Adorable Consort – Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – When it rains it pours, everything changed at once

“What did you say?” Fire Spirit’s explosive temper immediately jumped to the forefront, he had the posture of being about to seize Dongting Wang-Yu by the collar.

A figure landed between the two of them, revealing his long sword. “You are not allowed to be rude to my family’s master.”

Dongting Wang-Yu tossed a praising glance toward Xuanxi Zi-Mo, he didn’t lose his face.

Dongting Wang-Yu who inexplicably appeared here caused everyone to be on alert. Fire Spirit’s group one after another revealed their weapons and protected Chu Qing-Yan inside their circle. FIre Spirit held his sword and asked with a cold expression. “Who are you? Why babble nonsense to disturb our fighting hearts!”

Dongting Wang-Yu leaned lazily against the carriage wall, as if he didn’t take Fire Spirit’s group as worthy threats. Rather, his gaze looked toward Chu Qing-Yan. “You guys ask her.”

The Chu Qing-Yan right now was still absorbed in what Dongting Wang-Yu just said so her attention still hadn’t returned to the present. Now seeing everyone’s gaze all at once turn towards her, she finally retrieved her train of thought. “He is called Dongting Wang-Yu, a friend of mine that I know from the capital.”

After she finished explaining, Chu Qing-Yan impatiently asked. “Dongting, just now you said something was too late? What do you mean by that?”

Dongting Wang-Yu swept a glance at Fire Spirit’s group whose enmity toward him lessened a bit after Chu Qing-Yan’s explanation, before unhurriedly saying. “Just now, on the road this young master came from, I already saw three groups of assassins coming from different directions, going toward the place where Prince Ying is.”

When his words landed, everyone’s expressions changed at the same time.

“Dongting, this kind of thing is not something you should joke about.” Chu Qing-Yan looked at him in disbelief.

Dongting Wang-Yu shrugged his shoulders. “Although this young master normally likes to joke around, this doesn’t mean I don’t understand whether matters are important or not.”

“Little Consort——” Fire Spirit gripped the weapon in his hand tightly, his face was full of panic, even Wood Spirit’s complexion changed slightly.

“What are you waiting for? Quickly get on the horse!” Chu Qing-Yan was so anxious that she seemed to be on fire, she immediately turned and used all her limbs to climb up on the carriage.

However when she climbed up the carriage, she saw that everyone was still staring blankly in place, anxious but not moving.

“I know His Highness gave you guys a mission. Then isn’t that to say from that moment on, you guys must obey my orders?”

Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit lifted their heads to look towards her.

“Then this princess consort orders you guys, immediately set off to reinforce His Highness. Now, immediately, at once!”

Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit exchanged a glance and immediately nodded. “As you bid!”

They had never disobeyed master’s command, but this time they had reasonable justification.

Everyone’s bodies flipped onto the horse, the other females stayed behind, the rest of the people all returned with them.

And at this time, Dongting Wang-Yu also barged into the Little Consort’s carriage. Although Fire Spirit’s group had objections, but now was a critical time, they were unable to bother about it.

“Why did you follow along?” Chu Qing-Yan turned around and saw him, and she had a flabbergasted expression.

“What? Want to destroy the bridge after crossing the river? Besides this kind of liveliness, how could it be missing this young master?” Dongting Wang-Yu idly reclined inside the carriage. In passing, he grabbed an embroidered purse to play with.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have time to manage him, in any case having an extra person wasn’t too much, having one less person won’t make them too few. Right at this time, she heard many sounds of clothing breaking through the air, and she lifted the carriage curtain. When she clearly saw the scene outside, her entire person stood still as if all her pressure points had been pushed.

Around the carriage suddenly, there were a lot more black clothed people. She was familiar with these people, they were the secret guards under Earth Spirit. Because Xiao Lie Cavalry’s clothing was the most unique, even though it was black, it was still made from the finest silk. It looked very soft, but in fact it was solid and incomparably thick. Moreover, at the shoulder was embroidered a golden flame with a blue color in the heart of the fire. She could not mistake this symbol. At that time, Big Block of Ice had told her that Fire Spirit was in charge of the guards in the open, while Earth Spirit was in charge of the guards in the dark. Now Earth Spirit wasn’t here but the secret guards were following her, then what does this represent?

It represented that Big Block of Ice already had very few people left by his side!

Her pair of hands linked together into a ball, she really wanted to be like Fire Spirit, really wanted to smash something again and again to vent the anguish in her heart.

“Jin Xin, a bit faster!” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but urge.

Right now the carriage speed has already reached the fastest, Jin Xin bit his lips and waved the whip. “Go——”

Dongting Wang-Yu saw the little girls brows wrinkled like an adult, and couldn’t stand it. “You being worried is useless. It’s better to first calm down and loosen up, and lay down like this young master?”

Chu Qing-Yan ignored him and flipped through her trunk, looking for something.

Dongting Wang-Yu didn’t understand her actions but very soon he understood from watching.

The little girl stuck the dagger in her belt, from the trunk she found several things and hid them in her sleeves. She put all the things she could use on her body.

“What kind of things were those several packets?” Dongting Wang-Yu asked curiously.

“Inside it are medicinal powder, once you touch it you will faint immediately.” These were things she asked from Air Spirit for self-protection. She never expected that she would have uses for them so soon.

“I say, you really care about this Xiao Xu. Aren’t you afraid of dying? This time going, I’m afraid there isn’t a road that you can return alive. If you regret it now, there is still time to turn this carriage around.” Dongting Wang-Yu, seeing her being non-stop busy, he couldn’t help but say this.

“His Highness is the person I’m closest to in this world besides my parents. How could I watch as he sinks into such a predicament while remaining indifferent?” Chu Qing-Yan said without thinking while her hands continued to move busily.

Dongting Wang-Yu felt that the little girl cared so much about Xiao Xu, his heart was somewhat upset. He felt as if his own plaything had been snatched away by someone else. But very quickly he dispelled this thought, she was Xiao Xu’s little princess consort that hadn’t been married over yet.

He rubbed his nose and laid down once again. Any way, however she wanted to toss is her business, as long as he reached his goals at that time, it will be fine!

And just at this moment, a gale erupted. The originally pitch-black night sky became even gloomier. Gazing into the distance, you would think that the sky and earth were about to merge.

“Reckon that tonight, there will be heavy rain.” Dongting Wang-Yu irresponsibly guessed.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan stared distractly. An indescribably sorrow appeared in her heart. It really was one disaster on top of another.

But when it rains, it pours. Because there were too many loose stones in the road ahead, the rear wheel hit a protruding rock and the entire carriage lost its equilibrium and ruthlessly ran into the tree at the side.

Between the sparks given off by the lightning, Dongting Wang-Yu seized Chu Qing-Yan and flew out of the carriage. They had just landed when the carriage crashed into the large tree and in an instant broke into pieces.

Before the carriage hit, Jin Xin had already escaped. Fortunately, he was spared from disaster, once he got up, he immediately apologized to Chu Qing-Yan. “Master, it’s this subordinate that didn’t drive the carriage well, delaying your journey.”

Once Chu Qing-Yan landed on the the ground, she started to examine the terrain. She lifted a hand to let Jin Xin get up. “We are already not far from His Highness, let’s go!”

Finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan flew to lightly step on the tree branch and flew forward.

And Fire Spirit’s group, seeing this, all followed one after another.

Dongting Wang-Yu saw the person flying away without the slightest hesitation, and shook his head. “Looks like tonight my fate is doomed to be rushing about.”

Finished speaking, he also followed closely behind.

At this moment, the wind was getting more and more intense. The sky also flickered with bright light. Close behind, the sound of thunder resonated from the horizon, it was as if the entire world shook several times.

If there were people outside at this time, they would have seen a white demon like figure swiftly leaping forward and behind her, several dozens of black figures following closely behind.

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