Adorable Consort – Chapter 215

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Chapter 215 – Coincidentally encountered a huge shocking secret

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the color of the sky, and guessed it was almost time. Liu manor was so huge, she needed to take advantage of the dark night with high winds to meet up with Big Block of Ice.

Although she didn’t know where Big Block of Ice was, but now Fire Spirit’s group should have also started to act. As long as she could find the Xiao Lie Cavalry, it was equivalent to finding Big Block of Ice.

As a result, Chu Qing-Yan was like a carp as she straightened up and got up from the bed. Walking quietly on tiptoe, she walked to the side of the door. She knew outside was busy because of the birthday feast, so there were no people guarding the door due to insufficient staff. So when she felt at ease and was prepared to open the door and escape, she heard messy footstep sounds that was heading in her direction. She secretly cried not good, she immediately closed the door she had just opened a crack.

The door was just closed when Liu Fu’s pair of master and servant arrived.

“Miss, the person is in here.” The servant timidly pointed at the door to the room.

Hearing this, Liu Fu’s pair of hands used great force to open the door. She took large strides and entered the room.

She only saw a child like figure with the back to her sitting on the chair. Liu Fu immediately angrily said. “Who are you?”

Chu Qing-Yan never expected the person that came was female. Moreover this voice sounded a bit familiar. Hearing the sound, she turned her head back.

In an instant the two people’s gaze met, both were equally startled.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you!”

The two people spoke in unison.

“Why are you here?”

“Where is that person who was with you last night?”

Again, they said this at the same time.

Liu Fu calmed down, swept away her shrewish appearance from just now. She lifted her chin up high and said in an arrogant manner. “I’m the daughter of the governor of Ping Yang city. Who are you? Where is the person who was with you last night?”

Only now did Chu Qing-Yan recall, Liu Ying married more than a dozen concubines, all the children born from them were daughters. And the miss in front of her must be one of them. No wonder last night, her gaze was arrogant as she looked at Big Block of Ice. The tiger is not home, the backing propping them up was huge. Not mentioning other matters, Liu Ying was considered the first or second boss of Ping Yang city.

“I am Chu Yan, several days before my cousin and I arrived in Ping Yang city and was kidnapped by people. Today don’t know what happened, I appeared here.” Chu Qing-Yan had a pure and innocent little face that would fool the world. Saying these words, she looked really pitiful, with teary hazed over eyes.

Hearing this, Liu Fu could guess the general idea. Ought to be that someone saw these two cousin’s good looks, and knew about her father’s interest, as a result kidnapped these two people. They seized this opportunity of presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers to reach some kind of agreement with her father.

This kind of currying for favor, she had already seen so much of it that it was no longer strange!

But when Liu Fu saw his appearance of wanting to cry, she coldy humphed in her heart. This appearance, if it was in front of her daddy, she estimated he would be gnawed on until not even dust were left!

“What you said means not only you, but your cousin was also kidnapped?” This was the matter she was most concerned about. Never thought that person who made her think of him every moment and made food flavorless would be this close to her.

How could Chu Qing-Yan not know that this person liked her family’s Big Block of Ice? Originally she wanted to say Liu Fu was really shallow. But at this moment her heart had a scheme, as a result she lifted up both eyes beseeching to say, “That’s right ah Miss Liu, I feel my family’s cousin is also in your manor. Could you take me to go look for him? If we could be saved because of you, in the future we definitely won’t forget your kindness!”

She originally wanted to see this person being driven out of Liu Manor, but since she found out he was that man’s cousin from last night, she wasn’t willing. She planned to use this youth to pull her relationship closer with that man. Hearing this youth’s words, it just so happened to be her meaning too.

“Okay, I’ll bring you to search for him!” Liu Fu didn’t hesitate to say, in any case she won’t allow her father to touch these boy toys again.

“Miss, is this okay? If the lord finds out about this matter, he will punish you ah!” The worried servant said this on the side.

Letting one go is okay, the Miss actually planned to let a pair go, based on the lord’s temper even if he dotted on the Miss, reckon that he wouldn’t easily let her off lightly.

“Are you the master or am I the master?” Liu Fu was immediately enraged. “Go slap your own mouth!”

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. This Liu Fu was not only unruly and headstrong, she also had a vicious heart. Sure enough, if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will also be crooked.

And just at this moment, the servant had already started to slap her own mouth with pitter-patter sounds. Those red eyes were enough to tell her suffering at the moment.

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at that wound on the servant’s forehead and thought it also had some relationship with this Liu Fu. She couldn’t continue watching this and immediately walked to the door saying. “Are you coming or not? I need to go look for my cousin!”

Liu Fu started blankly, this person actually dared to order her. But looking at the color of the night, indeed it wasn’t early. After another two hours the birthday feast would break up. At that time when father returned, it would be too late to do anything.

As a result, she swallowed this breath and said to the servant. “Save a bit of strength, we still need to go search for people!”

That servant tearfully complied.

As a result, the party of three traveled back and forth within the inner courtyards of Liu manor. But after searching for a while, they were still like headless flies turning around randomly.

Chu Qing-Yan really didn’t want to waste more time with her like this and directly asked. “Miss Liu, normally where in the manor does your father like to go to the most?”

Hearing this, Liu Fu seemed to have woken up. “It’s Plum blossom garden, yes, maybe the person is in there!”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this, had a target and prepared to move forward with her. But just at this moment, a low gloomy voice could be heard.

“Do you know where the people were placed?”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t think much of it and thought they were inquiring about guest’s matters. But she found Liu Fu’s expression was somewhat strange. One only saw Liu Fu drag her behind a rock garden on the side to hide and say in a low voice. “Don’t make a noise!”

Obviously she was in her own manor, moreover she (Qing-Yan) was a person who was carried into the manor, simply no one had seen her before. Don’t know what Liu Fu was afraid of.

She always felt it was somewhat fishy!

Maybe Liu Fu sensed Chu Qing-Yan’s suspicious gaze, she originally want to ignore it but then recalled that this youth was that man’s cousin, so she reluctantly explained saying. “This person is a Daoist priest, he is my father’s guest. Normally what he likes to do most is to fiddle with medicinal pills, and he also likes children, especially children around your age. Therefore don’t let yourself be discovered by him!”

Like children? This seemed to sound normal ah, but Liu Fu’s words had a trace of despise, could it be this guy also liked boy toys?

And just at this moment, that person just so happened to stop in the vicinity of the rock garden. He was talking with someone.

“Liu Ying is really confused, he clearly knows I need 49 kids, only missing one. Today someone delivered one and he didn’t deliver the boy to me, so I can finish that matrix law. He still wants to keep that boy, he really is a person dominated by lust!” That voice with a low and gloomy sound once again spoke.

“Teacher, don’t you worry this disciple will immediately go look for that child!” Another voice sounded, comforting him.

Suddenly there came the sound of another burst of footsteps. “Teacher, Second Brother just now grabbed another child!”

“Good! Really even the heavens is helping me ah. Just managed to scrape together 49 children!”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan suddenly recalled the matter she heard in the teahouse of kids disappearing. Her heart was somewhat shocked but very quickly, her mood calmed down. A scheme appeared in her heart.

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