Adorable Consort – Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – Lecturing and giving sugar at the same time

When she fell into his arms, that pale colorless face jabbed very fiercely at his heart. That feeling lasted until now, and only after seeing her face looking miserable, both eyes flashing with quick-witted craftiness did it slowly start to disappear.

Still, the full of life appearance was more suited to her.

“Okay, I have already ordered people to prepare it.” Xiao Xu said in a slightly spoiling tone.

And at this time, after being moved by the warm mood in front of her, Xi Ning finally realized she need to go bring master her food. She patted her head and immediately ran out.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the door, then sighed. “How could Xi Ning still be so scatterbrained?”

Xiao Xu took a glance at her. “This is called ‘what kind of master has what kind of servant.”

Okay, Big Block of Ice wins.

Seeing her glare at her hand fiercely, Xiao Xu was somewhat uncomfortable. His hands had never been injured so he wasn’t accustomed to wrapping up fingers. He also felt it was a bit ugly.

Just at this moment, the person on the bed suddenly used the tone of taking credit to say. “Big Block of Ice, this time am I awesome or what? I by myself dealt with several tens of people. From under their eyes I saved those children, and successfully delayed time to wait for rescue!”

Both of her eyes fluttered, waiting for his praise. A sweet smile hung at the corner of her mouth. Though he disapproved of her brazen ways, Xiao Xu had now been softened by her.

“En, very good. To win from a position of weakness, this battle was fought beautifully.”

Xiao Xu had never been good at praising subordinates. But when he saw her eyes full of anticipation, he blurted out these words. In fact even he was surprised by this, only in the end, it changed into that slight ripple at the corner of his mouth.

She wasn’t his subordinate, so there could be an exception.

“Of course! I’m quick witted in an emergency. You don’t know how urgently pressing the time was. Only one hour! If you were even a bit late, by the time you arrived, our souls would have already been taken to Hell. Fortunately, the things I had on me just so happened to come in handy.” Chu Qing-Yan stuck up her tail. After being reborn from this experience she was cheerful, but when she saw the mockery in Big Block of Ice’s eyes, she immediately put away her tail.

In fact, during the interrogation, he could already imagine just how dangerous it was at that time. And the little fellow using her own strength, saved herself and saved others. He had no choice but to say the little fellow had grown up, she now had the ability to protect herself.

But praise is just praise, he still needed her to learn a lesson from this.

“You shouldn’t take the risk by yourself, placing yourself in such dangerous situation. If this king was late by one step, your corpse would have already been buried in a sea of fire!” His tone was strict, like an elder lecturing the younger generation.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan’s head drooped down. “But at that time I couldn’t find you. That iron door was also closed, the situation didn’t let me think about so many other things! Moreover those Daoist priests were aggressive, I was afraid of any bit of error.”

“Afraid of any bit of error? Why weren’t you afraid that the fire would directly burn everyone to death?” Xiao Xu said in disapproval.

“The movement of an army would incur danger. Being reborn after running into a deadly situation, aren’t these all the strategies of war?” She retorted weakly. In fact when she recalled the matter, she had no choice but to admit that the her at that time really took too much risk.

“If you didn’t succeed with this one move and instead lost your own life?” Xiao Xu asked. Although this time she did very well, maybe none of his subordinate would have the ability to react as fast as she did, coming up with several plans in a row, but it was closely linked together with danger. If one loop had a slip-up, the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate. In order to put an end to her taking risks next time, he decided to strangle this kind of development in the bud.

“Isn’t it because there is still you ah? I knew you would definitely arrive!” She said as if it was a solemn vow.

The trust she had in him moved his heart. With no reservations, she entrusted her back to him, clung to the belief that he would find her in the end. Xiao Xu’s fingers curled up slightly. A trace of unknown expression flashed through his eyes.

“If this king thought you were captured and taken out of the manor and didn’t search the back mountain, then what would have happened to you?” This wasn’t to scare her, rather it was to let her know that all things were possible.

But she firmly shook her head. “Unlikely, when the feast started, our people had already surrounded Liu Manor. Not even a fly could fly out, let alone a person!”

All of a sudden Xiao Xu shook his head. “You had already grasped everything very accurately.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard that his tone was somewhat angry, and she knew he was worried about her. He didn’t want to see her being forced into desperate straits. After all, if one walked frequently along the shore, how could the shoes not get wet!

In the end she extended her hand to hold his arm, acting like a spoiled child admitting her mistake. “I know I was wrong. Next time I won’t dare do it. You don’t need to continue preaching to me. Now I’m starving so much that my eyes and head are dizzy. How could I even listen to this?”

When that soft body got near and stuck to his tightly, with that soft sticky rice like tone, half of the anger in his heart disappeared. “Okay.”

Fortunately at this time, Xi Ning had carried back the steaming hot food. His Highness had already made it clear to place the food in the steamer basket to maintain its temperature, guaranteeing that anytime master wakes up she could eat it. She had no choice but to say His Highness was becoming more and more meticulous in taking care of master.

When the little table was placed on the bed, she saw that the food arranged were all the ones she liked. She completely forgot the fact that she was injured, lifted her hand and was about to grab the chopstick. A pity that it was wrapped up like a plump cocoon, not to mention chopsticks, even holding a bowl was a problem.

She was so hungry as to be agitated, yet she was unable to eat the food she liked. Chu Qing-Yan was immediately frustrated. She accepted Big Block of Ice’s kind heartedness in wrapping up her hand, but she still felt she needed to find some time and get Air Spirit to wrap her hand for her again. Otherwise having two cocoons, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Xiao Xu saw her glare at that table of food like an infuriated, larged eyed, striped cat. As a result, he unhurriedly picked up her bowl, used a spoon to scoop up some food and extended it to the side of her lips. “Eat.”

Chu Qing-Yan wanted to cry but lacked the tears as she opened her mouth. Clearly she could use her hand to eat, why in the end did she become a handicapped person? Moreover, wasn’t Big Block of Ice suppose to be very busy? How come he would have the free time to chat and eat food with her, this handicapped person? This painting was obviously incorrect!

“Oh, oh, I still want that bamboo shoot.”

“Tofu, tofu….”

“Pork chop, pork chop…”

Xiao Xu wrinkled his brows, but he let her order him about and didn’t say a word of complaint.

Xi Ning who standing at the side was already used to the two people’s way of interacting. At that time when master was injured, it was His Highness who personally took care of her. So she was already used to seeing this strange scene.

However when Earth Spirit knocked on the door, entered and saw this scene, he couldn’t help but want to turn and walk away abruptly. This person that was the embodiment of consideration, that was calmly feeding the little consort, wasn’t his master! Not his master, not his master! The most doubtful matters must be said three times in his heart!

“Earth Spirit you came.” Chu Qing-Yan waved her cocoon hand to greet him. She still didn’t forget to order the person in front of her. “I still want the ground meat.”

Xiao Xu glanced at the food that she spurted out onto his sleeves, and didn’t say anything. He scooped up a spoonful of ground meat for her before looking toward Earth Spirit. “What matters?”

Earth Spirit could be described as having been struck by lightning.

“One youth that the little consort saved now wants to see the little consort.”

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