Adorable Consort – Chapter 179

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Chapter 179 – The four forbidden matters

Night swallowed up the entire world, only one place had a trace of warm light.

“Big Block of Ice, tonight can I sleep together with you?”

Somewhat hesitant, somewhat timid.

In the next instant Xiao Xu wanted to refuse, but when his gaze landed on that restless shadow outside, his gaze couldn’t move away.

Waiting was torture.

When she waited for a short period and no one responded, Chu Qing-Yan became somewhat discouraged. Had Big Block of Ice fallen asleep? Or did he want to use silence to tactfully turn her down?

Forget it. I’ll just go squeeze with Xi Ning for a night!

Just when she was planning to turn around and leave, she heard the opening of the tent. She lowered her head and met that pair of eyes that one couldn’t see the bottom of. “Come in!”

Her heart rejoiced, she gave an agreeing word of “Okay” and very agilely squeezed in.

The tent wasn’t big, it held a bed, quilt and pillow, just enough room for one person. Adding another person made it seem even more crowded. Fortunately, Chu Qing-Yan’s skeleton was petite and her figure was just right. Adding her wasn’t too many, lacking her wasn’t too few.

When she drilled into the nice and warm quilt, she couldn’t help but give a sigh of contentment. The night in these mountains was really too cold. She only stood outside for a short while and her whole body was unbearably cold.

The space wasn’t big. Xiao Xu could sharply feel the chillness of her body. He extended a hand and pulled both of her hands over. He gripped her pair of hands in his, that pair of ice cold little hands already couldn’t feel any warmth. Immediately his brows puckered. “Such a cold day, don’t you know to add more clothes?”

Although she brought a quilt, clearly putting it in would be more crowded. So she placed the quilt outside. To use the same bed and quilt with Big Block of Ice, even though she had the body of a ten year old, her heart was at least twenty years old, so she made a supreme effort to maintain distance between them. But she never expected that Big Block of Ice would pull her and her entire body would almost stick to his.

Chu Qing-Yan’s face became slightly warm, in a low voice she replied. “I forgot it.”

Only preoccupied with being afraid, how could she pay attention to other things?

Xiao Xu heard what was said but remained silent. He only silently used his martial arts to disperse the chill in her body. The wind in the mountains carried some moisture, if it entered the body, it would harm her vigor.

Soon her whole body was comfortably warm. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but expose a satisfied smile as if she had eaten her full.

Xiao Xu, seeing she looked like a little kitten nestled in front of him, released her hand and coldly asked. “Why do you suddenly want to sleep together with this king? You are already ten years old, in a few more years you’ll reach marriageable age. If you still want to sleep together with other people, then other people will ridicule you!”

Fortunately Xiao Xu rarely came in contact with females, the first thing he thought of wasn’t that boys and girls shouldn’t touch hands. And since he was on campaign on the battlefield all year long, and he went out to learn from experience, he felt this little fellow was still too weak. So weak now, when she grows up, how could she protect herself?

Chu Qing-Yan’s face turned slightly red, in a low voice said. “I have slept in a tent before, but at that time a large snake sneakily entered and I was bitten, so——”

At that time when she went to the countryside to try living in the wild, because of this matter, she had residual effects. So at night she didn’t dare to sleep by herself outside, especially in the wild.

Past events could not be turned back ah!

“Originally I wanted to go find Xi Ning, but don’t know why I couldn’t help but walk over to your place. If it’s inconvenient for you, then I’ll leave right now.” Looks like she still inconvenienced Big Block of Ice. Such a noble person since childhood, he must not be used to sleeping on the same bed with someone else!

Just when she was about to crawl up, a suddenly feeling of strength came from her waist and pulled her into his embrace. Taken by surprise, she couldn’t prevent it and knocked against his lean chest. Separated by a thin layer of clothing, it was as if she could even hear that strong heartbeat.

“Stop tossing around, or is it possible you want be blown by the cold wind again?” Xiao Xu reprimanded in a low soft voice. With one hand, he arrested her and pressed her toward him. He pulled the quilt up to her neck to avoid her catching a cold.

When Chu Qing-Yan returned to her senses, her entire person was nestled in his arms, suddenly she was somewhat moved.

Although his tone was somewhat lacking, but he still firmly locked her in his embrace. Not allowing a bit of cold wind to blow on her. Her heart had an indescribable thought of wanting to depend on this person.

“Thank you Big Block of Ice.”

She said softly.

Maybe she really was dependent on this person. Maybe she really placed this person in her heart in the same important place as her parents. So just now when she laid in the tent tossing and turning, the first thought that flashed through her mind was him.

Maybe if she told her best friends from college that in the middle of the night she ran into a grown man’s place to ask to sleep together, she would be sprayed to death with their saliva. Saying she doesn’t have a bit of awareness of her own safety!

But she believed in Big Block of Ice’s personal conduct. Moreover, Big Block of Ice really thought of her and dotted on her as a daughter. Also there really is a difference in age….

Therefore she thickened her skin to knock on his tent.

Now thinking about it, it did seem outrageous. How could she have had the courage to make such a request?

But when that chest with warmth that could stabilize a person’s heart enfolded her, she felt everything else was not that important.

“Big Block of Ice, I have a question I want to ask you.” Before falling asleep, she suddenly remembered, only that she was a bit hesitant when asking.

“En.” He somewhat carelessly agreed.

“When did you fall asleep last night? My meaning is, you were clearly sleeping deeply, then how did you just so happen to wake up when Cheng Yi entered?” This question she had always wanted to ask because she wanted to know. At the time she was about to take off his mask, was he already awake?

If he was already awake, and still allowed her to touch his mask at will, did that mean that he was willing to let her see his real appearance?

If at that time he wasn’t awake, then how did he discover Cheng Yi’s errant actions?

Everything doesn’t make sense.

“This king is very sensitive to scent.” Xiao Xu only responded with this sentence and then became silent.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes were full of doubt, was it possible he smelled the scent on Cheng Yi and woke up? Then what about her? Could it be Big Block of Ice had lost his awareness to the scent on her body?

This problem was very hard to solve!

The person that could reveal the answer was really stingy!

Thinking about it bewilderedly, she fell asleep.

Xiao Xu listened to the even breathing of the person in his arms, and his lips hooked up slightly.

People that practice martial arts, they always have a thread in their mind that’s tightly stretched taut. If by their side there was some wind blowing or grass movement, they would immediately wake up. This was self-defense!

But they would also relax this vigilance towards the people they are close to and trust.

And this little fellow lived day and night being in contact with him, already got him into the habit of being used to her existence.

This was also the reason she could get within three steps of him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so assured after getting drunk to hand himself over to this little fellow.

All the servants in Prince Ying’s manor knew their family Highness’s taboo.

Everyone, once they entered the prince’s manor they would have already been told. You are allowed to make mistakes but can not violate the four forbidden things His Highness has set down.

Not allowed to enter his study as one wishes.

Not allowed to enter his room in the middle of the night.

Not allowed to be as close as three steps to him.

Not allowed to privately criticize him.

These four forbidden matters, everyone scrupulously abided by.

Only these two people unconsciously got closer bit by bit. In the beginning, there was no feeling of love and romance. In the beginning, it wasn’t related to stratagem or their interest. In the beginning, it had nothing to do with wealth and family background.

It was pure as water.

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