Adorable Consort – Chapter 288

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Chapter 288 – Continue to oppress the single person

The instant that collarbone was revealed.

As the exquisite collarbone came into view, she suddenly recalled what she saw before on Weibo. In order to prove that her collarbone was more beautiful than others, she had placed coins, lighters, pens, and all sorts of things on it. But if there were coins on hand, she also wants to try to put them on Big Block of Ice and see how many his collarbone could bear?

This thought hadn’t flashed out for long before she dispersed it with a slap. “It’s more important to get to the serious matter now!”

After saying those words, she choked. When did taking off someone’s clothes become a serious matter?

No one would believe her even if she said this to others!

Several black lines appeared on her forehead. En, she reckoned there won’t be many people that will know about this matter!

Low-key, low-key!

She calmed herself and hanged the thing in her hand on the shelf at the side.

Big Block of Ice’s illness is more important, otherwise, in a while the medicated bath will become cold. Therefore her movement must be a little faster.

At this time, in the courtyard outside of this room, Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit were couching there like thieves. Earth Spirit was leaning against a tree trunk, and Air Spirit stood there holding his shoulders.

“The Little Consort should have started!” Fire Spirit’s tone was full of interest.

“Calculating the time, it should be about right.” Wood Spirit said after counting on his fingers.

When the two were looking at this full of interest, on the side Earth Spirit suddenly opened his mouth. “We aren’t doing serious matters, why goof off here?” Moreover, the doors and windows were tightly shut and nothing could be seen.

Fire Spirit glanced at him and snorted, “Didn’t you also run over to peek with us? Don’t talk as if you are innocent!”

Earth Spirit choked and no longer spoke.

At this moment, Air Spirit shook his head and sighed to say. “In the past, it was difficult for us to get close to Master. Now, he gives special treatment to the Little Consort. This gives the misconception that the friendship for more than ten years is not as close as interacting with the little consort for a year!”

Wood, Fire and Earth, the three spirits sank into deep contemplation.

Ever since the Little Consort came, they no longer existed in Master’s eyes.

If Chu Qing-Yan knew their silent criticism right now, she would have replied. “Talking as though if she wasn’t there, Big Block of Ice’s eyes would have their existence”.

Wood, Earth, Fire, Air, these four spirits felt as if an arrow had been shot into their knees.

Just at this moment, a head gathered close. “What’s going on, what’s going on? What step has it progressed to?”

Fire Spirit replied without thinking. “Estimate should be in changing the clothes stage!”

“Can’t be, I clearly told the little girl he can’t wear any clothes.”

Once this was said, the four simultaneously looked at the person that suddenly popped out. Air Spirit couldn’t help but say. “When did taking a medicinal bath requires not wearing a stitch of clothing?”

Cheng Yan-Luo was too lazy to look at him. “My rule!”

Wood, Fire, Earth, the three spirits suddenly felt their family’s Little Consort had been deceived. She was deceived miserably!

No it’s their family’s master!

Chu Qing-Yan inside the room didn’t know the matters outside. Right at this moment, she supported Xiao Xu and leaned him against the wall near the bed. She took off that heavy outer clothing.

After taking off the outer clothing, only the inner clothes remained.

The pure white inner clothes contrasted against his pale face, making him seem even weaker. Bursts of heartache came from her heart.

The always strong person that made her heart feel safe, had now become so weak. Her eyes closed, she lifted her hand and wiped away the moisture at the corner of her eyes.

Because he was sitting, his head was slightly slanted. He looked very innocent, so much that Chu Qing-Yan almost couldn’t move against those inner clothes.

In the end, she bit her teeth and with a burst of energy, her eyes closed as she opened those inner clothes. Because her arms separated them, she lightly lifted up his left hand, safely passed the cloth through, then lifted his right hand.

Finally she was able to remove his upper inner clothes. She was just about to put down his right hand, but because of gravity, he slid down the wall near the bed. Chu Qing-Yan sensed his movement, couldn’t attend to other matters and extended her hand to stop it, so Xiao Xu’s entire person conveniently fell into her chest.

Because even his head had bones, Chu Qing-Yan felt her chest was heavily knocked against and she almost cried out loud. But she managed to stop the cry by biting her lips.

She had no choice but to open her eyes and extend a hand to support his shoulder. The warmth came into contact with ice-coldness, making her dizzy.

She regained her train of thought and supported him. Originally, because Big Block of Ice looked lean normally, she didn’t expect the body beneath his clothes was this beautiful, fit and sexy. The body was in accordance with the most popular type in fashion.

Wearing clothes, he looked lean. Taking off clothes, he had meat on his bones.

Chu Qing-Yan swallowed her salivia, this was simply a torment for her mind and body. Although she had never experienced passion, but those several people in the dorms always say something by her ears about six pack abs. What science golden ratio, with the naval being the boundary. The proportion of the top to bottom of the body must be in ratio of five to eight ah. Right now, what was circling in her mind were these words. She swallowed her saliva once again. She felt Big Block of Ice fit every one of those descriptions. If her good friends from the dorm saw this scene, she guessed they would transform into wolves and throw themselves on him, right?!

Fortunately, her determination was good!

She patted her own chest!

Then she took back her gaze and fully concentrated, her mission was to help Big Block of Ice take a medicinal bath. It wasn’t to come and look at a beautiful male!

After cheering herself on and pumping herself up, she become tangled once again. How was she to take off Big Block of Ice’s trousers?

The upper body was tolerable, but the lower body. She really didn’t have this courage.

But older sister Yan-Luo had said, in order to bring out the greatest efficiency from the medicinal bath, she must do it like this.

Chu Qing-Yan extended out both hands and tried untying for quite a while, before she slowly took off his outer underpants.

Cough, cough inside there was still a more obscene underwear.

First ignore it!

After supporting the person into the wooden barrel, then deal with it.

She lifted a hand and after gesturing a bit, Chu Qing-Yan lifted up one of his arms and fixed it on her own shoulder, then said. “Big Block of Ice, you must be careful oh. I’m about to help you up!”

Finished speaking, she didn’t expect he would reply. Right he was unconscious, he probably didn’t know anything.

She prepared to stand up but she had just used strength when her entire person heavily sat on the bed. Fortunately she knocked her head heavily into his chest, but she almost died from the pain.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, if I don’t have the body of a ten year old now, supporting up Big Block of Ice won’t be a problem right?” She sobbed, sure enough, there was a large disparity in strength between a man and woman!

But she dared not delay, even if she were to go out now to search for help, no one would pay her any heed. She once again gathered her strength, bit her teeth, one hand at his waist and one hand pulling his hand, she used all her strength to prop him up from the bed.

Right now, she didn’t want to think too much, after standing steadily, they advanced with difficulty toward the wooden barrel.

Every step was very laborious, not only did she have to carry all his weight, she still needed to put up with his body that would slide down at any moment.

Although these days when Big Block of Ice was unconscious she merely cleaned him in a simple manner, and she didn’t help him bath or wipe his body clean, but so many days had passed, yet there wasn’t a bit of strange smell from his body, it still smelled very good.

Huh, smell good, smell good, smell good?

What is flowing out from her nose, really tickles?

Chu Qing-Yan lowered her head, a drop of blood landed on the ground and broke into a flower pattern.

Stupid, her nose actually bled?

Very disappointedly, she got a nose bleed?

In an instant, she became dizzy.

Hey, it must be because recently she didn’t rest well, so she became overheated, really dizzy!

This ill-timed nose bleed will make people misunderstand okay?

Her lifelong innocence ah!

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