Adorable Consort – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240 – A freak combination of factor they missed each other

“Big Block of Ice we will arrive safely, right?” When she didn’t get the answer in time, she couldn’t help but ask again.

Xiao Xu extended his hand and placed it on her head, his wide sleeves covered her pair of eyes. She couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly. “Yes, this king will definitely let you arrive safely.”

“En!” Chu Qing-Yan’s smile was visible again, Dongting that guy didn’t deceive her, Big Block of Ice had made thorough preparations. How could he be so easily knocked down?

Only at that time, she didn’t notice Xiao Xu said he will let her arrive safely. In this “safely” he didn’t include himself.

Seeing the little fellow happily enter the door and loudly call Xi Ning, Xiao Xu’s lips rose up slightly.

When she left, he was sitting inside writing the memos to the emperor, but his heart had already started to miss the little fellow. Until just now when the servants came to report she had returned, that was his heart became more settled. After waiting for a short while and he still didn’t see her enter the door, he went out to take a look. Unexpectedly he heard her and Air Spirit’s dialogue.

Was going back on a promise something hard to forgive in a lifetime?

Being abandoned once, then one won’t believe in it time and time again.

The little fellow’s temper was very decisive, a bit like his.

However, perhaps the many promises he gave were all about to be renounced.

A noble and just person that was not contaminated with mortal life now suddenly had an expression of loneliness and frustration as if he was about to fail.

Early in the morning, Chu Qing-Yan told Jin Xin to wake everyone up.

“My little ancestor ah, now is what time ah? Paying a visit so early in the morning, maybe they haven’t even woken up!” Fire Spirit yawned, giving off the impression of having just gotten out of bed.

“Be obedient, put away your gloominess. Haven’t you heard what’s called with all sincerity ah? We are beseeching them for help, of course we must arrive early. Maybe when they open the door and see us, they will be moved and will agree to treat daddy’s illness. Wouldn’t it be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction?” Chu Qing-Yan had her arms crossed over her chest. Compared to the courtyard full of people seriously lacking sleep, her smile was bright, lively and crisp.

Earth Spirit tightly gripped the sword handle in his hand, last night he patrolled all night and hadn’t had the chance to catch up on his sleep.

Wood Spirit silently held in his arms the products he just made. Last night he deciphered the blueprints for a night and hadn’t slept yet.

While Air Spirit stood silently on the side with a pair of bruised bluish-green eyes. It could clearly be seen that he also didn’t sleep last night.

But now Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have the time to care about them so much. Eat well, drink well and fast, let these several people take eat and drink their full, then prepare to hit the road.

Xiao Xu sat on the side watching the little fellow busy with this and that. He gave a light cough.

As a result Fire Spirit stopped complaining, Earth Spirit started to drink the congee, Wood Spirit obediently started to eat and Air Spirit continued to look with an empty expression at the sky.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that this cough by Big Block of Ice really had a lot of deterrence power. In the future, she also will stealthily learn a bit of this. Then she could use deterrence on these arrogant Xiao Lie Cavalry soldiers that never took her words seriously.

Very quickly, everyone left the courtyard.

She heard this Junior Sister of Air Spirit lived halfway up the mountain. They needed to pass through towns and find that mountain, then climb up it.

Not far from Yang Xia county halfway up a mountain, there was a grass hut that took up a large area. Although the exterior seemed simple and crude, made only from wood and rice straw, however, it had everything one would need inside it.

At this time the tightly closed straw door opened. Several plain clothed youths walked out, their hands held many types of medicinal herbs. Then they spread it out on the large stone outside, preparing to dry the medicinal herbs.

After a short while, a female walked out. She had a bamboo basket on her back, two youths following behind her. And the several youths drying the herbs immediately stood up and said respectfully to her. “Morning Senior Sister.”

The wise and beautiful looking female smiled, nodded her head and explained. “These medicinal herbs are used to make Settle the Mind pills. It must not have a bit of moisture, all of you guys must properly dry it for me!”

Her tone was clear, elegant and straightforward. The red rose colored teardrop at her forehead flickered with a beautiful color that dazzled the eyes as before.

This person just so happened to be the female Chu Qing-Yan bumped into last night, the person in charge of this grass hut. She was also the person Chu Qing-Yan’s group thought of and searched for day and night, Air Spirit’s Junior Sister, Cheng Yan-Luo.

“Yes! We will certainly follow Senior Sister’s instructions carefully.” Several youths smilingly replied.

“What’s so funny, when doing things, one must have the proper appearance of doing things!” Cheng Yan-Luo’s expression was strict and her extremely beautiful face had an imposing manner.

The several people immediately put away their smiles and seriously said. “We know our wrong, and we will certainly do things carefully.”

Only now did Cheng Yan-Luo nod in satisfaction. “Go do your work!”


She had just finished speaking when another male walked out of the grass hut. Blue robe hanging down, simple and unadorned. One only heard him somewhat worriedly say. “Senior Sister, are you going to pick medicinal herbs again? I heard a ferocious beast appeared on Yang Feng mountain recently. It’s best to change to another time!”

Cheng Yan-Luo somewhat disapprovingly said. “Third Junior Brother, when did you become so old-womanish? You say, if ferocious beasts see me, is it me that will be afraid or them that will be afraid?”


He reckoned that it should be the ferocious beasts that will make a strategic withdrawal when faced with Senior Sister. She carried poison on her body, it was enough to handle those beasts.

“Moreover I need to bring these two little junior brothers out to learn through experience. Otherwise, they won’t even know how to pick medicinal herbs. Moreover, west city’s old woman’s medicine is about to be used up. If we don’t have White Ocean grass, we won’t be able to suppress her disease. This matter is of great importance, I need to personally go and do this.” Cheng Yan-Luo lifted the bamboo basket on her back, beckoned to the two little junior brothers and was preparing to turn around and leave.

“Then when will Senior Sister return?” Sha Feng couldn’t help but take a step forward.

“Earliest three days, latest five days, in any case, all the stuff inside this door is handed over to you. If I find any mistake when I return, then be cautious of your skin.” Cheng Yan-Luo raised her eyebrows at him, then left without looking back.

Sha Feng rubbed his own head, Senior Sister’s shrewishness is getting stronger each day. If she continued to be this shrewish, he was afraid there wouldn’t be anyone who would want her!

Cheng Yan-Luo brought the two junior brothers down the mountain, their pace wasn’t fast but they still arrived at the bottom of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

“Senior Sister, it seems as if some people are heading towards us.” One little junior brother pointed at the group of people in the distance and said this to her.

“I suppose they are here to seek medical treatment or ask for medicines. You don’t need to pay them any attention, in any case, with your Third Junior brother there, we’ll go first. We need to rush to climb up Yang Feng mountain before sunset.” Cheng Yan-Luo didn’t even look before turning to walk toward another path.


And that group of people wasn’t anyone else, it was Chu Qing-Yan’s group that rushed steadily and slowly over.

“Little young master, it ought to be up ahead.” Fire Spirit smilingly said as he pointed at the grass hut halfway up the mountain.

Chu Qing-Yan looked into the distance, her heart was overjoyed. To travel far and wide looking for it, then finally finding it so easily.

They finally arrived.

The group of people went up the mountain. When that grass hut came into view, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but sigh with feeling. This place was in agreement with an old famous Chinese poem she learned before.

Build a house in the border, with no noise from horse carriages.

Asking the gentlemen why is it like this? The heart was so far as to be prejudiced.

Picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, unhurriedly looking at the Southern Mountains.

The atmosphere on the mountain was beautiful day and night, the birds had returned once again.

Inside this there is true meaning, wishing to recognize the already forgotten words.

She unconsciously recited this poem out and got Xiao Xu’s attention. “If you like it, in the future, let people build one for you.”

Chu Qing-Yan smiled sweetly at him. “Then in the future, we will live here in the spring and appreciate the flowers. In the summer, we will admire the moon. In the fall, we will appreciate the chrysanthemum. In the winter, we will admire the snow, how about it?”

A pair of black jade like eyes moved a bit. In the end, he controlled his expression and agreed. “Okay.”

Another promise was added to the promises he would not be able to fulfill.

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