Adorable Consort – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200 – Is Big Block of Ice jealous?

“You know?” Chu Qing-Yan still hadn’t snapped out from the sudden change in the Retired Emperor when she heard these words. Her entire person became spirited.

The Retired Emperor took a glance at her and suddenly started to sell the climax of the story. “You beg me ah!”

Old urchin! Chu Qing-Yan sliently cursed in her heart. She squeezed out a flowery smile on her face, giggled and fawningly said. “Beg you ah, grandpa! Grandpa is the best!”

The Retired Emperor nodded in satisfaction. “Obedient, but.” He suddenly stuck out a finger. “How could just saying this represent your sincerity?”

Chu Qing-Yan cursed again, profiting from others’ misfortunes!

Watching the Retired Emperor shaking his finger, she thought a bit and said. “One plate of pastries!”

“No, ten plates.” The Retired Emperor retracted his finger and said calmly.

Chu Qing-Yan took a deep breath and told herself, for Big Block of Ice it’s worth it!

Finally she grinded her teeth and nodded. “It’s a deal.”

The Retired Emperor smiled after having prevailed. But in the blink of an eye, his serious, model elder appearance was restored. Chu Qing-Yan blushed with shame, this ability to change face was too powerful ah!

“Yan girl, I feel Xu’er seems to be deeply hurt.”

“What do you mean?” Chu Qing-Yan asked, at a loss.

“What his father the emperor did this time was too excessive.” The Retired Emperor sighed faintly. “If it will continue like this, I’m afraid Xu’er will be overwhelmed by the burden in his heart.”

“Grandpa, don’t say things while concealing half of it. I can’t understand it!” Chu Qing-Yan felt somewhat anxious, seeing the Retired Emperor’s words seemed to be serious inside and out. What was called heart being burdened! Could you not talk in riddles like this! Her little head still hadn’t made the turn yet!

The Retired Emperor used a pitying expression to glance at Chu Qing-Yan whose little head seemed to give off smoke. He shook his head. “Do you seriously think that leaving the capital this time is for the simple matter of searching for a mine? No, the truth is far from just this one matter.”

“Are you saying that searching for the mine is very dangerous? Or are you saying there are other missions besides looking for a mine?” Chu Qing-Yan immediately snapped back out, her tone was abnormally serious.

The Retired Emperor saw her accurately hit the mark with her words, and he smiled. Worthy of being the one he choose, she was unlikely to be too stupid, only——

“I could only divulge this much, unless Xu’er wants to tell you, otherwise you can only search for the answer yourself.” The Retired Emperor stood up, today he already revealed too much. Originally he only needed to be the observer on the wall, but now a lot of things had already broken away from the rail tracks. It was necessary for him to come out to guide a bit.

Chu Qing-Yan felt this Retired Emperor really made people fume with rage. Everytime he would only talk until the critical point and make her guess! Did he really think she was the roundworm in his stomach! That she could guess everything he was thinking?

But the Retired Emperor ignored her expression and thoughts that was full of complaint. He gestured with a finger at her, then slowly sashayed out of the door.

Chu Qing-Yan could only pull at her quilt and sulk.

Could it be the Western Xuan Emperor had handed over other matters to Big Block of Ice to take care of?

In the end, what was it that could make the Retired Emperor so disappointed with his own son?

Why won’t Big Block of Ice tell her, it seemed even Fire Spirit’s group didn’t know either!

“If I knew the matter would change like this, maybe I wouldn’t have summoned you to come to this place.”

The Retired Emperor who had exited the room, turned his body to glance at Chu Qing-Yan who was racking her brains pondering. He took a deep breath, he hoped nature won’t toy with people. He also hoped her arrival would change Xu’er’s fate and change Western Xuan Empire’s fate.

Entrusting everyone’s fate to a little baby doll, seemed to be too ridiculous. But who would know, maybe there really would be a miracle right?

“Master, are you still thinking about what the Retired Emperor said?” After a long time, when Xi Ning saw her master was still lost in thought, she couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Qing-Yan absent-mindly nodded, her train of thought was still moving swiftly.

Xi Ning thought a bit and comforted, saying. “Master, I feel there is a possibility the Retired Emperor was teasing you for fun. Normally nine out of ten sentences the Retired Emperor says is to swindle people. You shouldn’t pay too much heed to it.”

“I’m just worried that what if by chance, what he said today was that one out of ten sentences that is real?” Pertaining to matters related to Big Block of Ice, she would rather believe wrong information three thousand times than let one go. So there was no way she would dismiss it.

Xi Ning scratched her head. “How about you go ask His Highness? For some words, isn’t it better to ask the person clearly, in front of them?”

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but rub Xi Ning’s little head. “If it was really that simple, I would have asked earlier. But clearly His Highness doesn’t want to tell other people. You see, even those Xiao Lie Cavalry members who have followed by his side for so many years, which one of them knows?”

Xi Ning nodded and just at this moment, she saw His Highness that had just entered. She immediately called this to the attention of the person in front of her. “Master, speak of the devil and the devil does appear.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately raised her head and saw the person that entered. She somewhat happily said. “Big Block of Ice, how come you came over? Why aren’t you recuperating in your room?”

“A small injury, don’t need to worry.” Xiao Xu’s expression was faint as he swept her a glance. Her complexion had restored a bit of its original rosy color and he felt relieved.

Alas, he doesn’t take care of his own body, really seemed like the emperor isn’t worried but the palace eunuch is anxious ah.

Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth flattened a bit, then she asked. “That’s right Big Block of Ice, when will we leave here?”

“Tomorrow we’ll set out.” Xiao Xu sat on the chair, his gaze just by chance landed on the ebony beads she was playing with in her hand. The space between his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

Not noticing his mood, Chu Qing-Yan cried out in surprise. “Really great, I can finally leave this ghostly place. Tian Di three killers made this place into a human purgatory. Every time, recalling how I slept on so many human bones, my heart would be uneasy.”

“En.” Xiao Xu somewhat absent-mindedly agreed. Then he asked. “Where did you get that ebony bead on your hand?”

“Are you talking about this?” Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand and waved the Buddha bead chain in front of him. “Great master Xu Xian gave it to me. Said he had already blessed it and it can keep me safe.”

Chu Qing-Yan placed the ebony beads in her hand and carefully examined it, blurting. “Maybe because everytime Great master Xu Xian sees me I always seem to be in the process of being chased to be killed. As a Buddhist monk who believes in peace, even he couldn’t continue seeing me like this. Was that why he would be very generous and give this Buddha’s bead chain to me?”

Xiao Xu narrowed his eyes and looked at her playing with that priceless Buddha bead chain as if it was an ordinary toy, he carefully considered it in his heart. Xu Xian in Western Xuan Empire is a youthful senior monk with a prestigious and moral reputation. There were no reason he would time and time again save this little fellow by chance.

Seeing Big Block of Ice suddenly stop talking, Chu Qing-Yan lifted her head to look toward him. Then connecting those words that the Retired Emperor had said, she couldn’t help be worried, asking. “Big Block of Ice, do you feel unwell anywhere?” Or are you concealing some matters from us? These words were at the tip of her tongue but she didn’t ask.

“In the future, don’t just carelessly accept things from other people.” Xiao Xu looked at her eyes as he said this in a serious manner.

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and was somewhat shocked. Big Block of Ice acting like this seems a bit harsh, she rarely saw him like this.

Could it be he was jealous because she accepted Xu Xian’s Buddha beads? Feeling that his position was being provoked? But she didn’t say anything good about Xu Xian ah!

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