Adorable Consort – Chapter 238

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Chapter 238 – In the moonlight on the tree to explain the state of affairs

Dongting Wang-Yu took a glance at her. His heart was somewhat upset. “So nervous?”

Chu Qing-Yan automatically ignored this sentence of his and said somewhat anxiously, “You say it clearly, what is called provoking big trouble, what big trouble?”

Being sprayed with a faceful of saliva by the person in front of him, Dongting Wang-Yu regretted the momentary lapse of his loose lips.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll tell you. First you must move your claws! “Dongting Wang-Yu pointed at her claws that pulled at his collar. If she didn’t let go, he would be strangled to death by her.

Hearing this, Chu Qing Yan released him. “Quickly tell me!”

Dongting Wang-Yu straightened his clothes then slowly said, “Do you think the commotion you guys caused in Ping Yang city this time, that the capital wouldn’t know? Do you really think it was as simple as Xiao Xu only flipping over Liu Ying manor?

He shook his head and gave a sneering laugh. “Xiao Xu this time not only rectified Ping Yang City, rather, using Ping Yang City as the start, he cut off Liu Shi this vein that is rooted deep under Western Xuan’s imperial power with branches spread out everywhere. It implicated many counties and provinces. Along my travels to here, I already heard that in the capital, because of the officials in Ping Yang City spitting out names after names, they have already arrested more than thirty important imperial officials in the capital. One implicating another, just like catching rats in summer, more and more accurate!!”

“So serious? “She was somewhat flabbergasted. Such a small Ping Yang City actually flipped out a rats’ nest!

When Dongting Wang-Yu saw her expression, he knew that she didn’t know. But as a friend, he still felt it was necessary to talk to her about the current situation. Otherwise when she was killed because of being implicated, she wouldn’t even know the reason why when she was murdered.

“Officials cover up for each other. Plenty of people wear the same pair of pants, but when one person falls, then a large number of people would capsize at the same time. And this time, Xiao Xu did it in such an irrefutable way!”

“To bring the general practices under control, punishing the abuse and corruption, isn’t this normal?” Listening to his tone, Chu Qing-Yan felt some annoyance. She always felt he didn’t approve of how Big Block of Ice handled the matter.

Dongting Wang-Yu ignored her tone of tit for tat, and changed to another position to lean against the tree. His expression was lazy as he slowly said. “Little girl, that’s because you are too naive. Don’t you know that officialdom is also a fierce battle? No one guessed a person that should be traveling north to dig for a mine, how could he pass through Ping Yang city? Even if he was passing through Ping Yang city, how could he unexpectedly appear inside Liu manor? Moreover, even if Liu manor grabbed him by mistake, then why was it that within one night, all the evidence of guilt was placed in front of Liu Ying? Why was it that that same night, the commander-in-chief of Two Rivers led troops to surround the entire Liu manor?”

Under his questions, Chu Qing-Yan slowly became silent. She knew the answers, just not in its entirety.

Dongting Wang-Yu glanced at her and calmly said. “That’s because Xiao Xu’s gaze was already fixed on Liu Ying’s body. Even if he didn’t enter Liu manor because of a mistake, he would have thought of ways to let Liu Ying reveal his fox’s tail. Therefore, the evidence of his guilt must have already been gathered since earlier, choosing the day of Liu Ying’s birthday feast to publicize his crimes to the world. In one night, he seized the officials and merchants that colluded with Liu Ying and made all the evidence gathered on his crimes a reality. In one move, he cut off Liu Ying’s escape route. He also cut off Liu Shi’s time to save this branch. This kind of thunderous method, surveying the entire Western Xuan empire, I’m afraid only Prince Ying would have such courage.”

Although he used a spectator’s identity to analyze this matter, he however couldn’t help but admire Xiao Xu’s quick and violent methods and his meticulous arrangement.

Maybe this person could really become his opponent!

What Dongfang Wang-Yu said, she basically agreed with. Just that the one thing she didn’t understand was why Big Block of Ice had his target set on Liu Ying’s body since earlier?

Originally they were supposed to search for the mine, why did he make a detour to appear in Ping Yang city?

It’s not that she opposed Big Block of Ice getting rid of harm to the people. Rather, her heart felt uneasy about this abnormal action by Big Block of Ice. As if something inexorable and mysterious was about to happen.

“Recently, Western Xuan emperor was just in the midst of thoroughly investigating these officials. Inside the capital, the families that needed to have their houses searched and possessions confiscated got their houses searched and possessions confiscated. The ones that needed to be beheaded got beheaded. The heart of the entire imperial court is alarmed, afraid that due to one carelessness, they would be bitten too. And there are more and more people being executed. This represents that the people Xiao Xu has offended would increase more and more.”

No wonder Fire Spirit’s group received a lot of carrier pigeons along the way. Inside were all letters from near and far. And Big Block of Ice would spend the whole night without sleep to deal with them. It turned out that these were all evidence gathered by Xiao Lie Cavalry. But she never gave a thought to these matters. And when she asked without thinking, Big Block of Ice only said it was official business. It could only be blamed on her for never thinking in that direction!

“So you also must have guessed, Liu Ying being arrested implicated the foundation of Liu Shi and moved the bottom line of Liu family. This young master is guessing that not long in the future, this family with huge hatred will find you guys.”

Chu Qing-Yan pursed her lips, revealing a startled expression. What Dongting Wang-Yu said was correct, Liu family’s matter really was moving against a stubborn deep-rooted problem. Big Block of Ice indeed offended many people because of this matter.

Dongting Wang-Yu finished speaking, but the person at his side was still silent. He couldn’t help but lower his head and saw the little girl’s complexion was a bit pale as if she had a scare. Dongting Wang-Yu suddenly regretted saying these matters. Originally, seeing the little girl livelily and vigorously use words and tone to anger him gave him the thought of telling her these things, just so he could scare her. But now that he had really scared her, he was feeling somewhat unwilling.

“Okay, okay, you shouldn’t worry. Since Xiao Xu dared to do something like this, then it means he already has countermeasures. You should just set your mind at ease and be the little consort. If you are really scared, then follow by this young master’s side. This young master still needs a servant for the coarse works, you are foolish with a silly mind, based on our friendship, this young master won’t look down on you.”

He had just started to speak when a formless foot kicked over.

Dongting Wang-Yu avoided it, and said hatefully. “Hey, you shouldn’t be so undiscriminating. This young master is also saying it out of kindness!”

“This kindness of yours, I appreciate it but won’t thank you for it!” Chu Qing-Yan gave a cold humph, afterwards she agilely got down the tree trunk. Then she lifted her head and made a ghostly face at him.

“Hey, you are leaving so soon, don’t you want to accompany this young master to talk a bit more?” Dongting Wang-Yu had the illusion of being abandoned after she got what she wanted from him.

“The night is too dark, young master Dongting, you ought to go bath and sleep too!” Chu Qing-Yan stood under the tree with her head tilted up to say this to him.

“It really is late.” Dongting Wang-Yu thought a bit, fished out something from his chest pocket and tossed it to her.

Chu Qing-Yan caught it and after looking saw it was a whistle made from bamboo. “Why give me this whistle?”

“When you miss me, you can blow it. Maybe this young master would appear, perhaps!” Dongting Wang-Yu stroked his chin and said this in a bantering manner.

Does this person think he is Aladdin’s magical lamp? Just by rubbing the body of the lamp, he’ll appear?

“You continue with your narcissism, this young lady won’t accompany you!” Chu Qing-Yan waved her hand at him and without turning back she left.

One only saw the person under the moonlight, his bright gaze looking in the direction that young lady left in as he gave a soft sigh.

Xiao Xu, did you really leave an escape route for yourself?

Why do I feel as if you are forcing yourself on a dead end road?

Could this be this young master’s misperception?

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