Adorable Consort – Chapter 270

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Chapter 270 – Raise one’s eyebrows, blow off steam, then smile

“Snake Kiss poison, although it hasn’t become active yet, however the poison flowing in his blood stream will be like thousands of ants gnawing away at his veins. It’s so painful that people wish they were dead. For so many years, master has experienced many large and small battles. The number of times he was injured can’t be counted, but this subordinate has never once heard him cry out about pain, now it’s also like this.”

Air Spirit’s tone had a trace of admiration, as well as being upset because he couldn’t find an antidote.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but lower her head to look at the person lying tranquility in her arms. Besides that clear shallow breathing as well as that slightly wrinkled brows, it was as if there was nothing else giving away his existence. And right now he must be battling with that serious illness, only that he didn’t reveal it, as if he was already used to it. How much pain must he had suffered to have such a strong resistance to poison?

Once again she recalled that time in the inn, when she heard he suffered internal injuries but he acted as if nothing happened. She had curiously asked, does it not hurt?

But his reply was, when you have received more painful injuries, you will feel that this kind of injury was negligible.

So it turned out that Big Block of Ice was already used to it. For so many years, he had lived like this.

Maybe the most painful time for Big Block of Ice was when his heart was gouged out at the age of five.

Or maybe what hurt wasn’t the injury, rather a heart that had been heavily damaged.

Chu Qing-Yan pulled herself back from the memories, and raised her head to look at Air Spirit. Specks of hope appeared in her pair of eyes.

“Air Spirit, no matter what, I am relying on you!”

She wasn’t a doctor, the only thing she could do was to be by Big Block of Ice’s side guarding him.

Air Spirit heavily noded. Right now, he was devoting his efforts to research the secret poison recipes he had studied before. Master’s life was much more important than his. He won’t allow something to happen to master.

Outside the sounds of footsteps became less. Chu Qing-Yan knew everyone was going all out to launch a night attack on those assassins. She hoped they could dispatch those people in one move, to get rid of potential problems in the future.

The sky gradually started to brighten up, the rain slowly stopped.

The world seemed to be normal again, darkness retreated and sunlight reappeared.

This night, nothing special occured.

If you must say something about it, then just call it a whole night of mournful and blood-curdling screams.

Chu Qing-Yan knew, Fire Spirit’s group had succeeded.

The bonfire had already burned out, she leaned against the wall of the cave and didn’t close her eyes the entire night. She watched Big Block of Ice closely, afraid that due to one moment of carelessness, she would miss something. Because although Air Spirit said the Snow Lotus from the Heavenly mountains could suppress the poison, he wasn’t completely sure. If there were a bit of mistake, the poison could become active, so she simply didn’t dare to sleep. Or it could be said that she simply couldn’t sleep.

A layer of straw was spread out on the ground, Xiao Xu laid on top of it. A thick outer clothing was placed on him. Don’t know if it was because the Snow Lotus was fighting with Snake Kiss poison in his body for territory, his lips would suddenly turn blackish purple then turn a snow white color. But the skin that was exposed to the outside became more and more translucent, crystal like. You could see the criss crossing veins in his body. The rosy red that penetrated through the white skin became more and more alluring. If at this time the clothing was half lifted, it would be revealing a sexy beautiful scenery indeed.

A pity Chu Qing-Yan’s thoughts were simply not on this, she held a cloth, continuously helping him to wipe away the sweat. Starting from last night, his body had continuously been giving off cold sweat. Air Spirit said it was because the Snow Lotus was having a closely contested fight with the Snake Kiss poison, that this was a normal appearance of the result. Only after knowing this did Chu Qing-Yan’s heart relax a bit.

When the light from dawn landed on the ground, a burst of joyful footstep sounds could be heard.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes turned toward the cave’s entrance. She knew Fire Spirit and the others had returned.

Hearing the sound of their footsteps clearly, their moods were not bad.

“Little Consort, sure enough your methods were very effective. Once that killing bamboo raft landed, do you know how many people it disposed of in an instant?” Fire Spirit was beaming so much that you simply couldn’t tell he hadn’t slept for a whole night.

Wood Spirit also stepped forward to say with a smile. “And after those people got trapped by the thousand catties prison, they thought it was some ghostly monster that lived in the mountains. Half of them died from the scare.”

“Earth Spirit was very smart, he made us imitate wolves’ howls. Those people were so scared that they didn’t dare come up the mountain. Afterwards while their fighting hearts were in chaos, we seized this opportunity to assassinate them. Give them back bit by bit and a tooth for a tooth for the shame they gave us before, using blood to pay back the blood debt!” Fire Spirit’s heart was full of joy, even Wood Spirit who normally didn’t like to give praises also said words of praise.

Chu Qing-Yan was infected by their joy, a faint smile also hung on her face. It turned out that succeeding could also make people go wild with joy.

Earth Spirit once again glanced at everyone that was lively and full of energy, his heart also was a bit happy. They fought a victorious battle and this once again boosted their morale. This will make the road they had to walk afterwards a bit better.

Earth Spirit turned his gaze toward the Little Consort. “Last night, a total of three groups of people searched the mountain. Among them, a majority were beheaded halfway up the mountain. Presently, the crisis ought to have been removed.”

Now hearing Earth Spirit’s report, Chu Qing-Yan took back her smile and nodded. Among these assassins, the most threatening ones were the black clothed people with bamboo hats, Moon Palace sect and that cloaked person.

The black clothed people with bamboo hats had already been beaten back by Big Block of Ice earlier. They had disastrous casualties, it may be assumed they won’t make a comeback so quickly.

Moon Palace sect’s Law Keeper Jue fought with Big Block of Ice and suffered a serious injury, so they probably wouldn’t come and attack again, maybe they had already given up.

While the cloaked person’s arrow penetrated through Big Block of Ice’s chest, moreover it was poisoned. The cloaked person must have thought Big Block of Ice would certainly die, then it was impossible for him to come back to mount a sneak attack. Unless he felt like he needed to add another cut, but this probability wasn’t very likely.

So it could be said that at present, the most threatening elements around them had been temporarily removed.

While the battle last night successfully forced a majority of the enemy to retreat. Now they could heave a slight breath of relief.

“En, you guys worked hard. Go rest properly to preserve and restore your strength. Maybe there will be harder battles to be fought!” Now Big Block of Ice was seriously injured and couldn’t be moved all the time. Moreover, they still haven’t found a way to detoxify the poison. So it was best that everyone refrained from acting first without thinking.

Everyone nodded. After raising their brows and blowing off steam, the haze and melancholy accumulated in their hearts had all been vented out. After one day and one night of frequent battles, everyone’s tiredness had become visible.

Fire Spirit was just about to leave when he discovered Air Spirit had his back to them all along ever since they entered. He didn’t have any expression even after knowing they had fought a victorious battle. Fire Spirit suddenly felt something was fishy, so he walked over and patted his shoulder. “Don’t think of it. If you continue to think, your brain will explode. First rest a bit. If you fall down, then the poison in master’s body will really have no one that can solve it!”

Fire Spirit had just finished speaking when with a whoosh sound, Air Spirit stood up. He said to Fire Spirit, very pleasantly surprised. “There is a person that can solve it!”

“Who?” Everyone immediately came over to surround him, Chu Qing-Yan’s expression was also full of expectation.

Air Spirit turned to look toward Chu Qing-Yan and said with a face full of excitement. “My master, divine doctor Luo.”

Everyone’s joy immediately went down. Earth Spirit shook his head to say. “Divine Doctor Luo doesn’t have a fixed residence, even Water Spirit couldn’t find his traces. Let alone to say now that we are already cut off from the news outside.”

Air Spirit shook his head. “Although my master isn’t around right now, but he had once locked himself behind closed doors for three years to research ways to solve the top ten poisons in the world. At that time, he only researched out the detoxification of three poisons. I also don’t know which three poisons, but before my master went to travel the world, he entrusted the sect to my Junior Sister. He had the intent of letting her follow in his footsteps, so——”

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