Adorable Consort – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 – A tenderness he couldn’t let go

It was a soft sticky rice tone that had the intent of wrapping around a person like silk.

Xiao Xu had no choice but to admit: That moment, his heart seemed to have been heavily bumped into by something.

When he was young, he was the prince from the official wife. There were only people who fawned on him or were careful around him.

From that moment when he put on the mask, everyone shunned him and feared him.

Right now his status had taken a nosedive, there were even less people around him.

There have never been anyone who used such a firm and timid gaze to tell him how she was unwilling to be parted from him, won’t give up to grab onto him, crying to say she was unwilling to let him go. Without any benefit to her, without any purpose, she only wanted to be by his side.

The city wall that was forged from ice and snow at this moment was opened by her.

“On this journey, we may not be able to eat meat and sleep outside. It’s not like the life of luxury inside the manor.” He looked at her saying in an even tone, not missing any of her reactions.

“I’m not afraid. I have already stayed in Mao Village for so long, haven’t I survived just fine?” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly replied. If Big Block of Ice was only worried about this, then there was no need. She wasn’t that kind of spoiled and pampered young Miss of a rich family that was picky about her food and clothing.

Xiao Xu continued to ask. “Maybe it won’t just be three to five years. The journey will be full of hardship, not as easy as you might have imagined.”

Chu Qing-Yan looked at him. “I’m not afraid of suffering hardship. You don’t need to be worried about these. None of these are problems. She had become a strong woman that could fix water pipes, change light bulbs, carry a tank of propane gas, and fix the ceiling okay?

The person in front of him didn’t even hesitate as she replied to him. This made his heart tremble slightly.

Xiao Xu’s thin lips pursed slightly as he seriously said. “If it is a road of no return?” Would you still like to accompany this king to continue walking down that kind of road?

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes narrowed. It’s no wonder Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit were so worried. It turned out that this time, it really wasn’t a good task!

Without the slightest hesitation, she shook her head. “Not afraid.”

Xiao Xu gave a soft sigh. In the end, he compromised and pulled her into his arms.

“Remember what you said today.”

“I won’t forget it.”

Convincing her while at the same time he was also trying to convince himself.

Reason told him that he shouldn’t bring her along at his side. There will be difficulties and danger throughout the journey. He may even have difficulties protecting his own life, let alone talk about protecting her.

But deep from within his heart came a voice that won’t stop. Bring her along, bring her along——

In the end, he still couldn’t let her go.

It may be because no one could abandon the only light in their life.

Having lacked warmth for so long, it was no wonder he would value it so much.

He never thought the little girl child he wanted to raise by chance would become his only concern in the capital.

You ought to live carefreely and without worries, but in the end I am too fond of this hard to come by warmth, and because of my own selfishness, will bring you to leave with me.

Up ahead whether it be wolfs, tigers or leopards, mountains of daggers and seas of flames, this king is determined to protect your safety and happiness!

“Big Block of Ice, so you agreed right?” Happiness came too fast, she suddenly couldn’t react.

Xiao Xu finding this very funny pinched her nose, making fun of her to say. “With you being so clingy, even if I wanted to throw you off I won’t be able to. Really gives a person a headache!”

“Then really sorry. Afraid you’ll have to continue having this headache.” Chu Qing-Yan smiled mischievously. The large stone in her heart finally dropped down. She wasn’t worried that Big Block of Ice would go back on his promise. As a commander of the army, it was impossible for him to go back on his words.

“Dinner time has arrived. Let us go and eat!” Chu Qing-Yan held his hand as they walked out of the study together.

Sometimes, Xiao Xu also didn’t understand how he let her get near to him step by step, then afterwards become a necessary part of him.

Maybe he indulged her excessively .

Or maybe it was because he had been alone for too long. And what she brought was liveliness and warmth.

Just let it be like this!

When they arrived in the dining hall, someone was already sitting in the master seat.

One only heard him complain in discontent. “How come you guys are so slow, I have become impatient from waiting!”

Xiao Xu unhurriedly sat down and said to the Retired Emperor. “You are our elder, don’t need to wait for us.”

Chu Qing-Yan sat down and winked at the Retired Emperor. “It’s because the Retired Emperor loves us dearly, worried he will eat all the dishes and we won’t have any left. You say, am I right?”

The Retired Emperor fumed to say. “That’s because I haven’t eaten enough for several days, that’s why my appetite would be so big. Yan girl, you shouldn’t grab that one time and look for an opportunity to taunt me. Be careful or I will hit your butt!”

Chu Qing-Yan stuck out her tongue.

They waited until the Retired Emperor moved his chopsticks, then the two immediately picked up their chopsticks.

After the Retired Emperor ate a piece of pork chop, he couldn’t help but say ruefully. “How long since I last ate this kind of food? Outside it’s always broth and tofu, steamed bun and pickled vegetables. Makes my rib bones stick out from eating it.”

Xiao Xu hearing this, picked up a chunk of braised pork and placed it in grandpa Emperor’s bowl as he faintly said. “It’s you yourself who set aside a good life and insisted on travelling the world!”

The Retired Emperor looked at the meat in his bowl, was somewhat stunned. This grandson of his had never picked up any food for him to eat. Today’s action made him feel somewhat overwhelmed by the favor. He couldn’t help but take a glance at Chu Qing-Yan. Maybe this girl’s appearance indeed has changed his grandson by a lot. It also didn’t waste his precious treasure that was used to exchange for fortune telling to reverse the threat.

Once Xiao Xu said those words, he immediately got an eye roll from the Retired Emperor. “What do you know? To roam far and wide, ride a horse through all corners of the country, now that’s what is called enjoying life! Moreover, I also don’t want to stay in the capital and watch your Father Emperor do those foolish things. Although it is said that raising a person requires teaching by the father, but the things that ought to be taught I already taught him. Don’t know how his brain grew just like a blockhead, doesn’t even move a bit——”

Hearing the Retired Emperor starting to complain, Chu Qing-Yan bit her chopstick and tsked with her tongue. These secret relationships, was it appropriate for them to listen to? As a result, she used a low voice to ask the person at her side. “If we sit here listening to this, you are certain his Majesty won’t——” She made a hand gesture of slitting her throat.

Xiao Xu took a glance at her. “Getting used to it is just fine. Also, eat properly. What’s the use of biting your chopsticks?”

Chu Qing-Yan silently bowed her head to eat. Big Block of Ice started to go into strict father mood again, really too scary!

The Retired Emperor who was chanting a one-man show saw the interaction between the two. He couldn’t insert in, so he picked up the chopsticks to hit the plate, saying in dissatisfaction. “What, you two young married couple dislike my irksome presence? Don’t respect your elders? Careful I don’t tell on you guys to your Father Emperor!”

Xiao Xu calmly ate his food, lazily flipping a sentence back at him. “Don’t know just now who was saying bad things about him!”

The Retired Emperor choked.

“Moreover while eating a meal, you should not hit the plate.” Xiao Xu with an even tone added this sentence!

Retired Emperor was so angry he nearly spat out blood!

Chu Qing-Yan had her head buried as she smothered her laughter, hehehe. It’s fine if Big Block of Ice didn’t speak, but when he spoke, it would choke people ah!

In the end, the several people passed a cheerful meal under the Retired Emperor’s jesting.

The Retired Emperor gave a full and satisfied belch and said to his grandson. “The matter of Fu Li mountain range, since you can’t avoid it, then just go do it! Your family’s Father Emperor is too pigheaded. I am also disinclined to scold him. You must take care of yourself!”

Xiao Xu nodded.

Finished speaking, the Retired Emperor lifted a hand and pointed at Chu Qing-Yan. “Yan girl, I have words to say to you.”

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