Adorable Consort – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – Listen obediently and don’t make a scene

Not a word was uttered during the journey back to Prince Ying’s manor, it was still Xiao Xu who carried her down from the horse. He carried her all the way back to the Jade Garden.

Along the way, they received countless stares and ceremony. Chu Qing Yan couldn’t forget just now when Bai Hu welcomed them at the gate. His face was completely flabbergasted when he raised his head, although he covered it up very well, it still wasn’t able to escape her eyes.

Servants of all sizes, whether they held brooms, kettles, or trays, when they saw this scene, all of a sudden they would forget what they were doing. The next moment, they directly stood foolishly on the spot.

Their Highness was actually carrying a girl?


A girl?

Although this girl was only around 10 years old, she was still a real genuine girl ah!

Wasn’t it said that His Highness wouldn’t let women close, didn’t like people being near him and won’t let people touch him?

How come the painting style would suddenly change to this?

Was it possible that this little princess consort had already gotten deep into His Highness’ heart in such a short few days?

Therefore the looks that was cast at Chu Qing-Yan suddenly became strange. There was envy, reverence, adoration, jealousy as well fawning to curry favor.

Chu Qing-Yan felt the stares that came from all directions and couldn’t help but tighten her hold on Xiao Xu’s neck. Her entire body shrunk into his embrace.

As if in a day’s time, everything in this situation had changed.

But these matters didn’t have any great relationship with her, she only needed to live steadily and stably.

But do the heavens really want her to transmigrate here to live a peaceful life?

Unlikely ah!

After entering the main courtyard, Hong Yi and the others had received the news and were already standing at the entrance to welcome them. Although they had already made some mental preparations, seeing these two people come in, they were still slightly stunned for a moment. It was only under their master’s orders, that everybody busied themselves doing their own duties.

“Tell Air Spirit to come over.” Xiao Xu instructed Hong Yi, before entering the room.

Hong Yi glanced at Chu Qing-Yan and promptly complied.

When Air Spirit entered, Chu Qing-Yan was already somewhat sleepy, as for what happened in between, she was muddle-headed about it, and then lost consciousness.

Don’t know how long had passed, she felt a stabbing pain from her ankle, and immediately woke up with a cry of pain. When she opened her eyes, it was to meet a pair of enigmatic and unfathomable eyes which stupefied her for a moment. Then the pain in her ankle came again before she subconsciously took a glance at it and saw that the foot she hurt was in his left hand. Chu Qing-Yan was horrified and immediately wanted to pull it back, but she was just about to move when his hand tightened around her foot.

“Don’t move randomly!” Xiao Xu frowned.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately stopped. Then she noticed he was holding a medicinal bottle in his right hand, so she knew he was applying medicine on her. She immediately said. “Let me do it!”

“If you don’t want your foot injury to worsen, then be a bit well- behaved for this king.” Just now Air Spirit said her leg will take 10 days to half a month to heal. When Xiao Xu heard this, his mood became not so good, now seeing her being so unaware, his tone became not so nice, at least that’s how Chu Qing Yan heard it.

Being berated by his fierce tone, all the grievances that Chu Qing-Yan had suffered today rushed up. This morning she had just left this sickbed, now she had been sent back into it again. Unwillingness and sadness flooded her heart, and she clenched her teeth to indignantly say. “If it worsens then let it worsen, If this foot becomes wasted then I would have reaped what I sowed! I wouldn’t want to trouble Your Highness to personally attend to it!” She retracted her leg while saying this.

Sadly, her little leg was confined by his wheel rim-like strength, making her unable to move a single jot. She looked up crossly at the person in front of her. “What do you want to do in the end?”

“Isn’t that what this king should be asking you?” His eyes were calm and his tone was like ice.

Chu Qing-Yan in extreme anger clutched the quilt, since he love to apply medicine on her then let him apply it. She would just ignore him then!

The person in front finally stopped moving, Xiao Xu looked down and continued the unfinished matter of applying the medicine.

Because Chu Qing-Yan thought he would take this opportunity to retaliate, she had already prepared herself to bear the incoming pain. However, aside from a slight sting coming from her ankle as well as the coldness of the ointment, only a slight numbness remained.

She opened her tightly closed eyes and looked at her ankle in astonishment, then followed his movements to look up. She felt that he was concentrated single-mindedly, as if handling an extremely important matter. She suddenly felt a bit annoyed, looks like she had gauged the heart of a gentleman with her own mean measure.

However, she noticed that he was very familiar with applying the medicine, not like before when he was unaccustomed to feeding her food. It was as if he did this kind of thing frequently.

She tilted her head and coincidentally met with his eyes, before realizing that just now when she was not careful, she asked the thoughts in her heart.

“On the battlefield, being wounded is a common matter.” He said indifferently as if he was talking about the weather.

The meaning was that he often got injured therefore applying medicine on himself again and again made him accustomed to it? Seeing him proficiently bandaging her with white muslin, she felt a slight pang of pain from an unknown origin and subconsciously blurted out. “That must have been very painful right?”

Xiao Xu heard this and the fingers helping her wrap the bandage paused, his gaze calmly looked at her until she didn’t understand why, before his hand continued its movements.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know that her words just now unconsciously carried feelings of pity and deep concern, making Xiao Xu’s frozen over heart move slightly.

“Used to it, it’s fine.”

His tone was rippleless and calm, but it made Chu Qing-Yan silent for no reason at all. After sustaining so many injuries, did he become so numb that he paid it no heed?

And just at this moment, Fire Spirit hurriedly walked in and saw his family’s master dealing with Chu Qing-Yan’s wounds for her. He was first surprised, then he immediately composed himself to say. “Master, words came from the palace, asking you to enter the palace immediately.”

“Did they say about what matter?” After Xiao Xu finished dealing with the wound, he placed her foot back into the quilt before saying this in an unhurried manner.

Fire Spirit took a glance at Chu Qing-Yan who was lying on the bed before lowering his head to say. “It’s related to the matter of the Fourth Prince being attacked by assassins.”

Xiao Xu heard this and his complexion changed slightly, his tone was faint as he said. “This king knows.”

When these words fell, he immediately stood up and was just about to leave. Then, as if he just thought of something again, he turned around, bent down, and to Chu Qing-Yan who didn’t understand what was happening, he patted her head saying.

“Should have made enough trouble, now listen obediently!”

Not only Chu Qing-Yan, even Fire Spirit felt this was inconceivable.

It was after Xiao Xu left in large strides that Chu Qing-Yan recovered her senses. Damn! Why did that action just now seem like he was petting his own family’s house pet’s head? She wasn’t a poodle ah!

After she finished thinking this, Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat depressed. But for no reason at all, some joy rose in her heart once again.

And just at this moment, Huang Yi came in carrying a bowl of medicinal soup, saying His Highness had instructed her to boil this for her to drink. The medicinal effect was to calm the nerves.

Chu Qing Yan also knew that good medicine tastes bitter, so she pinched her nose, tossed her head and drank it in one gulp.

Huang Yi laughed saying. “Ninth Miss Chu is becoming more and more brave.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and couldn’t help but recall that before, when drinking medicine she would always seize the opportunity to refuse it. So she somewhat embarrassingly rubbed her nose.

Huang Yi collected the bowl, her complexion was slightly worried. “Don’t know if this time His Highness entering the palace will be punished by His Majesty?”

When Chu Qing-Yan heard this, she immediately asked. “What do you mean?”

Huang Yi felt she had said the wrong thing. Originally she didn’t want to say much, but seeing how well His Highness treated Chu Qing-Yan, she couldn’t help but incorporate her into her own camp, so she sighed. “His Majesty has always doted on the Fourth Prince. One year when the Fourth Prince was only three years old, he secretly climbed up a big tree in the imperial gardens. Afterwards he fell down from it. Fortunately, His Highness was passing by and saved the Fourth Prince. But because Fourth Prince had received a fright, he couldn’t stop crying, and because of this, His Majesty punished His Highness to return to the manor to reflect upon his misdeeds. Now Fourth Prince met an assassination attempt, even though he came out unscathed, but His Majesty——”

What Huang Yi didn’t finish saying, it wasn’t hard for Chu Qing-Yan to guess.

It was that as long as Xiao Xu was present, regardless of whether Xiao Ran was injured or not, he would never escape being scolded.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt that the medicine just now was very bitter!

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