Adorable Consort – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Danger approaches; dodge, dodge, dodge

The killing intent pressed closer. As the horse was also an intelligent animal, its four hooves stirred restlessly, its nose shooting out air, one step and it caused the whole carriage to be unstable. Xiao Ran clung onto the reins, seeing that the situation was far from good, he immediately jumped down. Perhaps it was because he was a noble from a royal family, seeing this scene, he wasn’t at all panicked, on the contrary, he stood calmly in place, glaring at the arrival of these ill intended black-clothed men.

Chu Qing-Yan originally thought this Xiao Ran was too young and would easily be scared. However she didn’t expect that at this moment, she would see this unfriendly prince’s reliable side.

However, as for her, she really got scared, the kill or be killed struggle on the television screen, it was only because she knew they were all fake that was why she didn’t have any feelings when watching it. However, now that it was about to happen to her, her fingers couldn’t help but tremble.  But when she saw the straight as pine-like person peacefully standing in place smoothy, a lot of the fear in her heart dissipated. Originally she was standing a bit far away from him, but now she took several steps to be a bit closer. Afterwards, with her eyes opened wide, she  looked at these people from behind him.

Xiao Xu frowned, these people’s footsteps were light and graceful, it could be seen that their skills weren’t weak. Don’t know when it started that these people were actually concealed in the capital.

“Kill!” The black-clothed people saw clearly that their numbers weren’t many and immediately started their attack. Their aim was directed towards Xiao Ran.

“Protect the Fourth Prince!” The imperial bodyguards who followed Xiao Ran immediately shielded Xiao Ran by placing him behind their back. One after another, they unsheathed their swords and started to entangle the black-clothed people in battle.

Unfortunately, this time Xiao Ran had snuck away from the palace, so he didn’t bring that many bodyguards with him. On top of which, the assassins had excellent martial arts, those imperial bodyguards were simply no match for them and the situation immediately tipped in favor of one side.

Xiao Xu didn’t hesitate and ordered Gu Yi to protect Chu Qing-Yan before flying off and joining the fight.

Without Xiao Xu, Chu Qing-Yan looked at the black-faced Gu Yi at her side, she always faintly felt he had some prejudice against her. Ordinarily, if she didn’t have to be in contact with him then she would not contact him, but now at this time, she couldn’t be pretentious or else, her own little life would be on the line. As a result, she listened to Xiao Xu’s words and obediently stood by Gu Yi’s side. She could only try her best to decrease her presence.

Because Xiao Xu had joined the fight, the situation was alleviated, Gu Rong also took up the sword and fought with the black-clothed people.

Because Xiao Xu – this undefeatable god of war had joined in, the imperial bodyguards had a boost of morale so they put more strength into their attacks. Before, Xiao Ran had also learned some kickboxing martial arts in the palace, so at this time, he grabbed a saber, moving like a martial artist would, and rushed to slice with his sword towards the black-clothed people fighting his bodyguards. Chu Qing-Yan once again saw this kind of bloody scene and couldn’t help but close her eyes. This world was a society governed by the rule of laws, how could such an unrestrained killing scene happen in such a public place with numerous people?

A blood-curdling scream rang out and made Chu Qing-Yan’s eyelid move as she couldn’t help but open her eyes.

However, the moment she opened her eyes, a white light flashed towards her eyes. Her pair of eyes contracted, her body moved faster than her thoughts as her body tilted to the right. Her right foot bent slightly and her whole body stepped towards the right so that the dagger just so happened to streak by on her left side, slicing off a length of her hair. Because she used too much strength so suddenly, on top of the fact that both of her knees had gone soft, after avoiding the attack, she couldn’t stand steadily and her whole body collapsed flat on the floor.

In an instant, she lifted her head to see the black-clothed person who was raising that sword towards her once again after his first attack missed.

She finally knew how the so called feeling of ‘bringing disaster to the fish in a pond(1)’ felt!

At this time, Xiao Xu’s back was towards her. He simply didn’t see her own unfortunate encounter at this moment.

Xiao Xu was like a sickle harvesting rice straws, one by one dispatching those black-clothed people. Only that the other party’s numbers were a lot more, so eliminating them all would take a certain amount of time.

However, now was not the time to think about these things. She suddenly remembered that Xiao Xu had arranged Gu Yi to protect her.  She immediately looked everywhere and saw Gu Yi’s figure in the middle of this chaotic warfare between the two groups, and so her cry for help  immediately choked in her throat.


Under the shadow of the sword’s sharp glint, she suddenly came to see the truth of a matter.

Aside from Xiao Xu, these people simply didn’t regard her as an important matter.

If it wasn’t for Western Xuan emperor’s bestowed marriage – this layer of relationship, these strong men that Xiao Xu had brought back from the battlefield simply wouldn’t look at her twice.

During the day, they would treat her respectfully but in fact, they worked at it half-heartedly.

She originally thought that this tranquility on the surface could at least be maintained but in the face of life and death, in fact, she would be the first person to be discarded.

Perhaps in their eyes, her life simply had little value. On the contrary, her existence, was the shame of Prince Ying’s Manor.

This generation’s war god was actually betrothed to a silly little girl who hadn’t reached the marriageable age and had no background!

This matter had already become the capital’s laughingstock.

In midst of sorrow, matters she hadn’t seen clearly or perhaps that she didn’t want to recognize  began to unfold. Now with this sword cutting open everything in front of her.

All the beautiful feelings during this period of time were shattered one by one.

There will always be someone forcing you to confront the things you originally wanted to escape from.

Her life of muddling through had already ended.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes closed slightly, somewhat resigned to her fate. Could it be that she was about to die tragically in this street? Dying in such a depressing and lamentable way?


She didn’t need to lose her thirst for life because of these unworthy people!

She still had daddy and her mommy——


Still had herself.

In an instant, she opened both her eyes, a light full of unswerving determination flashing from them. It was so bright that it made the black-clothed person slightly stunned and the movement of his hand hesitated slightly.

Just at this moment——

Chu Qing-Yan propped herself up using both hands, and with her head lowered, she crashed onto the black-clothed person. The black-clothed person didn’t anticipate Chu Qing-Yan would have such big courage and was unprepared for being crashed into, he endured it while retreating several steps back.

Taking advantage that the black-clothed person hadn’t reacted, Chu Qing-Yan rushed towards the nearest horse carriage and grabbed the reins, she immediately climbed up. She twisted and turned before she was able to sit in the coachman’s position and picked up the whip to lash the horse’s back directly, wanting to drive the horse carriage to escape this hellish area!

When that black-clothed person saw Chu Qing-Yan climb up the horse carriage, and recalling the disgrace of his miscalculation from earlier, he exposed a tyrannical cruel smile. While Chu Qing-Yan was flustered, trying to spurn the horse that wasn’t listening, he slowly approached.  When he saw Chu Qing-Yan reveal a frightened expression at him, he brandished his sword and chopped onto the horse.

The horse neighed in pain, its two front hooves raised up high. The carriage immediately tilted backwards, Chu Qing-Yan was caught by surprise, and her whole body was flung back into the carriage, ruthlessly crashing against the wall of the carriage.

The horse was in a lot of pain, its four legs flailing about, rushing straight forward and knocking stuff in all directions.

Chu Qing-Yan was knocked about until she became disoriented and confused. Now seeing that the situation was far from good, she wanted to get up and pull the reins.

Unfortunately, the injured horse had already gotten carried away by the pain, and it crashed against everything without concern.

Chu Qing-Yan wanted to crawl up, but she only had the heart while she lacked the strength. Her whole person was knocked around inside the carriage.

The horse has already gone crazy, and adding to the fact that it was a war horse brought back from the battlefield, its destructive power was extremely strong. It quickly overturned many vendor and hawker stalls.

Chu Qing-Yan gnashed her teeth inside the carriage, that black-clothed person must’ve wanted her to lose her life inside the carriage!

Because continuing at this speed, very quickly the carriage would be destroyed and the person would die!


1) Bringing disaster to the fish in the pond- getting innocent bystanders into trouble by the disturbance to the area i.e. the pond.

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