Adorable Consort – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – How should I save you

Looking at the besides herself little consort, Fire Spirit and Xi Ning both looked at her with worry.

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly for a short while, then immediately forced herself to pull it together. She looked towards Fire Spirit with glistening teardrops flashing in her eyes. “Last night he kneeled for a night in the palace, this morning he was locked in prison. Don’t know if His Highness’s body can handle it. Can you guys think of ways to get information on His Highness?”

“Water Spirit is already thinking of ways to transmit information to master, little consort should be at ease.” Fire Spirit immediately replied.

In fact no one could feel at ease, everyone was clear in their heart, everything happened too suddenly and too critically.

“Then how is Fourth Prince’s injury?” Chu Qing-Yan remembered Xiao Ran and couldn’t help but ask.

“Fourth Prince was seriously injured, reportedly one sword strike stabbed his chest, but fortunately it avoided a vital point. Until early this morning was he finally out of danger. Only that he has remained unconscious until now.” Fire Spirit reported the latest news he received.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, it’s good that Xiao Ran that boy was out of danger, otherwise Big Block of Ice wouldn’t just be imprisoned so simply. From how much Dong Lin emperor (1) doted on Xiao Ran, Big Block of Ice’s life may even be in danger.

She felt slightly apologetic to Xiao Ran, he took her as a friend, but all of her heart was on Big Block of Ice’s safety. Forget it, wait until Big Block of Ice is safe, she would then properly make it up to Xiao Ran.

Now, the matter of vital importance was to rescue Big Block of Ice.

“Generally with this kind of cases, how is it handled?” Being directly locked in the imperial prison by the Emperor, she was afraid he would be judged guilty just like this. If it was like that, then there wasn’t any leeway to intercede.

“The Justice of Peace Official would investigate this case, then a date would be fixed to hear the case. People with master’s identity would have a joint hearing with the three branches of government. His Majesty may personally oversee the case.” Fire Spirit grabbed the handle of a chair with one hand, the rage in his heart was hard to dispel.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded. “That is to say there are still several days left to investigate this case?”

Fire Spirit smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Those Ministers would hide whenever a wind blows by, now His Majesty is greatly angered, clearly, his mind was already set that master is the mastermind behind the scenes. How could those ministers still waste their thoughts to investigate this?”

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly, ‘a complacent emperor is flattered by ten thousand people, the first to disappoint the emperor would be stepped on by ten thousand people’ must be talking about this!

“No, we can not sit around and wait for death. Earth Spirit, you gather the several leaders among you guys and see if there is anyway to rescue His Highness. Moreover, doesn’t His Highness still have some hanger-on noble families under him? You guys check to see if we can pool their wisdom to find mutual benefits.” Chu Qing-Yan’s tone was somewhat anxious.

Fire Spirit, having heard what was said, felt this was considered the most feasible method at this time. He agreed and turned around, and was just about to leave then once again stopped. He lifted his eyes to look at the little consort. “Earth Spirit is currently doing all he can to find the real culprit behind the scenes. And Water Spirit right now is already making inquiries to find news about master. So, ask you to feel assured by all means and take care of your own body.”

Chu Qing-Yan smiled at him, indicating that she knows.

But to be aware of it was one matter, to do it was another matter.

Xi Ning watched as master’s eyes once again returned to being spiritless, her heart was incomparably sympathetic.

Exiting the door, Fire Spirit encountered Earth and Air spirit.

“How’s the investigation into the culprit behind the scenes?” Fire Spirit immediately asked.

Earth Spirit shook his head. “This assassin is very crafty, after being discovered while assassinating the Fourth Prince, when being chased by Yu Lin guards, he entered and exited the palace as if it wasn’t being guarded, extremely familiar with the layout of the imperial palace. As a result, the Yu Lin guards lost him during the chase. Now, his whereabouts is unknown. But a point I’m certain of is that this person is still inside the capital.” After the incident occured, all four gates to the capital were closed. Entering or exiting must pass through rigorous interrogation. Therefore, that assassin must be hiding in some place in the capital.

And the silent Air Spirit on the side opened his mouth to say. “I privately asked several imperial physicians I’m friendly with. They said Fourth Prince’s wound was neat and orderly from one nimble sword strike. Clearly that assassin wasn’t a common killer, rather, he had gone through strict training. Maybe he was a secret guard.”

After Fire Spirit heard this, he used strength to hit the wall by his side, but he still couldn’t release the rage in his heart. “This really was a meticulously planned trap. Drawing Fourth Prince away using master’s name and at that time the master just so happened not to be there. Really makes it hard for hundreds of mouth to dispute this!”

Earth Spirit sneered and shook his head. “What you said is wrong, there is evidence that master wasn’t present at the scene. But His Majesty doesn’t believe it. Moreover, assassination, this kind of matter doesn’t require one to personally do it. Besides, now is the troubling time of settling the Crown Prince’s position. His Majesty in his heart firmly believes that master, in order to eliminate all rivals wasn’t willing to leave it to chance. So when the time comes, no matter how much evidence, His Majesty still won’t believe it.”

“But we still shouldn’t watch as master suffers grievances and not do anything!” Fire Spirit hated himself for being powerless.

Air Spirit had the same self blame expression on his face. “At that time when returning to the capital, we all thought we wouldn’t stay too long in the capital. So when His Highness didn’t deploy spies, I also didn’t remind him. Now it seems at that time I should have suggested master leave a way out for himself. So our people now would have infiltrated everywhere and we wouldn’t be as helpless as we are now in the face of crisis!”

Earth Spirit patted his shoulder. “Everything can’t be blamed on you. Who could have guessed that His Majesty would take back all the military power in master’s hand.” Saying up to here, Earth Spirit suddenly lifted up his head, meeting the gaze of the little consort standing in front of the window. Her eyes were deep but he couldn’t see a trace of light.

“Little consort, this is the current situation, if you are afraid, this subordinate can send you away.” Earth Spirit’s tone was even but somewhat cold.

“What do you mean by saying this?” When Earth Spirit and Air Spirit appeared below her windowsill, she could faintly sense the words they were saying was for her to hear.

“No meaning, only that master had once instructed that if some mishap was to happen to him and you want to go, us subordinate should protect your safety thoroughly until you have left.” Earth Spirit watched her as he stressed every word, as if wanting to make out something on her face.

“When did he say this?” Chu Qing-Yan with hands placed on the windowsill patiently suppressed her own mood.

“The time when little consort was poisoned.”

This time, if His Majesty insisted on believing that this was all master’s doing, then it would be hard for little consort to escape being implicated.

Everyone’s gaze landed on Chu Qing-Yan’s body, those eyelids that hung down trembled slightly, then all of a sudden became firm.

“Still haven’t reached the last second, why are you guys saying such demoralizing things?” She slowly lifted up her head. Both eyes were full of resolute light, making it hard for people to look directly at them.

“If His Highness knew you guys are in internal chaos and uncertain of what to do, when he comes out, he certainly won’t spare you guys. Raise up your spirits and go do your jobs right now!” Chu Qing-Yan said coldly. This was the first time she said such strict things to Earth Spirit and his peers.

It was as if she returned to her college era, the stage was still being built when suddenly rain started to pour down. Everyone told her to cancel the event but the invitation letters were all sent to every major university and college. The college dean was about to arrive in another hour. The heavy rain hazed over her eyes, but she stood on the stage and would not accept the loss, loudly saying to the people doing work below. “Still haven’t reached the last second, we must not give up. Set up the rain canopy, quickly properly put in the supporting poles, all of you go do this right now!”

She could not give up, this was a project everyone struggled with all their heart’s blood to put together.

Circumstances was as is, but she couldn’t give up. Because this wasn’t just a joint-performance. This was a real living person, a person that she likes.

Earth Spirit, Fire Spirit and Air Spirit, the three of them seeing the tightly closed window shutters, suddenly felt they didn’t recognize her. Self-confident, wise, farsighted and fearless female as if she had transformed overnight.

“Earth Spirit, I suddenly think maybe I know why she would get His Highness’s heart.” Air Spirit said this faintly.

“No, in fact none of us understood, and the first to understand was His Highness.” Earth Spirit patted the two people’s shoulder.

Afterwards, they left together.

What the little consort said was correct, they could not easily be despirited. Master is still waiting for them to rescue him.

Listening to the sound of their footsteps leaving, Chu Qing-Yan’s back leaned against the window sill and she slowly slid down. Finally, she sat on the ground with both hands holding her knees, feeling helpless and crying.

Big Block of Ice, you had already anticipated long ago that there would be this day right?

So you had prepared in advance an escape route for me right?

How could you let me feel so much heartache for you?

How should I go to save you?

Big Block of Ice….


1) Dong Lin Emperor: Most Chinese emperors are not called by their given name. When they become emperor, they choose an official name for everyone else in the world to know. Only people in the palace would know the emperor’s given name. Dong Lin Emperor is probably the title Xiao Xu’s father took when he became emperor. So Dong Lin Emperor refer to His Majesty Western Xuan’s emperor and Xiao Xu’s awful father.

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