Adorable Consort – Chapter 271

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Chapter 271 – Can’t give up on the only light

“So you think your master may have passed on this knowledge to your Junior Sister. Your Junior Sister may know how to solve three out of the ten most toxic poisons?” Chu Qing-Yan immediately continued what he wanted to say.

“Yes, although I don’t know which three poisons my master solved at that time, but this is also a hope ah!” Air Spirit said while nodding his head.

Everyone’s heart was overjoyed. “That’s right, maybe Snake Kiss is among the ones that were solved!”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go!” Chu Qing-Yan stood up and immediately gave the order.

Although it was only one out of three chances, it was better than waiting here resigning to one’s fate.

Chu Qing-Yan lowed her head to look at the person quietly lying on the ground, looking incomparably serene. He had been beaten and exhausted to such a state that he didn’t react at all to their huge activity from just now. So time was pressing, they didn’t have time to pay heed to how many enemies were at the bottom of the mountain. Because the situation wouldn’t allow them to drag it on.

As long as there was a trace of light, she definitely wouldn’t give up.

Everyone went into action, their footsteps were hurried, but it had more strength than before, naturally it was because of the newfound hope.

They firmly believed all along that master will be fine.

“I’ll bring people to open a path and you guys follow closely behind.” Earth Spirit briefed Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit.

“Rest assured, I will certainly protect master and the Little Consort well.” Fire Spirit patted his chest.

After they exchanged a glance, they immediately went their separate ways to take action.

After the new rain, the weather in the empty mountain was like the autumn that arrived late. The atmosphere in the mountain was good day and night, the birds flew back and forth.

After the rainstorm, the path between the mountains seemed to have been washed, so clean and bright.

The sun also jumped out from the horizon, only that now the time was deep winter, and on top of the fact the temperature on mountain tops were originally very low, once Chu Qing-Yan exited the cave, she shivered from being blown by the cold wind. Her heart became worried again and she simply wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the mountain top right now.

She with the help of everyone moved Xiao Xu into the horse carriage. Jin Xin drove the carriage, Fire Spirit brought people to protect it’s journey down. The group of people quickly headed down the mountain.

Along the way they suffered several attacks, but one after another they were all resolved by Fire Spirit’s group.

They held fast to the rule of not battling zealously to the end, once they broke out of an encirclement, they immediately left, not stopping at all, because a day had already passed in the three days they had. But Yang Xia county was at least two days travel from where they were. If they didn’t go as fast as possible, hurrying on day and night, maybe before they even arrived their master’s poison would have already activated.

Xiao Lie Cavalry had never been browbeaten like this, all along the way they hid and escaped. But not enduring the small things may destroy the larger plan, this was something master taught them. So no matter what, they had to safely deliver master to Yang Xia county.

Face and what not, wait for future days to get it back!

In order to hurry on, the horse carriage traveled at a very fast speed so inside was shaking. But in order to prevent Xiao Xu’s wounds from being aggravated, Chu Qing-Yan spread out thick clothing and quilts under his body. She also protected him in her arms, using her body’s softness to ease the vibration from being shaken.

From time to time, Chu Qing-Yan would used the water bottle to moisten Xiao Xu’s lips and his throat. The unconscious Xiao Xu, she couldn’t feed anything into him. In order to replenish his strength, Chu Qing-Yan cooked some rice congee for him when they stopped to rest. As long as there was time, she would feed him that watery congee, to prevent him from being struck down by hunger before the poison was solved.

She had just put down the bottle and used her sleeves to wipe clean the soup at the corner of his mouth when she lifted her head and saw Air Spirit’s pair of eyes were spiritless, looking out the window into the distance, lost in thought.

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat surprised. She had the impression that Air Spirit was a person that followed his heart’s desires unless it came to matters relating to Big Block of Ice. Otherwise, he was the kind that followed the winds in all directions. He was completely unaffected by anything and had an indifferent manner.

Besides the two times in the courtyard and leaving that grass hut of a medical center, it was very rare for her to see him looking so preoccupied.

Although right now all her thoughts were on the matter of resolving Big Block of Ice’s poison, but now seeing Air Spirit’s worried frown, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but ask. “Air Spirit, are you okay? Did you encounter a difficult problem?”

Air Spirit returned to his sense and smiled slightly. In a tone that carried traces of pain, he said. “Little Consort, this subordinate is worried that after we go to that medical center, the other side won’t treat our people.”

“Why?” Chu Qing-Yan suddenly recalled that when Air Spirit appeared in front of that medical center, one of the doctors told him not to come near the medical center. Her heart was alarmed.

Air Spirit shook his head. “Some things can’t be explained clearly. Junior Sister and I had a dispute about our relationship for a period. This subordinate is worried she won’t provide critical care because of this dispute.”

“Is it that Junior Sister of yours?” Chu Qing-Yan could get a bit of information from Air Spirit’s tone. It touched upon matters between a female and male. Then it wasn’t just feelings between two fellow disciples.

“En, her temperament is resolute and upright. Set on distinguishing right from wrong, she keeps to her words. At that time, she said she would break all ties to this subordinate. Now I’m afraid she won’t ever see this subordinate again.” His tone had traces of disappointment and frustration.

At that time when he left master’s doors, she asked him to choose one from two choices.

At that time, the situation was critical, so he already didn’t have the power to choose.

He could never forget that sunset with flowers swirling in the air when she severed all relations, turned and left.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt a bit curious about that rumored Junior Sister. She hoped to get to properly know this woman who had the ability to make this confident, at ease, unruly young master like person so helpless. But the premise was that she could help to properly treat Big Block of Ice’s poison.

“What if she doesn’t want to see you and also doesn’t want to treat His Highness? Then what ought we to do?” This question was very critical.

Air Spirit pursed his lips and suddenly thought of a way. “At that time, you guys bring His Highness to that medical center and this subordinate won’t show himself. Also you guys can’t reveal your identity. Remember, at all costs, don’t mention anything related to the royal family of Western Xuan empire.”

“Why conceal our identity?” He not showing himself she could understand, afraid that Junior Sister would take out her anger for him on Big Block of Ice. But why couldn’t she mention the royal family of Western Xuan empire?

“Little Consort, you just do according to what this subordinate says! Only like this will there be a possibility that His Highness can enter the medical center. My Junior Sister’s heart isn’t bad, as long as you guys don’t step on her bottom line, everything will be easy to discuss!”

Air Spirit’s brows lowered, as if he didn’t want to discuss this matter. Chu Qing-Yan thought to herself, maybe he had his own hidden trouble he doesn’t want to mention, so she didn’t question him for more details. She nodded her agreement. “In a while, explain this to everyone and let them pay more attention to this.”

Although they reached a unanimous opinion, but don’t know why Chu Qing-Yan felt uneasy on the road to seek medical treatment. Her heart had a premonition that this road won’t be too smooth. Her pair of hands couldn’t help but clench tightly, only when she was near Big Block of Ice would that uneasiness be repealed.

Although Xiao Xu was in deep sleep, as time passed bit by bit, the atmosphere gradually became nervous.

And what they could rejoice in was that after rushing on the road, they still arrived at Yang Xia county within two days.

Everyone’s footsteps didn’t stop. After entering the city, they immediately headed toward that hut halfway up the mountain.

Right now, the sky still hadn’t brightened up.

Mother earth still seemed to be fast asleep.

But the clatter of horses’ hoofs already sounded between the mountains.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted up the carriage curtain, using the weak moonlight, she saw that faintly revealed thatched hut halfway up the mountain.

They had finally arrived.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart burst out in excitement, she turned and hugged the person inside the carriage. She stuck her face next to his neck and choked with emotion.

Big Block of Ice, you wait. Wait a little more, very quickly we’ll send you to solve your poison!

But the dark night still hadn’t passed, what awaited them, would it be the light of dawn?

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