Adorable Consort – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 – Each tried to outwit the other in creating disturbances

Both hands were tied with rope, those palace people had all been trained on this. They were so strong and sturdy that she simply didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

Nanny Rong’s large hand was on her shoulder, roughly holding her down. She was pressed down onto the long bench.

Her body was young and tender, she simply wasn’t these people’s opponent.

Her shoulder hurt painfully, both knees were forced onto the bench. In an instant, both of her legs stiffened. She bit down on her teeth and didn’t allow herself to yell out a single word.

No martial arts to defend herself, and also didn’t have the power to say no.

She suddenly felt she was too woeful. In the end, she felt she hadn’t adapted to the rules in this age to survive. Therefore, she was always getting caught up in predicaments through freak combination of factors.

A red misty muslin dress appeared within her eyesight. She lifted her head slightly and just so happened to meet Concubine Yue’s lightly mocking gaze.

“That day on the street of the capital, you were not bad in extending a hand to save that woman. But have you ever thought that today, who would extend their hand to save you? Little doll, sometimes you mustn’t be too naive. Today, this palace will teach you some principles of how to conduct yourself.”

That day, she had already received the news from her younger brother. Chu Qing-Yan dared to oppose their Fu family. Maybe because she had Xiao Xu behind her, she would dare to be this presumptuous. Therefore, she couldn’t let Xiao Xu’s power to once again expand like a flame!

“Concubine Yue Niang Niang, you are treating a ten year old child like this. Won’t your heart feel very apologetic?”

Although the heart was sorrowful, right now the most important thing was to save herself. She was already trapped, the only thing she could do was to stall for time. Delay time until Big Block of Ice could come and save her. Otherwise, based on her current body’s condition, she didn’t know whether she could bear the fifty boards.

“Feel very apologetic? What does being a ten year old count as?” Concubine lifted an eyebrow and smiled cruelly, like a beautiful poisonous snake. “Ten years ago, this palace was…” She had just opened her mouth to talk when Concubine Yue saw the glittering light in the depth of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes. Suddenly her words stopped, how could she so easily let the matter from ten years ago slip out? The huge fire that year was a plot she personally executed. It was only a pity he still escaped it. But it was still almost like having him crippled.

Chu Qing-Yan suspiciously looked at her, what happened ten years ago?

Concubine Yue bent down, wearing an affectionate expression as she extended her hand wanting to caress Chu Qing-Yan’s face. But Chu Qing-Yan turned her head and avoided her touch, Concubine Yue didn’t get angry, only said soft and tenderly, as if dripping blood. “Are you planning to stall for time to wait for Xu’er? Rest assured he won’t be able to return within the next hour.”

Afterwards, Concubine Yue got up and ordered the person standing in attendance. “Carry out the punishment!”

“Concubine Yue!” Chu Qing-Yan suddenly said.

Concubine Yue halted mid-step, turned around and look towards Chu Qing-Yan. “What else do you want to say?”

Chu Qing-Yan pursed her lips and looked towards her, her pupils were bright. “To mete corporal punishment for selfish reasons inside the palace,even if it’s the Empress it’s also forbidden. Concubine Yue, are you trying to use your position for personal gain?”

Concubine Yue bent down, lifted a hand and lightly patted her face. But her tone carried a trace of smugness. “Girl doll from Chu family, who do you think this palace relies on to sit so steadily in Moon Palace?”

Chu Qing-Yan frowned as she immediatley recalled that today when she entered Moon Palace, she saw the road lined with tree peony.

Flower from the tree peony was the master among flowers. Since ancient times, it had always been the symbol of a country’s empress, natural grace with divine fragrance. But Concubine Yue dared to plant this flower in the front palace hall, and it was still a garden full. Her wild ambition could clearly be seen. She was not satisfied with her current status but you could also see her place in Western Xuan Emperor’s heart. Inside the palace there were rules. The Empress, imperial concubines, princesses and princes’ expenses were all regulated by rules. So, since she could plant these flowers in front of Empress’s eyes, it may be assumed that it was also because of Western Xuan Emperor’s acquiescence. Otherwise, based on Empress Liang’s temper, she would not take things lying down.

The person supporting Concubine Yue was Western Xuan’s emperor.

Realizing this point, Chu Qing-Yan suddenly understood why she dared to so brazenly frame her. What should she fear? Indeed what should she fear?

“But aren’t you worried, if Fourth Prince was to find out how you treated his friend, how would he think of you then?”

Concubine Yue sneered. “Stop your final struggles. If you want to use Ran’er as a shield, this palace will offer a bit of advice, don’t waste more thoughts on it. Today’s matter, Ran’er would never know. And this fifty boards, you won’t escape it.”


Concubine Yue didn’t think it was a big deal, but seeing she was so confident, her brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. She immediately discovered that Qing-Yan’s gaze went past her in the direction of somewhere behind her. She turned her head in reaction to this.

The shocked expression on the face of the person behind her suddenly entered her view.

“Ran’er?” Concubine Yue’s blossoming face immediately turned pale.

“Mother Concubine, what are you doing?” Xiao Ran’s trembling finger pointed at Chu Qing-Yan as his voice also trembled, as if he was stunned beyond belief at this scene in front of him.

“Mother Concubine is teaching her for offending one’s superiors. She broke a treasure your father the emperor bestowed, therefore Mother Concubine granted her a light punishment!” The instant Concubine Yue saw that alarmed expression on her son, she instantly restrained herself and said these reversing right from wrong words.

“Granted a light punishment? Fifty boards is considered light punishment? Even an adult person would only have half a life left after fifty boards! Qing-Yan is still a child ah!” Xiao Ran opened his eyes wide, finding it hard to accept that these words coming out of the mouth of his normally gentle as water Mother Concubine.

Concubine Yue having heard this, slanted her eyes. “Ran’er, are you questioning your Mother Concubine because of an outsider?”

Xiao Ran’s heart tightened, he was usually very filial to Mother concubine and respected her. Maybe it was because what he had heard and seen today surpassed his normal perception of Mother concubine, so his mind was somewhat disordered. But now having Mother Concubine saying it like this, he was afraid she would feel deeply hurt, so his tone immediately softened. “Mother Concubine, Qing-Yan is not an outsider, she is this son’s friend. She is young, so not very sensible. You as an adult are generous, so don’t need to stew on this with her okay?”

Interaction among people was like a spring, if you are strong, then he is weak. If you are weak, then he is strong. Therefore, when Xiao Xu softened his tone, Concubine Yue started to become tough. She recalled the news she received from before, it seemed that Chu Qing-Yan really dazzled Ran’er. Now Ran’er is still young, so it was hard to tell. If she were to wait until both of them grew up, then in the future what things could happen, no one knows!

She would not allow Ran’er to mix together with this cheap girl!

So she must strangle everything in the cradle.

“A country has its laws. A family has its rules, for this matter, Mother Concubine can not make an exception!” Concubine Yue said emphatically.

Then she said to the person holding the board. “Carry out the punishment!”

Xiao Ran immediately ran over and reached out to stop the palace person. He turned around and sadly but firmly said to Mother Concubine. “Mother Concubine, today, this son here won’t allow you to harm Qing-Yan!”

Finished speaking, Xiao Ran said to Chu Qing-Yan who was laid out on the bench. “Qing-Yan, don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

The rim of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes warmed slightly. “Thank you.”

Concubine Yue, seeing the interaction between the two, the anger in her heart rose extensively. She said toward the palace people who hesitated when stepping forward. “Why are you guys still staring blankly? Grab Fourth Prince and pull him away!”


“This Highness wants to see who dares!” While Xiao Ran said this, he was grabbed by people. His expression became angry and no matter how he struggled, he couldn’t throw them off. He glared at Mother Concubine in front of him until his eyes were round. He shouted himself hoarse saying. “Mother Concubine, you can’t be like this, you can’t be like this!”

“Ran’er, you should not interfere in this matter!” Since she was already at this stage, then she could not leave it unfinished. Concubine Yue lifted a hand to give the order, then Xiao Ran was dragged to the side by several tall and strong imperial guards.

Xiao Ran watched as Mother Concubine directed the palace people to start the punishment, and the corner of his eyes cracked!

“Mother Concubine you can’t be like this——”

His Mother Concubine was about to move against his only friend and he was powerless to do anything!

The deep sadness and despair rushed to the tip of his heart.


“Concubine Yue, halt!”

The cold and strict tone that came seemed to cover the sky.

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