Adorable Consort – Chapter 284

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Chapter 284 – Understanding too late, really let people down

Finished speaking, Air Spirit was silent for a while, waiting for her response.

But he only heard breathing that suppressed strong emotions, so he couldn’t help but turn and once again look at her.

But what met him was a pair of eyes full of sorrow, he suddenly went blank, not knowing what to say. It was as if he had returned to that day, when he was about to leave, Little Yan used this kind of expression to look at him. During midnights when he was startled awake by dreams of returning, it was still hard for him to forget this.

“Why would you feel I would not be willing to take out this Red Stone Fruit?” She asked, stressing each word.

“At that time, when with great difficulty you finally found Nothingness Flower grass, a disciple in the sect was injured and just so happened to lack this medicinal herb, but you——” Air Spirit hadn’t returned to his senses but had already said this out loud. When he realized what he was saying, Air Spirit suddenly shut up.

So it turned out to be this matter, Cheng Yan-Luo almost couldn’t resist the urge to laugh. “You wanted to say that disciple had a disagreement with me so I wasn’t willing to give that medicinal herb to him, right?”

Air Spirit looked at her and didn’t continue speaking, but she already got her answer.

Cheng Yan-Luo shook her head and felt she already lacked the strength to explain.

If that junior brother didn’t put medicine in his food, putting him in a coma, she wouldn’t have climbed the steep mountain during the night in the thunderstorm to look for Nothingness Flower grass. Afterwards, when that junior brother learned she had Nothingness Flower grass in hand, he pretended to be injured to seek the medicinal herb from her. After being seen through by her, he fabricated rumors saying she used her identity as master’s daughter to harm disciples in the same door, bully new disciples and other bad rumors.

Sometimes, she really wanted to use an object to smash open his head, see what kind of structure was inside. Why would he always lean toward believing in others while not believing in her nature and character?

Forget it, forget it, just let it go.

Air Spirit sensed her mood becoming downcast, he couldn’t help but want to step forward. But she faintly swept him a glance, with no sadness or joy, a step ahead of him as she brushed past his shoulder. She went ahead.

In a split second, he could sense that just now, that burst of wind when she brushed past represented that the fate between the two had been used up.

He turned around and saw the Little Consort’s figure.

He only saw Little Yan walked to stand in front of the Little Consort and show off the box in her hand. “Little younger sister Qing-Yan, I didn’t fail you, I finally found the Red Stone Fruit.”

“This is the Red Stone Fruit?” Chu Qing-Yan looked at the fruit that was the size of a night pearl, and couldn’t help but say this in amazement.

Cheng Yan-Luo took back the box and raised an eyebrow. “It’s genuine, we don’t cheat the old or young, however——” She smiled craftily. “If you want this life saving fruit, it’s very simple. Recently the money in our medicinal hall is a bit tight, can your Highness Prince Ying subsidize us a bit?”

When Chu Qing-Yan heard it was this request, she couldn’t help but smile. “No problem, our Prince Yan Manor will support all the expenditures in your medicinal hall for the next ten years!”

Cheng Yan-Luo was somewhat doubtful. “You can make this decision on Prince Ying’s behalf? Right now, you still haven’t become the official Princess Ying, right?”

Chu Qing-Yan shrugged her shoulders. “But a person’s life is more important than money, don’t have it when you are born, can’t take it with you when you die. You can’t just stuff the money into your coffin when you die of old age! In any case, the authority over the finances of Prince Ying’s manor is in my hand. I have the final say in everything relating to money!”

Cheng Yan-Luo felt this little girl was more and more to her taste, she lifted up a hand and smiled brightly. “It’s a deal.”

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand to hit hers. “Then that’s settled.”

Fire Spirit who was living in the medicinal hall almost tripped and fell down. My little ancestor ah, how could you so lightly promise to take care of the expenditures of this medicinal hall for ten years ah! Wasn’t this too careless?

Wait until master wakes up and sees how much of a spendthrift you are, he would have a headache!

After handing the box over to Chu Qing-Yan, Cheng Yan-Luo didn’t want to turn around and face the person behind her, so she said to Chu Qing-Yan. “I’m going in to see your family’s Big Block of Ice’s current situation.” After all, this Snake Kiss poison’s toxicity was very potent. If by chance something unexpected happened, then the gains won’t make up for the losses.

Cheng Yan-Luo didn’t turn her head before walking away.

Chu Qing-Yan held the box in her hand and looked at the shocked Air Spirit not far away. She sighed and couldn’t help but walk over. She said in a tone of him failing to live up to expectations. “Air Spirit, I always thought you are a wise man. But what I saw just now really stunned me. I really think Older Sister Yan-Luo’s temperament is too good. If it happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to endure not smashing the box in my hand on your head.”

Just now when she was inside taking care of Big Block of Ice, Sha Feng just so happened to be passing by. After finding out that Yan-Luo was so busily searching for the box, she couldn’t squash the thought of going over to help. But she didn’t expect to see the scene that happened here.

Air Spirit smiled with heartache. “Little Consort, I was so anxious that it overruled my head, so that I misunderstood Little Yan.”

“No matter how you say it, you already hurt her, find an opportunity and explain it to her properly. I feel Older Sister Yan-Luo is a really nice young lady. If you really like her, then stop hiding.” Chu Qing-Yan shook her head, turned and wanted to leave, but soon after she thought of something, and said it in a soft voice. “It’s hard for a female to prop up this medicinal center. I heard those little disciples say that Divine Doctor Luo continuously tried to introduce Older Sister Yan-Luo to outstanding males around him. He wanted the guy to help her with the sect, but she rejected all of them. Just think, a female at her prime, strongly attached to a place, unwilling to accept other males, why was she doing that?”

“Understanding too late is letting people down.”

She didn’t see Air Spirit’s body stiffen for an instant, she left after she finished speaking.

Why would she have such a rueful feeling?

Because she recalled one of her own older female cousins. At that time, she waited for a man for ten years. But that man thought she was already married, so he married someone else in another city and had kids. Until afterwards when the two ran into each other before the truth was revealed. The man wept bitter tears, while her cousin turned and left. In the end, she drifted over the ocean and left that place that made her broken hearted.

She would never forget her cousin’s pair of eyes that was red from crying. It was full of despair, sorrow and the expression of being let down.

Waiting for ten years became a pain that cut open her heart.

So she didn’t want to see such tragedy occur again.

Chu Qing-Yan held the box and walked back into the room. At one glance, she saw Cheng Yan-Luo standing before the window, lost in thought. She thought, no matter how strong, a female that runs into the feeling of love would also become weak and helpless.

Cheng Yan-Luo heard the noise and turned her eyes to look toward the door. “Little sister Qing-Yan, you returned.” Before she finished speaking, she saw another figure walk in.

“Why did you come?” She said in a cold voice.

Air Spirit looked towards her, eyes full of self-blame. “Little Yan, just now I shouldn’t have misunderstood you. I apologize.”

Chu Qing-Yan hearing this, smiled slightly. Looks like the word she just said still had some results.

“I don’t need an apology from a person who has nothing to do with me.” Cheng Yan-Luo had her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at him disdainfully.

Air Spirit knew that right now she was in the midst of being angry, and won’t forgive him in a short while. He smiled helplessly before turning his gaze toward Chu Qing-Yan. “Little Consort, now you have the Red Stone Fruit, then you are still lacking Ice Crystal Flower and Keeping Passion leaf. The whereabouts of Ice Crystal Flower, this subordinate has heard of before.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes lit up. “Where is it?”

Although her mood right now was extremely displeased, even Cheng Yan-Luo’s attention was also attracted by his words.

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