Adorable Consort – Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – Big Block of Ice also invited me

After they finished eating, that shrewd woman wanted to help clean up, but was tactfully declined by Huang Yi. She didn’t get angry and still maintained her smiling face.

But Chu Qing-Yan felt she looked better not smiling compared to when she smiled. The powder on her face along with the movement of her facial muscle, it was unknown just how much fell off.

The thunder sounded one after another, each time was louder than before, as if it was about to rip the entire heaven and earth apart.

And that black cloud on the horizon was about to merge together with the distant mountain peak. It could be seen that tonight, a tempest would arrive.

At this moment, the shrewd woman held a lantern and said to everyone. “Every guest should rest earlier, I’ll lead you guys up the stairs right now.” Saying this, she walked ahead to lead the way.

As Chu Qing-Yan stepped on the wooden stairs, the creaking sound began. She was somewhat ashamed of being scared so she increased her pace to go up the stairs.

Qing Yi had already split the rooms for everyone. The Retired Emperor gave a lazy stretch and impatiently entered his own room.

Chu Qing-Yan turned her body around and was just about to say good night to Xiao Xu when she heard him say to Xi Ning. “Move your master’s pillow and quilt into my room.”

Once these words were said, not only Xi Ning, even Chu Qing-Yan was stunned!

“Eh, okay, okay.” Xi Ning somewhat incoherently agreed.

Chu Qing-Yan stared in disbelief that the person in front of her would say such things and immediately verified to say. “Big Block of Ice, am I sleeping together with you tonight?”

“En.” Xiao Xu didn’t feel there was anything inappropriate. In any case last night, they had already slept together on the same bed. A night or two extra, with regards to him, there wasn’t much difference.

As a result, in the end, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t even know how she floated into his room.

As she entered through the door, Chu Qing-Yan sized up what was inside the room. It really indeed was like Lu Yi had said, very tidy.

Chu Qing-Yan rubbed the table, then walked to the window. Now the gale was just erupting, outside the trees were already leaning at crazy angles because of the wind. Cold wind poured in so she immediately closed the window tightly.

Xi Ning came in carrying the quilt, after she finished spreading it out properly, she withdrew.

“Tonight sleep earlier, tomorrow if the rain stops, we will need to hasten on our journey!” Xiao Xu said this to her faintly.

Chu Qing-Yan looked toward the sound of his voice and just so happened to see him about to take off his clothes to sleep. He walked over naturally without any embarrassment. His hand reach out to take off his belt, he also took off his outer robe and hung it in the wardrobe.

Maybe it was because this was how the two of them interacted in the prince manor, so now she didn’t feel there was anything inappropriate. When the two people took off their outer clothing, they got on the bed which was already covered with a quilt.

The late autumn night was very cold, it wasn’t as bone piercing cold as winter, but people also couldn’t help to curl up shivering from the cold.

Chu Qing-Yan pulled the quilt all the way to her chin, both eyes rolling around. The mosquito net above her head was black colored, at one glance it looked like a endless, bottomless pit. Her thoughts suddenly diverged.

Xiao Xu saw from the corner of his eyes her slight daydreaming expression. His hand couldn’t help but reach out to cover her eyes. “Sleep, don’t let your imagination run wild.”

From just now when they entered the inn, he already sensed the faint unease coming from her body. It was clear she didn’t have enough experience so she wasn’t strong enough!

His heart had reservations about this inn so he didn’t feel at ease leaving her alone in a room. He felt placing her in front of him would make his heart feel assured. So he brought her into his room without thinking about it.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that slightly warm palm leave her eyelid. She couldn’t help but open one eye and say in a voice full of grievance to the person at her side. “I really want to hurry up and fall asleep. But during the day I slept for too long, now I’m not a bit sleepy.”

Now that the two had their own bed and quilt, Chu Qing-Yan felt it was somewhat cold. She buried her chin into her quilt, she still felt she slept more comfortably yesterday. Big Block of Ice was like a space heater, making her whole body comfortably warm.

As if he sensed her little movements. Xiao Xu pulled open his own quilt. “Come in!”

Chu Qing-Yan felt jubilant. She pushed aside her own quilt and rolled into his quilt. She only stopped after hitting his chest.

The warmth she hadn’t felt for a while surrounded her entire body. It made Chu Qing-Yan so comfortable that she gave a fully satisfied smile.

Xiao Xu saw her face full of contentment, he couldn’t help but feel helpless. She really was an easily satisfied little kitten.

Only people who are satisfied with what they have would easily feel happy and blessed.

After being surrounded by warmth, she became somewhat restless. Chu Qing-Yan flipped over and leaned on the pillow, asking with face full of curiosity. “Big Block of Ice, do you still need to wear a mask when sleeping?”

From when they exited the capital, Big Block of Ice had always worn a gauzed hat. She knew this was to hide his identity. Now, he even wore a mask to sleep, as if no matter the time, he wouldn’t show his real face to people.

“En.” Xiao Xu replied with his eyes closed.

“Big Block of Ice, is the burn on your face really terrible?” She hesitated for a bit before asking the question she always had in her heart.

With her eyes hanging down, she waited for a while but she didn’t hear Big Block of Ice reply. She lifted her head and saw his eyes were closed as if he had fallen asleep. She couldn’t help but give up on this question. Forget it, she estimated that Big Block of Ice had gotten used to wearing it, why should she be tangled on this question.

As a result, she silently counted two hundred boiled dumplings in her mind before falling asleep.

Don’t know at what time the person at his side rubbed against his shoulder, completely using his shoulder as a pillow to lean against.

Xiao Xu turned his head and lowered his eyes, what entered his sight was a head of fine black hair, supple as silk, black like ink jade. A tender light flashed through his eyes. “The right time hasn’t arrived, you’ll eventually be able to see it.”

After muttering this, his long hand pulled and she landed in his embrace. Then he closed his eyes, thirty percent alert and seventy percent asleep.

The heavy rain that had been brewing for an entire afternoon and night finally started to pour down in buckets.

The rumbling of thunder and lightning sounded.

Pea sized raindrops one by one hit against the roof, giving off pitter-patter sounds. In the entire world, besides the fast lightning and majestic heavy rain, no other noise could be heard.

And the small world inside his hug had already become her warm harbor. There wasn’t any torrential rain, gale, fierce winds or lightning.

Hope he could protect her to be safe and happy.

Inside the back kitchen, several figures furtively gathered in a circle to conspire.

“This time, several big fishes came. Looking at their clothes and the things they use, clearly they come from rich and noble backgrounds. It seems tonight we are going to be rich!” The fat guy said greedly.

The cook with knife scars nodded, but he had some misgivings. “These people brought family guards, it seems they are from a family that practice martial arts. Walking around, the number of people seems to be too many, somewhat not easy to deal with!”

Shrewd woman gave a cold laugh. “What are you afraid of, just like last time, let them all pass out, then isn’t it still us doing whatever we please with them?”

“What wife said is correct!” Fat guy nodded non-stop.

“But I always felt that male wearing the gauze hat gives people a terrifying feeling!” The cook with the knife scar said this.

“Don’t always fear everything, we have done it so many times. What kind of difficult masters haven’t we run into? It’s settled, we’ll move around 3 am.” The shrewd woman made the final decision. The remaining two exchanged a mutual glance, having no objections.

In the dark night, the howling wind and torrential rain tyrannized the earth.

And more than a dozen horses ran in the rain. On the horse’s back were black clothed people dressed the same. They carried bows and arrows on their backs, with long swords inserted at their waists. The hoofs of the dark horses made the rain water splash as they ran toward the ferry crossing.

The sounds of their movement were all covered up by the howls of mother earth. These dark shadows blended in with the dark night. If people didn’t look carefully, they simply couldn’t see these black clothed people with thick killing intent.

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