Adorable Consort – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 – Body couldn’t act freely, really sorry

Xiao Xu entered the drawing room and saw Xiao Ran sitting on the chair with a very pale face. He couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow and berate. “Your body is still seriously injured, instead of properly recuperating inside the palace you are running all over the place. Is it because you are tired of living?”

Originally he was still worried that First older royal brother would still be mad at him. Now hearing this berating tone he hadn’t heard for so long, Xiao Ran’s pair of eyes heated up and he blurted out. “First older royal brother, it isn’t deliberate that this younger brother didn’t come out to wash away all the suspicion on you. It’s just that ——body couldn’t act freely, I’m truly sorry!”

Seeing his self-blame and heavily injured body, Xiao Xu sighed in his heart. “This matter had nothing to do with you, you don’t need to blame yourself.”

“First older royal brother, could it be that we as princes must massacre each other for that position?” Xiao Ran had a sudden urge to say everything on his mind. This period of time he laid on the bed, his heart was at a loss, full of fear for the future. But he didn’t know who to talk to about this. Only at this moment he found someone to pour it all out to.

“First Older royal brother, I’m afraid. In the end, I may become the kind of person I loathe.”

Xiao Xu extended his hand to pat his shoulder, using meaningful and heartfelt words to say. “Guard your heart and you can maintain your original intention.”

The rim of Xiao Ran’s eyes turned red, but he knew he was a manly man. Real men don’t cry! Therefore he could only hold it back with great difficulty. “This younger brother will keep in mind First Older royal brother’s instructions.”

“Go back, don’t let people be worried.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

Xiao Ran nodded, before he left, he turned his head around to say. “I secretly sneaked out of the imperial palace, can’t stay for too long. First older royal brother, you help me tell Chu Qing-Yan I’m sorry.” If not for him, Qing-Yan wouldn’t have had to kneel for such a long time.

After Xiao Ran left, a pair of black boots with gold thread appeared at the gate. White eyebrows were gently raised. “Your Father Emperor because of him spared nothing to make things difficult for you. His mother concubine shot needles everywhere when treating you. It’s hard to come by that you still treat him with an utterly sincere heart. Among the royal family, this benevolent heart is rare and precious ah!”

He could hear the pity in Grandpa Emperor’s words to him, Xiao Xu replied faintly. “This grandson is merely following his own inner heart, can’t be considered benevolent.”

“Scoff, scoff, scoff. Grandpa experience as many things as you may think. You are still able to be a friend as an older brother that respects your younger brother, carry on filial piety and fraternal duty.” The Retired Emperor walked into the drawing room while shaking his head as he said this. His tone had a trace of disbelief, but he also felt that within reason he still somewhat understood this royal grandson of his.

“It’s all because Grandpa Emperor had taught me well. What’s more, Fourth younger royal brother is also your royal grandson.” Xiao Xu handed him a cup of tea, his tone was ordinary as he retorted.

The Retired Emperor suddenly opened his eyes wide. “Is it because you had stayed with Yan girl for a long time that you also learned to contradict me?”

Xiao Xu did not pay any heed to Grandfather Emperor’s stopping in the middle character. In a clear and faint tone, he said. “Qing-Yan is still young, some areas where she didn’t do things well, I ask Grandpa Emperor to forgive her.”

“Still haven’t married her to enter the door, yet your arm has already started to stick outside. Xiao Xu, don’t you forget I’m your grandfather ah!” The Retired Emperor fumed.

Xiao Xu smiled. “This grandson didn’t say you are not my grandfather. Moreover Grandpa Emperor, don’t you forget this marriage was personally bestowed by you!”

The Retired Emperor stared blankly, it was indeed bestowed by him. All of a sudden, he had a feeling of lifting rocks to smash his own feet. The Retired Emperor was so angry he almost started to hop about. How come this obedient grandson’s manner of speaking has changed after staying for a period with Yan girl! It’s unreasonable ah, unreasonable!

Xiao Xu did not pay any attention to Grandpa Emperor who was hopping mad on the side. He sat down, his hand picked up a cup of tea while his thoughts were somewhat far away.

This trip was very dangerous, how should he tell the little guy to make her feel at ease to stay in the manor?

One person had called loudly for a long time, a one-man show with no one paying attention to him. The Retired Emperor gloomily glared at him, then found a cozy position to sit down in the chair. His tone was also restored to normal, a little less sloppy. “What did your Father Emperor say to you after calling you into the imperial study?”

Xiao Xu retracted his attention from his deep train of thought, and said indifferently. “Trace of ore was found in Fu Li mountain range. Father Emperor wants this grandson of yours to go and investigate.”

Hearing this, the Retired Emperor’s brows puckered up. “I was the emperor for so many years, how come I don’t know there is ore over there?”

“It was discovered only recently, this grandson also doesn’t know.” Xiao Xu’s sword- like eyebrows covered the slight chill in his eyes.

The Retired Emperor was unable to understand it, so he shook his head and continued to ask. “It shouldn’t be this simple, there ought to be other additional tasks.”

Xiao Xu nodded and didn’t speak forthrightly, only praising. “Grandpa Emperor guessed very accurately.”

The Retired Emperor gave a light sigh. The him right now gave off imposing dignity that came from within. His facial features were sharp. It was very difficult to imagine that that old urchin just now was him.

“How could I not understand my own son? So many years had passed and he still hasn’t changed. Obstinately clinging to his course, not listening to others advice, forget it. Forget it. One is a son, the other is a grandson, however he wants to cause chaos, then let him cause chaos. I’m not going to control it. I can’t even control it!” The Retired Emperor had an expression of having no choice.

Xiao Xu stood up and bent his body towards him to say in a palacating manner. “Grandpa Emperor, this grandson has his own blessing. You should relax your heart and live the life you want!”

When the Retired Emperor heard this, he started to jump up and down, he was so angry his beard trembled. “Saying it as if it wasn’t you. I hope in the future when I return to the capital, it’s not to collect your body! Don’t want to play with you, I’m going to go find Huai Yuan! Humph!”

Xiao Xu heard this and helplessly shook his head.

After a short while, Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit both entered the study. At one glance, they saw master standing with his back to them looking out the window.

“Master, are you really going to Fu Li mountain range?” Fire Spirit wasn’t able to keep control of his temperament, and took the initiative to ask.

Master’s step has just exited the imperial palace and the news followed right behind him. When Water Spirit got the news, she immediately passed it on to them.

Master has just been released from the royal prison, now His Majesty wants to send master to Fu Li mountain range to search for what ghost of ore mine. It would seem to outsiders that master really was the main culprit behind the assassination. Only because His Majesty considered master’s status as a prince and couldn’t steel himself to offend master, that’s why he searched for a reason to appoint master a post outside the capital.

Moreover, right now the discussion of appointing the heir to the throne was in full swing, if master was to be far from the capital, doesn’t it mean he won’t even have the opportunity to compete?

“The fate of a royal is hard.” Xiao Xu turned around and said faintly as he saw his subordinate with faces full of resentment

“This——” Fire Spirit opened and closed his mouth. In the end, he bit his teeth and lowered his head.

The fate of a royal, even master couldn’t rebel. Then what qualification do they have to say anything?

Earth Spirit lifted his head to look at his cold and lonely master, and said with doubt. “Master, according to Water Spirit’s investigation, the Fu Li mountain range continues on for at least five hundred kilometers, remote and uninhibited. Before, there were people who were scouting that area but they didn’t find any trace of ore to mine. Therefore, this subordinate is worried the mission this time will be hard to carry out.”

“With effort people can achieve anything, moreover this time, searching for the ore mine is only one of the missions, there are other secret orders. You guys go down to make preparations. Three days later, we’ll set off.” Xiao Xu restrained his brows to say, his eyes had a complicated expression.

“Yes.” Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit complied.

Only, before he left, Earth Spirit turned his body around and hesitantly asked. “The little consort doesn’t know of this matter, should subordinate inform her?”

Xiao Xu turned to look outside the window, at the red lanterns that still hadn’t been snuffed out. After being absent minded for seven minutes, under subordinate’s worried expression, he slowly said. “You guys first go down to do the job. Other matters, this king has his own arrangement.”

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