Adorable Consort – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – The conversation between Hong Yi and Cheng Yi that concealed profound mysteries

Cheng Yi unhurriedly swaggered over. When she saw Chu Qing-Yan and Hong Yi standing together, a trace of jealousy flashed through the depth of her eyes. Afterwards, with a smile on her face, she curtsied to Chu Qing-Yan. “Wishing the Little Consort be safe and sound always.”

Chu Qing-Yan somehow felt that this person’s voice made all the hair on a person stand on end. Her lips cracked a little in a grin, which could be considered a response. She always thought Cheng Yi was peculiar, and today she still couldn’t shake off this feeling.

Hong Yi smiled and said. “I called you here because of a matter, aren’t you in charge of His Highness’s daily clothes? Little Consort wants to go out and take a stroll, female clothes may not be very convenient so she wanted to look for sets of male clothes. I remember His Highness had several sets of clothes when he was young that he never wore, so I wanted you to take them out for the Little Consort to use.”

“So it turned out to be this matter ah, that servant didn’t say it very clearly. Even I couldn’t make head or tails of it, we indeed do have them” Cheng Yi finished telling Hong Yi this then she turned to Chu Qing-Yan and smilingly said. “Little Consort, it’s all that servant’s fault for not doing things well, this servant will now go and help you look for it.”

“I’ll be troubling Sister Cheng Yi then.” Chu Qing-Yan replied cutely.

Cheng Yi walked towards the cabinet and the moment she turned, the smile on her face became a malicious expression. Her heart was unwilling and unreconciled as she went to retrieve the clothes.

When Cheng Yi retrieved the clothes, Chu Qing-Yan thanked her and returned to her own room with Xi Ning.

Watching Chu Qing-Yan leave, Cheng Yi took off her fake smile and said towards the person by her side. “Don’t you think, her foothold in the prince’s manor is getting more and more firm?”

Hong Yi smiled slightly. “She is the future mistress, gaining a foothold is very normal.”

Cheng Yi snorted coldly. “But haven’t you found that His Highness has been treating her much more nicely? You say, what virtues and abilities does she have to be able to get His Highness to treat her so specially?”

Hong Yi glanced at her with suspicion in her eyes. “Maybe the Little Consort has her own ability to make His Highness give her special treatment, why are you anxious about this matter?”

Being asked like this by Hong Yi, Cheng Yi seemed to choke. “Only you can swallow this breath. I won’t allow this kind of petty and low status girl to climb to the manor’s highest position.”

Hong Yi frowned. “Cheng Yi, you mustn’t say something like this, if these words were to reach His Highness’s ear, I’m afraid you’d…..”

Hong Yi didn’t finish her sentence but both people knew what the end result would be. However, Cheng Yi still smiled insincerely. “Older sister Hong Yi, I will only say these words to you. You won’t disregard our sisterly camaraderie to tell on me to His Highness, right?!”

Hong Yi sighed slightly. “Cheng Yi, you’ve never been able to control your mouth since you were young. I naturally won’t spread this outside, but you also shouldn’t casually say this everywhere. Otherwise, even I wouldn’t be able to protect you.”

Cheng Yi chuckled and said, carrying a faint, self-mocking tone. “Older Sister Hong Yi, do you think that after Chu Qing-Yan is seated on that position firmly, we would still have a foothold?”

Hong Yi frowned slightly, Cheng Yi didn’t wait for her to reply before she continued to say. “You still haven’t seen through things from Zi Yi’s matter? This Chu Qing-Yan, although she is still young, her scheming abilities are not shallow. If it wasn’t for her being undisciplined, would Zi Yi still have been taken back for retraining after less than three days? And you also lost your face in front of His Highness because of that matter. I think this is only the beginning. Once she has enough authority, the first people that would be removed will be us seven Senior servant girls! Older Sister Hong Yi, you should also make plans earlier, to avoid falling into a bad ending at that time.”

Cheng Yi sighed, leaving behind a meaningful glance before turning around and leaving.

Hong Yi thoughtfully looked at Cheng Yi’s leaving figure, and soon after, she revealed a shallow smile.

Cheng Yi had the idea of wanting her to take the lead in this matter, so she was giving her eyedrop medication. If she was to make the first move, maybe she could have helped to remove Chu Qing-Yan, this thorn on her side. However, she wasn’t one of those 15 or 16 year old impulsive little Misses, that allowed themselves to be scared to run around in circles.

Hong Yi smiled and unhurriedly left the place, as if nothing had happened.

She does not need to wade in these muddy waters.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know the conversation that took place between the two Senior servant girls after she left. After she returned to her room and changed clothes, she felt that the clothes fitted her really well. She heard that these were clothes for Big Block of Ice when he was six or seven years old. Chu Qing-Yan glanced at her own small body at ten years old. Suddenly, she had the feeling of making herself angry from constantly comparing herself to others.

She consoled herself, the growth of boys and girls were not the same. She was a late developer, not because she hadn’t developed enough!

Only after she finished reassuring herself did Chu Qing Yan pull Xi Ning along to walk out the door.

And this time, the person waiting outside her door for her wasn’t Earth Spirit, but Fire Spirit.

When Fire Spirit saw Chu Qing-Yan come out in man’s clothes, his eyes twinkled. What a tender looking, jade-like, little youth!

Faced with Chu Qing-Yan’s widening of her eyes to look at him, Fire Spirit returned to his senses. He lightly coughed a few times and unnaturally said. “Little Consort, Earth Spirit’s body is unwell and so, he asked Fire Spirit to come serve you.”

Chu Qing-Yan gave him a glance full of suspicion. The last time Daddy came over, Fire Spirit seemed to have used this excuse to swindle Earth Spirit into guarding the study.

Fire Spirit didn’t know that Chu Qing-Yan had seen through his and Earth Spirits’ back and forth tug of war. His heart was expressing resentment at this moment, wasn’t Earth Spirit swindled just once by him? This time, he was swindled using the same excuse he made up last time to return the favor.

Compared to Earth Spirit, Chu Qing-Yan clearly had a better impression of Fire Spirit. At least, Fire Spirit treated her naturally on the surface. Moreover, he and Daddy had established friendly regards from several events before. Although this was just her own guess, it shouldn’t be too far off the mark.

“Let’s go, Honorable Fire Spirit!” Chu Qing-Yan said to him, giggling just like a child.

The corner of Fire Spirit’s eyes twitched. He was a first class stately rider who served by His Highness’s side as an expert martial artist. Why was he suddenly demoted to be a little Miss’s little manservant? Using Daddy Chu’s words, one was the heaven and the other was hell.

But this was a task assigned by His Highness. He and Earth Spirit dared not slack off.

So no matter how proud he was of his own identity, he could only be a footman now. However, the only thing that comforted him was that the identity of the person he was protecting wasn’t low. At least she was their future Little Consort, even though it may just be temporary.

As a result, the group of people once again went out.

Several days before, after studying the capital’s tourism routes, cough cough, she ought to call them fun spread-out scenic spots, Chu Qing-Yan decided that this time, they would first go to the streets in Dong Cheng Men area. She heard that there were many bizarre things over there, if you liked to hunt for novelty items, you should go there for a walk.

As a result Chu Qing-Yan brought people with her and made a beeline for Dong Cheng Men.

And just at this moment, a purple figure jumped over the high walls, his figure quickly moving among the streets.

“Young master, that person chased over!” The black-clothed guy at his side reported.

The purple-clothed guy frowned slightly. His matchless, charming eyes flashed with a strange bewitching light, faintly showing his displeasure.

“You guys bring three people to draw away her attention, I don’t want to see her!”

“As you bid!” The subordinates immediately accepted the order and quickly left.

And at this time, the purple clothed guy narrowed his phoenix eyes, randomly picked a direction and with a light tip-toe, he leapt over.

And that direction was also the direction to Dong Cheng Men.

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