking, Xiao Ran brought his people and hurriedly left.

The study recovered its quiet once again.

Xiao Xu’s gaze fell on the well-behaved Chu Qing-Yan who had her head lowered. Although her petite body had been nourished until she was a little whiter and more plump, in his eyes, she was still thin like a bamboo pole. If Chu Qing-Yan were to know of his thoughts, she’d argue with him to no end. She had clearly become a lot more plump, the next time her parents saw her, they probably would not recognize her alright?

“Do you feel wronged?” His tone was even.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t think that he’d ask her, so she subconsciously raised her head and met his calm, unperturbed eyes. Her heart trembled slightly. That pair of eyes seemed to see right through her thoughts, so she couldn’t help but turn her eyes away, “I don’t dare.”

‘Not dare’ instead of ‘not having those thoughts’, it could be seen that her heart still felt the injustice. The corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth couldn’t help but lift up. His hand moved and gently lifted her up. In the blink of an eye, she had already fallen into his arms like a feather.

Chu Qing-Yan simply didn’t anticipate that Xiao Xu would suddenly act like this. She didn’t even have time to cry out before her entire body had already fallen into his hard yet warm hug. When she was surrounded by that smell of ink, her brain stopped working in a flash.

Feeling the stiffness of the person in his embrace, Xiao Xu mistakenly thought that she still cared about Xiao Ran’s words. Thinking for a bit, he used his hand to lightly pat her back and somewhat awkwardly comforted her, saying. “Fourth Royal Brother is still a child. He shoots off his mouth when speaking, so don’t take his words to heart.”

Xiao Xu had never comforted anybody before, he had only seen his military subordinates bring up children before and copied how they coaxed a child. A pity he only copied how it looked and didn’t learn the essence. Chu Qing-Yan was patted by such a huge force that her five viscera and six bowels almost shifted. If she didn’t hear Xiao Xu’s words, she would’ve definitely mistaken this as his unique way of venting his little brother’s anger for him.

Chu Qing-Yan hurriedly caught Xiao Xu’s hand, her eyes filled with tears as she pitifully looked at him, “Your Highness, I won’t take it to heart, at worst, in the future, when I see the fourth prince, just avoiding him would be good.”

Xiao Xu thought it was his comforting that had worked and retracted his hand, nodding in satisfaction, “His temper has always been like this, but his person isn’t bad. In the future, if he bullies you, then just bully him right back!”

“He is a noble prince, a blue-blooded noble, I’m just a little girl without authority nor power, how could I dare to make life difficult for him?” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but pout, her whole face looking depressed.

“Without authority nor power? Then what about this king?” Xiao Xu’s tone became slightly cold.

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and looked at him in astonishment. This tone of his, made it sound as if he wanted to be her backer?

Perhaps it was Chu Qing-Yan’s astonishment that revealed her feelings which made Xiao Xu’s complexion change. The hand wrapped around her waist suddenly tightened, an ice-cold atmosphere immediately filling the entire study.

Fire Spirit rubbed his arms, without anybody knowing, he stealthily took a few steps back. Master seemed to be angry. Just now, he shouldn’t have stayed behind to watch the good play. If he wanted to watch, he should’ve done it secretly. Miscalculation ah, miscalculation!

After interacting with him for this period of time, Chu Qing-Yan had more or less figured out his temper, seeing that something was amiss, she extended her hands immediately to wrap it around Xiao Xu’s neck with a face full of elation, “Your Highness is Qing-Yan’s huge backer, really great!”

The sudden intimacy that occurred provoked Xiao Xu’s conditional reflexes, as his hands made fists, wanting to attack Qing-Yan.


1) Fourth Royal Brother: Okay the literal translation is Fourth Younger Royal Brother, but being too lazy, I just shortened it. Another possible translation is Fourth Imperial Brother. I like Fourth Royal Brother better.

2) This Prince: Xiao Ran referred to himself as 本皇子 and 皇子 is translated as prince. While Xiao Xu always say 本王 and 王 is translated as king. So 王 is a general title given to male of royalty. For example Xiao Xu is Ying 王 and his uncle (if he had one) would be given another title with 王 in it.

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