Adorable Consort – Chapter 280

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Chapter 280 – Returning after strolling around once

“You this little girl, you really know how to guess at people’s hearts! So young and already like this, once you grow up, what kind of scourge would you be!” Cheng Yan-Luo couldn’t resist extending her hand to pinch her cheeks. She had wanted to do this earlier, she had such lustrous skin, making people feel jealous just looking at it!

Chu Qing-Yan was pinched until she started to cry out, with great difficulty she finally rescued her own small cheeks from her hand. Then she saw Cheng Yan-Luo pointing at her cheeks and laughing uproariously.

Chu Qing-Yan followed her line of sight, rubbed her face and opened her hand. She only saw her hand full of dirt and she couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment. This really was a strange older sister. But she was an older sister that people can like!

“Enough, I’m not going to talk to you now, having been tossed for a night, I’m too tired. I need to go catch up on some sleep. What you need to do, then go do it! If you have nothing to do, don’t come bother me!” Cheng Yan-Luo stuffed the hoe into her hand and yawned, then she left.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at that figure getting further away, then looked at the hoe in her hand. Suddenly she had the desire to cry but lacked the tears.

The world slowly brightened up, she could even clearly see the tall mountain off in the distance. Chu Qing-Yan tightly gripped the hoe in her hand and smiled faintly.

In fact, those words she said to Cheng Yan-Luo at that time, and they remaining outside and not leaving, really was all just a gamble. She felt her odds of success were great, but at that time she wasn’t 100% certain.

What she hated the most was to use life as a gamble. But at that time, there were no other ways out, they could only seek survival through this crack.

Fortunately, her belief in humanity’s pure goodness was correct.

She hoped Older Sister Yan-Luo could really find a way to solve the poison within three days.

After contemplating for a while, she dragged the hoe and slowly walked back.

When she walked under a large tree, she was scared by a person that suddenly appeared, it was Air Spirit wearing white from head to toe.

Chu Qing-Yan patted her chest and said with a sigh. “Air Spirit, don’t you know that now my spirit is very weak and I can’t bear being scared even a bit? Please when you walk, can you make some noise, okay?”

Air Spirit’s tone had traces of apology as he said. “This subordinate didn’t do it intentionally, I heard that just now, master almost couldn’t suppress the Snake Kiss poison, how is he now?”

“It’s already under control so you don’t need to worry.” Chu Qing-Yan held the hoe as she placated him. She felt that Air Spirit seemed to have changed a lot in one night’s time. His expression was bleak, with faint melancholy between his brows.

“That’s good.” Air Spirit gave a breath of relief.

Chu Qing-Yan saw his hesitant expression and knew he still wanted to ask something, so she didn’t have the urge to leave.

“That, is my Junior Sister still well?” Air Spirit hesitated for a while, but still finally asked this.

Chu Qing-Yan raished an eyebrow. “Air Spirit, I feel it’s best that you ask the person herself this question. Because I didn’t see her in the past, I don’t know whether she is good or not comparing the current her to the past her.”

Air Spirit’s eyes immediately darkened. “What the little consort said is correct. But now, I am no longer suitable to go bother her.”

“Suitable or not is not something you alone have the final say on.” Chu Qing-Yan lifted her finger and shook it. “If your heart doesn’t have feelings, then you wouldn’t recall the past events all the time. I think that whatever misunderstanding that existed, its best to untie it. Whether it’s mutual help when lacking resources, or wanting to forget the things in the Jiang Hu, you have to think it over.”

Finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t see Air Spirit achieve enlightenment and change. Instead, she saw him look at her with alarm.

“Did i say something wrong?” Chu Qing-Yan was now like a clueless guy, at a complete loss.

“Little, little consort, you really know a lot ah!” Air Spirit maintained his expression of seeing a ghost.

Just imagine a ten year old girl possessing the composure to have a ridiculous argument of teaching you about feelings between man and woman, the matter of love. Wouldn’t it be too exaggerated to the point of being scary?

The little consort matured a bit too early right?

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched, finished, she forgot she was still a ten year old child. Is being so quickly exposed really good?

“What’s that? I suddenly recalled a person is needed to take care of his Highness. I’ll return first.” Chu Qing-Yan stuffed the hoe in his hand, then ran away.

Being passed around, the hoe still ended up in his hand.

Precisely like some people who, after making a huge circle, still returned to the original place, looking for the person that wandered off before.


Cheng Yan-Luo woke up from dreams and stretched herself. After she finished washing her face, her entire person felt invigorated. As a result, she returned to sit in her chair and spread out the medical books on the table. Now her mood had been completely restored, now she could start researching a way to solve the Snake Kiss poison.

After flipping through half of the books, a soft knock came from the door. Her head didn’t even turn as she said. “Come in.”

Sha Feng carried a plate of food as he came in. “Senior Sister, just now I didn’t see you come out for lunch, so I came over to deliver it to you.”

“You are still more considerate. If in the future you get married, then I won’t have someone to order about.” Cheng Yan-Luo expressed distress thinking about the future.

Sha Feng placed the food on her table as he somewhat helplessly said. “Senior Sister, it’s time for you to find a husband, I can’t always wait upon you for a lifetime.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yan-Luo raised her head, with pair of eyes full of tender feelings she looked at him. “There is a proverb that is said well. If I don’t get married and if you are a bachelor, then how about us being together?”

When this words were said, there came the sound of something being knocked down from outside the window.

Sha Feng immediately ran over, stretched out his head to look and saw that a basin of medicinal herbs had fallen down. There wasn’t anyone by the side of the basin, he couldn’t help but rub his head, could it be it’s that stray cat coming over to cause a disturbance again? While thinking this he turned, but when he met Senior Sister’s gaze, he was suddenly scared. “Senior Sister, with you looking at me like this, I feel terrified.”

“Terrified?” Cheng Yan-Luo took back her gaze and speechlessly said. “Can’t even take a joke. Forget it, forget it, quickly go find a husband’s family and get married!”

“Senior Sister, I’m a man!” Sha Feng’s mouth twitched.

“I know, I know, by yelling so loudly, are you trying to make me deaf?” Cheng Yan-Luo picked her ears and said in disdain.

Sha Feng felt he was really pathetic, he really wanted to squat in the corner and draw circles.

But he recalled the real business.

Senior Sister, can you really find a way to solve the Snake Kiss poison within three days?”

Cheng Yan-Luo continued to flip through the books in her hand. Hearing this, she replied. “Back then, my dad devoted his efforts to find ways to solve the top ten poisons in the world. In fact he didn’t just develop three solutions, rather, because at that time my father’s good friend got sick, he didn’t have time to finish his research before leaving. Although he left in a hurry, the research notebooks he left behind had his thoughts on how to solve the Snake Kiss poison. Now these notebooks are in my hand, moreover before I have been continuously tidying them up, so my heart has more or less grasped it, only that I haven’t had a chance to try it.”

“So it’s like this. Then this time, Prince Ying being poisoned gave you a great opportunity to solve this poison.” Sha Feng said this as he nodded.

“En.” Cheng Yan-Luo’s finger lightly tapped a page within the book, all of a sudden a thought flashed through her mind. Immediately after, the corner of her mouth perked up slightly.

“I think I don’t need three day’s time, one day is enough.”

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