Adorable Consort – Chapter 266

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Chapter 266 – The Snow Lotus from the Heavenly Mountain range coincidentally extends life

The cloaked person had just retreated with his people, after Xiao Xu spit out a mouthful of black blood, he closed his eyes.

“Air Spirit you have a look, how is His Highness right now?” Chu Qing-Yan shouted in a flurry.

Air Spirit quickly stepped forward, his fingers pressed on Xiao Xu’s wrist and a short period later, he give a breath of relief. “Master only passed out.”

“Five steps seal the throat, seven steps you will die?” Chu Qing-Yan’s hand couldn’t stop trembling. Fortunately the person in front of her only seemed to have a gossamer breath but at least she could still feel his pulse. Her heart calmed down slightly.

“Now master is still in good health, does this mean he is fine?” Fire Spirit had a trace of hope as he looked toward Air Spirit.

“Now he is in good health doesn’t mean in the future he will be fine. When master was young, he had eaten the Snow Lotus from Heavenly Mountain ranges. One effect of the Snow Lotus from the Heavenly Mountains is to increase the human body’s resistance to poison. The reason why the poison hasn’t taken effect is because the Snow Lotus in master body is suppressing the Snake Kiss poison. If it weren’t for having the Snow Lotus, master would have already died. But this Snow Lotus from the Heavenly Mountain ranges isn’t the antidote. Once it lose its effectiveness, then master——” Air Spirit spoke up to here, bit his teeth and didn’t continue. But the meaning buried in it, everyone was clear about.

“Then what is the antidote? Now matter what kind of precious medicine, even if we have to snatch it, we’ll get if for master!” Earth Spirit said.

Hearing this, Air Spirit shook his head and gave a bitter smile. “If there is an antidote, then I wouldn’t be standing here. Snake Kiss Poison, is the venom extracted from the teeth of the king of ten thousand snakes. Accompanied with 49 different kinds of poisonous substances to make the Snake Kiss. It’s very poisonous, it is ranked among the top three poisons in the world out of the ten. Currently, no one has developed an antidote for it.”

Once this was said, everyone became alarmed.

“Is there no other way?” Fire Spirit grabbed his hair, spinning around in place.

Air Spirit lowered his head and sighed. Right now he was also very worried, at that time he was sent to his master, just so that one day his medical skills would be of use. But now master’s body was contaminated with a very toxic poison, while he was powerless. This really wasted those years he was apprenticed to his master.

Just when everyone was extremely worried, a voice like thunder suddenly split apart the heavy atmosphere.

“No matter what, taking advantage of the fact the Snake Kiss hasn’t taken effect, we still have time. Now we have to first find a place to pull out the arrow in His Highness’s body. After treating his wound, then we can talk about countermeasures!”

Everyone turned toward the little consort whose head was lowered and was hugging master tightly.

“What the Little Consort said is correct, our top priority is to find a safe place. No one knows if there will be another sneak attack or not.” Wood Spirit nodded.

“Okay, everyone lets move!” Earth Spirit said to everyone.

Fire Spirit dealt with the scene of attack, Earth Spirit went to look for a place where they could stay for a time. Wood Spirit fixed the horse carriage. Air Spirit watched over master unblinkingly, afraid of anything else that may happen.

Each member of the Xiao Lie Cavalry had their own duties, their speed of doing things speaks for itself. In a cup of tea’s time, everyone had completed their task and assembled.

“Little consort, we have already found a safe place to stay for a while, now we can go over there.” Earth Spirit said.

“Okay, carefully lift His Highness onto the carriage, pay attention not to touch his wound.” Chu Qing-Yan immediately ordered.


Earth Spirit and Air Spirit moved their master into the carriage.

And Chu Qing-Yan who was kneeling, letting Xiao Xu’s head use her knees as his pillow finally stood up in the rain. Maybe it was because she had kneeled for too long, on top of the fact that the weather was too cold, she had long ago lost the senses in both legs. Now she still hadn’t stood up completely when her entire person fell forward.

Jin Xin’s eyes and hands were quick as he caught her, sparing her from falling to the ground.

“I’m fine, we need to hurry, I’m afraid there are still assassins!” Chu Qing-Yan was supported by his hand while she hurriedly said this.

“Okay.” Jin Xin didn’t say more and helped her get into the carriage.

Now inside the carriage, besides Big Block of Ice there was also Air Spirit. Other people had found their horses and already jumped on.

Very quickly, everyone arrived at the entrance to a cave. All around were dense trees and bushes, if one didn’t look carefully, you simply wouldn’t see this cave.

Chu Qing-Yan had Xiao Xu settled inside the cave, inside a fire had already been lit.

“Little Consort, this subordinate must first help master take care of the wound. Can you provide assistance on the side?” Air Spirit took out the medicine box that he always carried on him, then said this to Chu Qing-Yan on the side.

“Okay, as long as there are places where I can help, you just say so.” Chu Qing-Yan said without the slightest hesitation.

Air Spirit nodded. “In a short while this subordinate will pull out the arrow, once I pull the arrow, you must cover the wound. This subordinate will quickly put on the medicine.”

“Okay.” Chu Qing-Yan agreed.

Air Spirit cut off both ends of the arrow, picked up a blade and passed it over the flame, very quickly it turned red. Air Spirit sized this moment to use the blade to cut open the wound, in the air was a burning odor.

She looked at Big Block of Ice’s brows which wrinkled slightly, and her heart felt distressed.

But very quickly she held her breath, Air Spirit ordered to pull and she immediately stepped forward to cover the wound that was squirting out blood with gauze. Air Spirit quickly dealt with the wound. After a short while, that wound had already been wrapped up.

“Fortunately this arrow was shot slanted, Just a little more centered and it would have been in the heart.” Soon after, Air Spirit’s hand held that broken arrow and he said this in a somewhat rejoicing tone.

Chu Qing-Yan took off Xiao Xu’s outer and inner clothing, then put it on the rack near the fire to dry. She knew an injured person shouldn’t catch a cold, otherwise the consequences would be too terrible to contemplate.

“How long can the Snow Lotus in His Highness’s body suppress the poison?” This was the question she was most concerned about.

“Three days, at most three days.” Air Spirit’s voice suddenly lowered.

“Three days, we still have three days! These three days we can’t give up. Air Spirit, you think more carefully, use all your abilities, see if you can find a way! Each thing has its own place, you’ll certainly find a way!” Chu Qing-Yan said this seriously, although her heart wasn’t certain, but she never thought of giving up! As long as there is a bit of hope, even just a tiny bit, she must strive hard to fight for it.

“Yes! This subordinate will give his all!” Air Spirit nodded and agreed!

“Begging you!” Chu Qing-Yan seriously nodded toward him.

“Little Consort you are being too polite, this is something this subordinate ought to do. Besides, by being unable to provide care to His Highness in a timely manner, this subordinate had already neglected my job.” Air Spirit said somewhat self mockingly, soon after he stood up and said to her. “You first take care of His Highness, this subordinate will go to look at the conditions of other people’s injuries.”

“Go.” Chu Qing-Yan nodded, this time Xiao Lie Cavalry had very bitter loses and injuries. Only that these strong men swallowed the hardship in their hearts. None of them expressed it on their faces, she was sincerely moved.

Now she lowered her head and used the cloth she just cut off from her clothing to help wipe clean Xiao Xu’s body. “Big Block of Ice, you must get better quickly. I am still waiting for you to take me to travel around the world!”

Her finger was already pale from being soaked in rainwater, but she didn’t even feel it as she earnestly took care of the person in front of her.

After a short while, that tightly closed eyelid moved, then slowly those eyes opened, thin lips moved lightly. “Qing-Yan——”

Chu Qing-Yan who was using all her effort to hang up the clothes, hearing this, immediately turned around and said in a pleasantly surprised tone. “Big Block of Ice, you woke up?”

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