Adorable Consort – Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 – Meet a deceitful person, who was interested in them shrieked, shrieked

This was the first time she came out alone with Big Block of Ice. In the past if it wasn’t Gu Rong or Gu Yi by her side, then it would be Fire Spirit and Xi Ning. It was also the first time the two of them walked on an unfamiliar street.

She told the person at her side what she was thinking, she wanted him to feel the same. A pity Big Block of Ice was too unromantic and only glanced faintly at her. “Look properly at the road and don’t fall down.”

Don’t know how this little fellow’s head was filled with these deep emotions, Xiao Xu shook his head.

“Ouch, I fell down.” A 15 to 16 year old young lady dressed in pink walked to the front of them and suddenly, her foot turned askew and she fell softly in front of them. Her mouth weakly shouted this and used what she felt was the most beautiful pose to slowly fall down.

Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes, without rhyme or reason why did this person fall down? Was it possible they encountered a scam?

“Oh, Miss how come you fell?” A woman dressed as a servant girl immediately ran forward, she crouched down, adopting a posture of wanting to help her. But in trying to help, both of them fell to the ground.

One only saw that Miss dressed in pink lift up her face with lovey-dovey eyes that had specks of glistening teardrops as she said to Xiao Xu. “This young master, my family’s maid has very little strength and can’t help me up. Is it possible for you to lend a hand and help me up?”

This full of pretending to be weak tone was matched with that pair of eyes that won’t stop looking at Big Block of Ice’s body. Chu Qing-Yan suddenly came to a realization, it turned out that they didn’t encounter a scam, rather they encountered someone hitting on them.

If it was normally, Xiao Xu would simply ignore this pair of mistress and servant, only that just by chance now the stream of people was congested. And also these two people were blocking them, so Xiao Xu turned his head to look at Chu Qing-Yan at his side.

Chu Qing-Yan got his message and sighed. She handed the two windmills in her hand to the person at her side. Then she took a step forward to say kindly. “This Miss, I’ll help you get up.”

“Little young master, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the kindness, rather I’m afraid you won’t be able to support me.” That Miss dressed in pink held a embroidered handkerchief to cover her face. Her eyes would float from time to time to Xiao Xu. The more she looked at him, the more her heart fluttered restlessly. This young master was really handsome. He was more masculine than any male she had ever seen in Ping Yang city. The more she looked at his cold temperament, the more she liked it.

Chu Qing-Yan had no choice but to turn and shrug her shoulders at Xiao Xu. “This miss feels she is too heavy, other people can’t help her up. Then cousin, it’s best that we let people as strong as an ox to help this miss up. If by chance we aren’t careful and let her fall, then that would be our fault.”

A trace of a smile floated from the depth of Xiao Xu’s eyes, but his expression was deadly serious as he said. “What you said is correct. Let us make way for other people. Otherwise holding up people that could help this Miss up won’t be good.”

Chu Qing-Yan secretly said in her heart. Looks like this Big Block of Ice was also two-faced. Only he never showed it normally.

The Miss dressed in pink saw the two’s words complementing each other’s, after which they took a detour around them and left. Immediately, she somewhat angrily clenched her fist. She really shot herself in the foot. If that little young master complied, then she would have seized the opportunity to talk to that other young master by now.

“Miss what to do? Rhose two people have walked away” The maid asked somewhat anxiously.

“Let the bodyguards check these two people’s origins and identity. I must see him again!” The Miss dressed in pink stood up, watching as that elegant handsome young master dressed in black with jet black hair slowly became submerged in the sea of people. Her heart was completely unreconciled.

She, Liu Fu, there was nothing she couldn’t get in Ping Yang city!

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at the master and servant pair behind her and shook her head. Now it was not popular to use this method to hit on someone. These two really were somewhat stupid. Hitting on a strange male on the main street and not afraid he wasn’t a bad guy!

At this time, several other young ladies looked at Big Block of Ice with smitten expressions. Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at the person at her side, she still felt it’s best Big Block of Ice wore a mask or the gauze hat. He looked so good as to break the law, but to let him come out to harm others is a mistake.

Chu Qing-Yan seriously quelled the objections, it wasn’t because she felt unwell from watching others stare fixedly at Big Block of Ice.

“Up ahead is a restaurant, do you want to go in and eat dinner?” Xiao Xu looked at the Welcome Spring restaurant up ahead and asked the person at his side. Tonight she only ate a few steamed buns, quite possibly after strolling down the entire street, she would be yelling that she’s starving again.

Chu Qing-Yan hearing this looked ahead, immediately both eyes gave off light. But it wasn’t because of the restaurant, rather it was the vender’s stall across the restaurant that was selling sweet glutinous rice balls and wontons.

“Big Block of Ice, I want to eat sweet glutinous rice balls, sesame rice balls, peanut rice balls!” Chu Qing-Yan pulled at his sleeves while jumping up and down. She knew Big Block of Ice was born royal, she was afraid he would be disdainful of the stuff these vendors and hawker were selling.

“Don’t you have all the money? Do you think I even have a say in it?” Xiao Xu said, making fun of her.

Chu Qing-Yan slapped her head, that’s right ah. She actually forgot this. She had all the money, so the person in charge with the right to make decisions was on her side here. After realizing this, she very complacently said. “I can not deny you the right to have a say, but the power to decide is in my hand. Hahaha, quick, quick, quick, my saliva is about to fall out!”

Saying this, Chu Qing-Yan impatiently wanted to run over.

The people were coming and going, there were also an endless stream of horses and carriages. Xiao Xu didn’t feel assured, one hand pulled her hand to stop her. His other hand helped her hold the windmills, shaking his head and laughing in spite of himself as he walked toward the vendor’s stall with her.

And in the restaurant across from the vendor’s stall, one window just so happened to be open. Two large lanterns were hung on top of the small vendor’s stall, brightly lighting up the area around the stall to some degree, to the extent that the person standing by the window at a glance was able to see Chu Qing-Yan and Big Block of Ice. Maybe it was also because these two people’s appearance were too outstanding

That pair of bloated eyes immediately opened wide when he saw the distinctly handsome Xiao Xu dressed in black. As if he was an hungry dog that saw a piece of bone.

“This person’s good looks really makes people’s heart itch!” He couldn’t help but say softly, exclaiming.

At this moment, the person sitting in the private room saw the noble guest hadn’t replied to him for a long time so he couldn’t help but get up to have a look. When he saw the infatuated expression on the noble guest’s face and that outstanding handsome male under the lights, his heart suddenly understood.

“Honorable Liu, do you fancy that male?”

“What is boss Zhao saying, this official is a stately tall macho man, how could I fancy another male? Aren’t you insulting this official?” Liu Ying still used upright words to say. Yes he said this, but it couldn’t cover up the greed in his pair of eyes.

Zhao Qing clearly understood and smiled. “That is not this person’s meaning. I merely felt that if this person could enter honorable sir’s eyes, it is also his good fortune. Who doesn’t know Honorable Liu’s identity and status? How many people would dream of being a subordinate under your hand?”

Hearing this person’s praise of him, immediately Liu Ying was all smiles. “Boss Zhao really knows how to talk!”

“Then wait until your huge 60th birthday feast, how about this person deliver them to your home to participate in your birthday feast?” Zhao Qing said with hidden meaning in his words.

Having mingled among the bureaucracy for a long time, he was also very sophisticated. Liu Ying stroked his chin, glanced at the two people chatting and laughing at the vendor’s stall, his obese pair of eyes narrowed. “Then this official won’t be polite, the small youth at his side is also not bad, delivering them together is best!”

Zhao Qing understood the implied meaning, it may be assumed this person not only liked males, he even liked young boys. He smiled insincerely and said. “Certainly won’t fail to live up to Honorable sir’s expectations.”


Editor comments:
Chu Qing-Yan and Xiao Xu is a pair of black bellied couple though. Liu Ying is a disgusting old man.

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