Adorable Consort – Chapter 205

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Chapter 205 – I bring you, you bring money

Chu Qing-Yan only became aware and sensed it afterwards. The people that walked past them seemed to have been put into slow motion. Each of their steps dragged on, moreover their gazes all landed on Big Block of Ice’s body in a faintly discernible manner.

Her eyes turned but she had already missed that ripple at the corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth. But that gentleness and brightness on his body crawled up his mysterious vein-patterned black clothing bit by bit. The lights and shadows formed a picture, where there were folds those veins would become a flying butterfly. Sometimes it fluttered about like a flag, then those veins would become a burning flame.

In this world there were a type of people that didn’t need to deliberately pose or deliberately adorn themselves. Even ordinary coarse hemp garments, even the simplest clothings held together by strings, would be unable to conceal this body of pure nobility.

She became stupid from looking at him, a kind of indescribable sense of pride started to rise in her heart. Even if Big Block of Ice were to wear a mask, she felt he alone was the most handsome, second to none.

Only those gazes on the periphery that landed one after another were full of pure appreciation made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. Her brows couldn’t help but furrow.

“How come you don’t look so happy?” Xiao Xu sensed her mood was different so his eyes lowered as he asked.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her head to size up the person in front of her. The tip of his brows contained a noble aura. His tone and appearance was clear and elegant. This kind of person, how could people not stare at?

“Big Block of Ice, I somewhat regret letting you change your appearance. So many people stared at you, it makes me feel really uncomfortable!”

She blurted out in a low tone.

The bustling street was lively and noisy, even Xiao Xu whose hearing was outstanding also couldn’t catch what she just said.

His body turned toward the front, black hair hanging down, just by chance a burst of night wind blew over, his hair brushed past her cheeks. It carried a raw and cold black ink fragrance. She dimly saw an ink painting of green bamboo forest spread out in front of her.

“Just now, what did you say?” his voice was as refreshing as the night wind while the tone carried bits of spoiling flavor.

She returned to her senses, suddenly her face turned red in embarrassment. Clearly it was she who wanted him to change his appearance, now she had those kind of thoughts. If she was to say her thoughts out loud, mercurial Big Block of Ice would mock her ah!

She looked at the face that was almost within reach, and gave a light cough. She seemed to have been bewitched by the Beauty in front ah!

“No-nothing, just now I wanted to say, this night market seems very big. What direction should we go in?” Chu Qing-Yan immediately said something irrelevant.

Xiao Xu didn’t know about the hundreds and thousands of turns in her heart, and straightened his body. That perfectly straight tall and lean figure was outstanding among the crowd of people. He also didn’t seem to be aware of this.

“Then let’s just walk around at will, before 10 pm we must return to the inn.” He led the little fellow and slowly walked into the flowing river of the human society.

10pm? Big Block of Ice was really strictly following the ways to educate a child’s philosophy of keeping early hours, so he treated her like this too. Hey, at least she had more than two hours, then she should play as much as she liked!

Because this was the first time entering Ping Yang city, nobody knew them. So this time they didn’t bring an officer and a guard when going out.

Chu Qing-Yan saw that there were people selling steamed bread and steamed buns on the side of the street. She still hadn’t eaten dinner and was somewhat hungry. She felt about on her body and discovered that just now, she left in a rush and forgot to bring her purse.

“Big Block of Ice, I want to eat steamed buns.”

“So?” Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow to look at her.

As a result, she extended her hand out to the person at her side. “Give me money, money.”

Hearing this Xiao Xu smiled, he took out a wallet from his sleeves and put it in her hand.

Chu Qing-Yan felt the wallet in her hand was very heavy, immediately both of her eyes lit up. She merely wanted to get some loose silver pieces from Big Block of Ice but she never thought he would give her the entire wallet. Big Block of Ice’s movement when giving her the wallet was just too handsome!

Sure enough, it was “she brings him and he brings the money”. This kind of feeling was simply too awesome!

“Why are you still staring foolishly? It’s not like my face has steamed buns on it.” Xiao Xu lifted his hand to wave it in front of her eyes, was the little fellow in front of his eyes possessed?

Chu Qing-Yan immediately withdrew her gaze, and waved the wallet at him. “Then I’m going to go buy it!”

Xiao Xu watched her cheerfully skipping over to the steam bun shop to choose the steamed buns, his gaze couldn’t help but soften.

“This master, your younger brother looks really handsome.” The grandpa on the side selling toys looked in the direction Xiao Xu was looking, and couldn’t help but affectionately say this.

If it was normally, he would rarely pay attention to such words. But at this moment he actually nodded. “A bit naughty.”

“Kids are all like this. My grandson is even naughtier. He always likes to go up the tree to scoop out the bird eggs, go into the river to grab the fish and shrimps. Everytime he would get dirty from head to toe!” The grandpa leaned against the wooden cart, and although all his words were criticizing his grandson’s faults, his face was full of the radiance from love.

Xiao Xu looked at the back of the person seriously choosing the buns. Speckles of light floated from his eyes like bright stars, indescribably enchanting and moving. “The little guy, besides being a little sticky to people, speaking a bit much and a being a bit of a glutton, he is pretty good.”

The grandpa laughed heartily, the hand stroking his beard paused. He said full of smiles. “I can see you, this older brother, dearly loves this younger brother.”

“Elder praises me too much, this person is only doing everything within my ability to let him live freely and not eke out a terribly difficult, meager existence and nothing more.” The moment she moved into the Prince’s Manor, the two people’s fate were already linked together. He brought her into the center of the maelstrom and what he could do for her was too little.

“Youngster, this old man can see that you really care about this younger brother. Rest assured, what you give out will always be reciprocated. After your little brother grows up, he will understand your care and concern.” The grandpa shook his head and smiled.

“Many thanks to the elder.” Xiao Xu lifted up his eyes and what entered his line of sight was the little figure that was running back hurriedly. It seemed in this period of time, the little fellow once again grew a bit taller.

“See, this is bean paste bun, meat bun, vegetable bun, bamboo shoot bun…which one do you want?” Chu Qing-Yan spread out all the buns in front of him as if showing off precious treasures.

At this moment, that grandpa smothered a sound of laughter, and turned to say to Xiao Xu. “Youngster you see, your family’s child is more thoughtful than my family’s grandson. The things he has, he would give it to you first.”

The corner of Xiao Xu’s lips convulsed slightly, the smiling expression in his eyes were full of warmth.

Only now did Chu Qing-Yan notice the grandpa standing on the side, her hand immediately turned to pass on the buns in her hand to him. “Grandpa, do you want one too?”

“No need, this old man has already eaten dinner. You two brothers should eat it.” The grandpa waved his hand.

At this time Xiao Xu picked up the windmill on the grandpa’s stand. “Chu Yan, pay the money.”

“Oh, okay!” Chu Qing-Yan fished out some broken pieces of silver and directly stuffed it into the grandpa’s hand. “Grandpa for you.”

The grandpa immediately lowered his head wanting to give change but when he lifted up his head, the two had already walked far away together.

He only heard the two people’s dialogue pass back to him by the flowing wind.

“Big Block of Ice, last time people saw us as father and daughter, this time people viewed us as brothers, there is a lot of progress ah!”

“Eat things properly, one should not speak when eating or sleeping.”

“We are walking on the streets so you shouldn’t pay attention to rules when eating things!”


“Big Block of Ice, you should also try this bamboo shoot steam buns. It’s very good!”


“Right? It tastes really good!”


Sure enough, a bit sticky to people, speaks a bit too much and is a bit of a glutton. The grandpa shook his head and laughed in spite of himself.

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