Adorable Consort – Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – Big Block of Ice was at a loss of what to do

I originally thought with my back to the large tree, I could cool off in the shade.

But I never thought that one day, the large tree would also encounter howling winds and torrential rain. He could also get injured.

Is it because I’m too self-confident or too good at self-deception?

Feeling sad about the little fellow’s dependence on him that suddenly arose, momentarily Xiao Xu was at a loss as to what to do. In the end, he could only extend a hand to stroke her back. Using silence to accompany her, to dissolve the deep sadness in her heart.

“Big Block of Ice, I’m sorry. I didn’t intentionally force you. I’m only worried about you.” She clenched the cloth at his chest tightly while saying this apologetically.

“En.” Xiao Xu gently stroked her back.

“Big Block of Ice, could you promise me that in the future if you get injured, you won’t take the burden on by yourself, okay?” She tried to persuade him.

His finger paused, a moment later he started to move it again. “En.”

Chu Qing-Yan let out a breath of relief, then continued to say. “You must cherish yourself. If you don’t even treat yourself well, who else would cherish you?”

Xiao Xu all of a sudden felt this was funny. Was this little fellow trying to teach him how to conduct himself in society? “En.”

“If there are things that make you sad, you can tell it to me. Even if I can’t help you resolve it, I can still share the suffering with you.” Chu Qing-Yan continued to say endlessly.

But in the end when she didn’t hear his reply after a long time, she struggled to get up. But she was pushed back into his embrace by the person above her. “You are still young, your shoulder is too weak. It’s best to let this king do it alone!”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and curled her lip. Where was she small? Wasn’t it only her height that was slightly shorter? Where was she weak, wasn’t it because her strength wasn’t very great?

“Rest well, you don’t need to worry about other things. As long as you take care of yourself, that will save this king a lot of work.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

“What about your wound?” Chu Qing-Yan was not assured.

“With Air Spirit present, what do you need to be worried about? Go to sleep, you have already tossed for a day.” Xiao Xu interrupted her words and said in a tone that allowed no protest.

Chu Qing-Yan felt today she had challenged his bottom line. It was time she quit while she was still ahead. Moreover, right now she was forcefully propping herself up, her body couldn’t endure it anymore. As a result, she cleverly nodded her head and found a cozy position in his arms. Soon after, she fell asleep.

Xiao Xu looked at the little fellow sleeping peacefully in his arms. A myriad of complicated expressions flashed through his eyes.

Starting from when they exited the capital, he didn’t care that much about his own body. But this little fellow always used her own ways to remind him over and over again. Her unique position in his heart made him unwilling to give her up.

After settling her on the bed, he pulled up the covers, only then did Xiao Xu turn to leave.

Once he exited the room, a subordinate came upstairs to report. “Master, Honorable Fire Spirit has returned.”

Hearing this, Xiao Xu went downstairs and saw Fire Spirit’s group.

Everyone in Fire Spirit’s group more or less had some injuries. Seeing their family’s Highness coming down the stairs, they immediately went up to greet him.

Fire Spirit, somewhat vexed said. “Master, we lost the people we were chasing. Those black clothed people’s ability to hide was indeed hard to deal with. After exiting this area of forest, the people disappeared.”

Xiao Xu walked to the center of the lobby and sat down. Looking at those guards that were visibly exhausted from last night’s fight, he said to Fire Spirit. “Since they came the first time, there will be a second time. It’s not urgent to track them down, you guys should first go and rest. Let Earth Spirit bring people to take the place of your guards.”

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit both immediately complied.

This inn didn’t have a master now. Xiao Xu used it as a temporary resting place. The guards each went about their duty of standing guard and patrolling, everything was in good order.

While Xu Xian who sat on the other side, seeing this, couldn’t help but feel a bit of admiration. Rumor said His Highness Prince Ying was very good at managing the military forces, sure enough the rumor was not empty.

“How come great master would appear here?” Xiao Xu saw Xu Xian and ordered a person to pour him a cup of tea.

Hearing this, Xu Xian smiled and replied. “A period before, I was entrusted with a task from a good friend of my master to look for family members that have been missing for a long time. Now when I arrived here, by chance I encountered you guys who had seen through their trap, so in passing saved benefactor Chu.”

“So it was like this.” Xiao Xu nodded. “Did you find those people that were missing?”

“Afraid they may have already encountered the poisonous hand of this shop’s proprietor.” Xu Xian closed his eyes, with both hands together in prayer he said “Amitabha Buddha.”

And at this moment, Earth Spirit walked out from the inner courtyard. With a serious expression, he cupped his hand toward Xiao Xu to report. “Master, the Tan Di three killers had made full confessions about the travelers they killed. This subordinate heard their confession and has already found the dismembered bodies in the little storeroom. The other murdered travelers, the three killers had already….”

Even someone like Earth Spirit who was used to life and death, was also thoroughly shocked by such extremely ruthless and cruel means. Now he already started to give off a fierce rage.

“Amitabha Buddha, mercy, mercy.” Air Spirit recited with his eyes closed.

“Hand over these three people and the charges of their crimes to the local authorities. Verify the identity of all the murdered victims. Ask the authorities to search for their family members.” Xiao Xu said coldly.

“Yes.” Earth Spirit accepted the order.

When quiet was restored to the lobby, the person upstairs stepped on the stairs and with ‘bang, bang, bang’ sounds came down.

“I really slept very comfortably!”

The Retired Emperor’s voice could be heard coming from far away. Seeing Xu Xian downstairs, he immediately stared blankly. “Xu Xian, why are you here?”

Xu Xian nodded toward him, after repeating what he told Xiao Xu to him, he asked. “Retired Emperor, have you seen my master’s brother?”

His master’s brother had a deep relationship with the Retired Emperor years ago. Several years ago, he and the Retired Emperor set out on a long journey as companions and hadn’t returned to the temple since then. The disciples in the temple had searched for him for a long time but couldn’t find any information.

“He ah, we split up earlier in Luo Yang and I haven’t seen him since then. Perhaps he’s wondering around the four seas again.” The Retired Emperor waved his hand and said. But once he said these words, when he sensed the gaze his grandson sent toward him, he immediately lowered his head from a guilty conscience. He and Yan girl’s engagement was the result of him and Xu Xian’s master’s brother collaboration.

But when he walked down the stairs, he discovered the situation was wrong. He turned his head to ask. “Xu’er, where is Yan girl? How come I haven’t see her?”

“She is injured and resting in her room.” Xiao Xu said faintly, then he drank a mouthful of tea.

“Injured? Is it serious?” The Retired Emperor immediately asked.

Once the Retired Emperor asked this, Xu Xian’s hand paused. His gaze looked toward Xiao Xu, also waiting for his answer.

“Not serious, she’ll be good after several days of recuperation.” Xiao Xu said.

“Then that’s good, that’s good! Otherwise there won’t be anyone who will make pastries for me!” Earth Spirit who was just in the middle of arranging staff heard this and immediately, his expression darkened. Fortunately the little consort wasn’t here, otherwise if she heard this, he reckoned she’ll blow her top again.

The Retired Emperor even forgot his family’s grandson’s wife when there was food!

Xu Xian twirled the Buddha beads, reciting silently in his heart. That injury looked serious, but with the abilities of Xiao Xu’s subordinates, to cure it was nothing difficult. So his heart also felt more at ease.

“Oh that’s right, Old fellow, haven’t asked you. Something so huge happened, how come you don’t even know?” Wood Spirit asked, full of doubt.

When this was asked, Xiao Xu also turned his eyes to look at him. The Retired Emperor felt he was under great pressure, stammering, he didn’t know what to say.

Must he tell them that he stole the wine in the kitchen and drunk until he lost consciousness?

Xi Ning wrinkled her nose as she walked past the Retired Emperor. “How come there is the smell of alcohol?”

Everyone’s gaze that looked toward the Retired Emperor immediately had an expression of suddenly realizing something.

The Retired Emperor immediately glared back at them. What! Won’t allow people to drink wine!

Everyone was unable to restrain their smiles.

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