Adorable Consort – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Ash clothed, otherworldly monk

“It’s Great Master Xu Xian——”

“Great Master——”

“Paying my respect to Great Master!”

“Great Master’s grace——”

When they saw the Buddhist monk that appeared, the common people that encircled the bustling scene on the side, started to kneel down in worship one after the other. Suddenly, the atmosphere around Chu Qing-Yan became much better because almost everyone had bent over to kneel in worship, besides one person that was standing among the crowd.

“Girl doll, quickly kneel down——”

“Great master’s Buddha’s aura should not be profaned——”

Some common people said in order to advise her, but Chu Qing-Yan did not do according to their advice. In her views, she will kneel to the sky, earth and her parents. Although she had arrived in this era where seniors and juniors were distinguished from each other, and there would inevitably be times when she had to bend her knees, she still won’t kneel to someone casually.

She bent her body slightly, and cupped her hands toward the person that came. “Great Master Xu Xian.”

“Benefactor Chu, trust you have been well since we last met.” Xu Xian didn’t seem to care about this ceremony, to him, whether you kowtow in salute was an insignificant matter. Only that he was used to this scene of people paying homage to him wherever he went. He knew that trying to stop it was useless, so he would no longer waste time disputing this.

“Great master, I trust you have also been well since we last met.” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly replied.

Xu Xian slowly walked forward, his monk’s clothing moved to an unseen wind, as if using the wind to walk. People voluntarily and consciously opened up a path for him. He smiled slightly toward those common people.

After all the common people had gotten up one after another, Xu Xian turned toward this Fu An who was just about to start hitting again. “Benefactor Fu, please have mercy.”

Fu An’s thick eyebrow rose, “How come great master doesn’t stay in a monastery and peacefully study, but instead came to take charge of such worldly matters?”

“Buddha is broad and indistinct, going to cities, roaming the world is to study peacefully among the secular world, to reach buddhist enlightenment among the secular world. Therefore, this humble monk isn’t here to take charge of worldly matters, rather I am peacefully studying.” Xu Xian placed his hands together and smilingly said.

“Then, I am in the midst of catching a runaway servant, so I shouldn’t have broken a law right?” Fu An used deterrent pressure to threaten Xu Xian’s reputation in Western Xuan empire and switched to another way to say it.

That female having heard this, immediately cried and kneeled down to say. “Great master, yesterday this female’s close relative unfortunately passed away. Today, I came back from attending the burial but unfortunately encountered this evil tyrant. He forcefully tried to drag this female away, this female would not agree, then he ordered people to beat this female. This female really isn’t an escaped servant from his Manor. I ask great master to take charge of deciding this matter!”

Chu Qing-Yan, having heard what was said, very fiercely glared at Fu An, he was simply a beast.

Fu An was about to take the stick and hit that female’s body, but was pulled away by a gentle strength. He fell back several steps and only had the time to see the hand Xu Xian drew back.

“Benefactor Fu, greed, anger, stupidity and hate are the devils of human society. Don’t let the devil confuse your wisdom and throw your temperament into disorder.” Xu Xian smilingly said.

“That’s right, that’s right. Bullying a woman from a good family, how could you even be considered a man!”

“Why haven’t you immediately withdrawn. The Great master is here, how could he tolerate you being rude!”


The spectators had kept silent just now. Now, everyone of them had their nostrils give vent to anger and took Fu An as a rat that everyone could yell at and hit. They all rudely shouted in anger.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt somewhat incredulous. Just now, they acted like passers-by that felt unconcerned and let this matter rest. Now they had become the embodiment of justice. She couldn’t help but glance at the peaceful as a mirror Xu Xian on the side. She clucked her tongue and said in her heart, could this be the strength from firm belief? One buddhist monk could actually alter the situation to control the popular feeling of the masses?

Fu An saw that his great influence had left and he couldn’t directly clash with Xu Xian. He knew that Xu Xian had always been an honored guest of the royal family, and even his older sister had to be courteous to him. He need not tear face with Xu Xian over one female.

But he must find a scapegoat for being humiliated. As a result, Fu An glared fiercely at Chu Qing-Yan. “In the future, don’t let me run into you!”

The indescribable rage was placed on her body, but Chu Qing-Yan shrugged her shoulders as if it didn’t matter.

After this, Fu An brought his own people to return on the road they came from.

“Many thanks to Great Master.” That female immediately knelt down to Xu Xian, her heart full of gratitude.

Xu Xian helped her up, then said. “Miss, if you have no close relatives at home, then leave the capital. Go seek shelter with other relatives!”

“Able to get Great Master’s advice is your good fortune.”

“That’s right ah. It’s very difficult for an ordinary person to get even one sentence of advice from the Great Master ah!”

The common people echoed one after another.

That female immediately kowtowed. “Many thanks for Great Master’s advice.”

“You can go now.” Xu Xian smiled slightly.

After that female finished giving thanks, she immediately left.

Xi Ning saw this and couldn’t help but protest the unfairness of this on her master’s behalf. “Master, you wasted so much effort to save her, yet she was only focused on thanking Great Master Xu Xian. She didn’t even say a word of thanks to you, it could be considered that you saved her in vain.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard what was said and didn’t care about it at all. “If saving a person was only for a word of thanks, then it would violate my original intention. Man at birth is fundamentally a good person, I was merely following my heart’s intentions that’s why I lifted a hand to save her and nothing more. I was only thinking about how my heart could be peaceful on this matter and nothing more!” Maybe if she didn’t undertake the task today, then dreaming of this at night, she would not forgive herself.

In fact, her real intention wasn’t that noble, she was only looking for a solution to ease her own consciousness, so that she won’t regret it.

When Xi Ning heard this, she immediately understood the meaning of the words on the surface. She couldn’t help but give her family’s master a thumbs up. “Master, you are really great. Xi Ning gives you 32 likes!”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head and laughed in spite of herself toward this girl who immediately put into use something she had just learned.

Her walk today still hadn’t finished yet, she couldn’t delay it anymore. She was just about to leave when she saw Xu Xian who was standing among the crowd of people look towards her. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but halt her steps. Although this person was wearing a monk’s clothing and doing god’s work, however this person had saved her before so she couldn’t just leave like this. As a result, she walked up and raised her head toward him to say. “Great Master, that day I didn’t have time to express my thanks. So today, I formally say my thanks to you.”

You could not blame Chu Qing-Yan for always thinking Xu Xian to be a god stick. Rather, it was because he said those incomprehensible divination words to Xiao Xu that she didn’t have any good feeling toward him. Towards people that make things unnecessarily complicated, she has always maintained a respectful distance from them.

Xu Xian smiled slightly, “Female benefactor is being needlessly polite, at that time you had already thanked me once.”

Chu Qing-Yan scratched her head, she didn’t remember it. Could it be it was because at that time she was scared stupid? However, receiving a person’s kindness is something she must pay back.

“How about Qing-Yan host and invite you to eat a meal?” Chu Qing-Yan asked without thinking it through. In fact, she didn’t think that Xu Xian, this kind of pure hearted, with no desire person would eat a meal together with her. But the person is here, so the polite words that needed to be said she still had to say it.

Xu Xian originally wanted to tactfully decline, but thinking better of it, he agreed. “Green tea will suffice.”

Earth Spirit somewhat inconceivably watched as Xu Xian agreed. Usually high officials and nobles wanting to invite him to meet was almost as difficult as going to the sky. Now this Chu Qing-Yan spoke without thinking and he agreed. He suddenly felt that as long as Chu Qing-Yan was present at a place, things would change to become fantasy like.

Chu Qing-Yan was also shocked. She said it without thinking, how come he also agreed without thinking it through? Was it possible that Buddha’s disciples only knew how to recite the scriptures? So with regards to the secular world they didn’t understand a whit of the ways of the world? It was clearly placed there that she was just being polite ah!

But since it was words that were already said, water that was spilled, Chu Qing-Yan also didn’t act coy. After she has treated him to this meal, her debt to Xu Xian would be settled.

She didn’t have a favorable impression of Xu Xian. Moreover, this person didn’t look extremely poor and frightening. On the contrary, this person gathered spiritual aura with a well-favored face. It could be said he was pure and holy like a lotus flower. But she only thought to remain at a respectful distance from this person, because she had a feeling that this person, towards her or someone she cared about, will give rise to be a great influence in the future towards that person’s life.

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