Adorable Consort – Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 – Use powerful connections to intimidate, who’s afraid of whom

Although she didn’t know why Big Block of Ice would suddenly think of going together with her to Chu Manor, Chu Qing-Yan chose not to question this too much.

Otherwise, the gloominess that was dispersed from Big Block of Ice’s heart with great difficulty would come back with just one question from her. Then wouldn’t it be that the gains don’t make up for the losses?

Once Big Block of Ice was going, Gu Rong and Gu Yi also followed along.

She recalled the first time she saw Big Block of Ice in Chu Manor, the two people that followed by his side were this pair of twins. At that time, she couldn’t tell who was who. Now she could tell them apart.

The man with the big smile and evil intentions is Guo Rong, the gloomy faced one is Gu Yi.

Although the two of them weren’t very satisfied with her, but because of Big Block of Ice’s intentional protection of her this period of time, in addition to Fire Spirit group’s people treating her differently, Guo Rong and Guo Yi didn’t express such rejection of her as before. But they also didn’t get much closer to her either.

At most, they would bow when they met her, and had no other objections. Afterall, the two of them were punished to being hit by boards because of her. Because of feelings and reasons, it was normal she was unpleasant in their eyes. And she had no reason to try and change because of how others viewed her. Afterall, some things are bound to happen naturally. She had no way to change people who had bad opinions of her.

Their departure was imminent, and tomorrow her parents probably won’t come out to send them off. So today’s separation, afraid it was going to be a long time before they saw each other again. As a result, Chu Qing-Yan sat in the same carriage as her parents while Xiao Xu sat in a horse carriage by himself.

There was a bit of distance between Chu Manor and Prince Ying manor. By the time they arrived, an hour had passed.

Daddy Chu and Mother Chu first got out of the carriage and Chu Qing-Yan followed right after.

She lifted her eyes to look at the large gate to Chu manor. Because of her bestowed marriage, Western Xuan emperor rewarded Chu family with a lot of stuff. Those silvers were all misappropriated by Chu family. They were impatient to rebuild Chu family. By the time they come back, almost all the money would have already be spent.

So this Chu Manor could be considered to be gilded on the outside and shabby inside.

On the outside it looked wealthy, but inside had already been emptied out.

Originally, the two servants standing at the gate ignored the people that came out from the horse carriage. Suddenly they saw Chu Qing-Yan get off the carriage, and their arrogant appearance of not having seen them immediately became polite as they attentively bowed towards her. “Ninth Miss Chu has returned to the manor, your presence brightens this humble dwelling!”

Chu Qing-Yan lamented, the typical model of seeing the ways things flow and following to curry favor!

And at this moment, Xiao Xu had also gotten off his carriage and slowly walked over. The servants had never seen him, but seeing him get off Prince Ying’s horse carriage and also wearing a mask, a chill passed through them and with a ‘thump’ sound, they kneeled down. “Ying, His Highness Prince Ying——”

Chu Qing-Yan shrugged her shoulders towards him, looks like his reputation was still well-known!

Xiao Xu rightfully took the lead and stepped foot inside the manor.

While Chu Qing-Yan brought her parents to follow closely behind.

Once Elder Master Chu and others heard His Highness Prince Ying had arrived, he immediately convened everyone to wait in the front courtyard.

When Chu Qing-Yan stepped into the courtyard, she was scared by the courtyard full of people. Besides the last time of Elder Master Chu’s grand birthday feast, she had never seen such neatly arranged family.

“His Highness Prince Ying has graced us with your arrival, excuse me for not going out to meet you. Please sit.” Elder Master Chu smiled with a wrinkled face like a chrysanthemum.

And the other people immediately stepped forward to agree.

Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched. In the modern world everything depended on people’s face, now in the ancient world everything depended on people’s power. If it was changed to her parents returning, very likely these people’s attitude would be disdainful and beneath contempt.

Xiao Xu did not decline and sat in the master seat.

While Chu Qing-Yan walked to his side and stood there with her back straight. She wanted to see what Big Block of Ice’s purpose in coming here was. Otherwise, based on his temperament of not liking social scenes, he shouldn’t have had this kind of reaction.

The seats were positioned based on the position in the family hierarchy. Elder Master Chu, Elder Madam Chu, her parents, second master Chu and wife, third master Chu and wife, fourth master Chu and wife. Afterwards on the other side was Chu De-Chang, these several young guys and ladies.

“Don’t know if His Highness’ sudden arrival is because of some matters?” Madam Xing’s conduct had always been smart and she also had the money and power to be in the position. After bringing the servants to serve tea, she covered her mouth with a handkerchief and chuckled while saying this.

Once Madam Xing said this, everyone’s gaze furtively gathered on the body of the person sitting on the master seat.

Prince Ying’s ruthless reputation, everyone could describe in detail. No one dared to so openly look at him. Moreover, the Prince Ying wearing a mask made people feel he was sinister. Young guys and girls didn’t even dare to lift their head up.

Chu Qing-Yan saw everyone’s reactions and only felt it was laughable. The goodness of her family’s Big Block of Ice, she doesn’t need to explain to these insignificant people.

“With regards to your parents moving, Qing-Yan you explain it!” Xiao Xu only said this sentence, then leaned back into his chair. He gave off the expression of completely handing this matter over to her.

Everyone that heard this was somewhat puzzled. They had no choice but to turn their gaze towards Chu Qing-Yan.

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly, very quickly she took over the topic. “Great uncle, Great aunt, uncle and aunts, I am indebted to everyone’s many days of care to my parents. Now Qing-Yan has found a place for my parents to live, so we won’t need to come and disturb everyone anymore.”

Elder Madam Chu heard this and did not agree. This First Master Chu and his wife lived in Chu Manor, even if Xiao Xu right now didn’t pamper their daughter, a thin camel was still larger than a horse. At least, they could fish up some profit. Now if the two were to leave, then won’t they lose two money trees for nothing!

Ever since Xiao Xu and Chu family were related by marriage, those high-ranking officials and nobility often sent gifts to the manor. In fact, it was to make a connection, and when they the Chu family walked outside, they also got some prestige. After all they had a granddaughter, a niece that was the consort of the royal family. Even if they commited a crime, the people outside still gave them face and eased the punishment. So Chu family used this layer of relationship and didn’t shorten daddy Chu and mother Chu’s food and clothing expense, though they weren’t given the best.

As a result, Elder Madam Chu pretended to be surprised. “Are you looking down the on Chu family, that Chu family’s food and clothing is not good enough, so you want to establish another household?”

When Elder Madam Chu said this, everyone’s disapproving gaze was tossed over towards Chu Qing-Yan.

And Madam Xing also insincerely asked Daddy Chu and Mother Chu. “Is it because us Chu family didn’t treat First Master and Madam Chu well? If there are places that we are inattentive in, hope that First Master and Madam would mention it. We will definitely correct it.”

These words were said as if she was wronged. As if her parents were the picky ones, forcing them to compromise.

Madam Wang also nodded to say. “If First Master and Madam have words, then say it directly. We are all one family and don’t need to speak in two ways.”

The people speaking were all female. Those males pretended to be sitting on walls to observe this. In any case, with the females speaking, there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be done.

Chu Qing-Yan could see through their trick in one glance. She couldn’t help but coldly snort. The skin on these people’s faces were really thicker than the city’s wall.

They wore the most fashionable clothing that was on the market, whereas her parents wore clothing that was old. They really had the nerve to say this.

“Whatever you want to say, say it. This king is here.” Suddenly, these words came from her side.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly understood, Big Block of Ice was helping her put on a front.


Using powerful connections to intimidate, who’s afraid of whom!

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