Adorable Consort – Chapter 265

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Chapter 265 – I’m willing, I will live to protect you

“Big Block of Ice——”

The moment she threw herself over, she saw the instant shock in his pair of black jade ink colored eyes.

I’m sorry, I can not look on helplessly as you sink into a crisis without lifting a finger.

I’m sorry, I disappointed your wish for me to be in good health.

I’m sorry, originally I’m a lonely soul that came from another world, leaving like this, I won’t affect this mundane world.

Chu Qing-Yan threw herself toward him without the slightest bit of hesitation nor a bit of regret.

Xiao Xu saw that refusal in her eyes and his heart was shaken slightly. Only that when his gaze landed on that sharp arrow, his eyes contracted. Immediately after, when that delicate body arrived in front of him, he used his last bit of strength to spread open his arms and hug her. A pity his internal injury was too heavy, he didn’t have the strength to bring her away to avoid this arrow.

As a result, under Chu Qing-Yan’s loud cry of fright. “Don’t want——” his body flipped over and switched positions with her.

“Your Highness——”


Earth Spirit and the others looked over with eyes that were full of horror, their voices sounded by her ear, penetrating through the rain and thunder and resonating to the distant horizon.


This was the sound of that sharp arrow entering a flesh and blood body.

While she seemed to have heard the sound of the sky falling and earth rending.

Her body still had his warm temperature and her body was still in his embrace. But she only felt the piercing cold that came from the coldest winter day.

At the last second, Big Block of Ice used his own body to protect her.

She couldn’t accept it!

This wasn’t what she wanted.

“Big Block of Ice.” Chu Qing-Yan used the fastest time to regain her own rationality. She immediately got up, carried the person that had fallen to the ground and impatiently started examining the condition of his injury.

Chu Qing-Yan had just stably supported his body but was shocked and horrified by this scene. That arrow had penetrated through his chest, and fresh blood soaked the clothes in front of his chest.

Once she saw the position of the injury, Chu Qing-Yan’s hand couldn’t stop trembling.

At this moment Xiao Xu opened his eyes, seeing the person in front of his eyes with tears falling like rain and a pair of terrified eyes. However, seeing that not a single hair was damaged, he released a breath of relief. Then with great deal of effort, his hand gripped her trembling hand and said in a soft voice. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid——”

Drop after drop of tears landed on his mask, if he wasn’t wearing a mask, maybe he would have felt the boiling hot temperature of her tears. He smiled faintly.

“Big Block of Ice, you hold on a bit more, we will save you. Just endure it a little bit more!” Chu Qing-Yan held him and lifted her head to look all around. But at this moment the fighting was fierce, even if Air Spirit and the others wanted to come over, there were people stopping them.

What to do? What to do? In the end what should she do? She lowered her head to look at that wound and felt helpless in the face of a crisis. Now she was incomparably regretful that she didn’t listen to her parents and apply for medical sciences after completing college entrance exams.

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Xu’s hand used a bit of strength, and though his voice was still soft, it still had the power to make a person feel calm and stable.

“Big Block of Ice, you teach me what to do? Should I pull out the arrow first? Or should I first stop the bleeding? Where is the gold skin healing medicine? Right, right, right, it’s here!” Her hand extended out to cover his wound. But fresh blood continuously flowed out non-stop from that wound. Not matter how thick his clothing, it was still soaked in the blink of an eye.

One of her hand covered his wound while the other hand in a flustered manner took out the medicines she brought to treat injuries. Her hand didn’t hold them steadily and they spilled all over the ground.

She immediately lowered her body and groped about in the rain. “This isn’t it? Also not it? Where is the gold skin healing medicine? I clearly put it in? Where is it in the end!”

She became tearful and grief-stricken, her tone was full of despair.

Rain water, teardrops, her whole face had traces of water.

“Don’t look for it.” Xiao Xu extended his hand to grab her wrist that was searching chaotically. When he attracted her gaze, he then slowly shook his head.

“No, I really brought it!” She had just finished speaking when from the corner of her eyes she saw the medicine which had fallen to the side of her foot. She immediately picked it up, without caring for anything else, she poured the powdered medicine inside the bottle onto his wound. “Big Block of Ice, endure a little, it’s a bit painful.”

She had tears in her eyes as she poured the whole bottle of golden skin healing medicine on his wound. A short time after, that wound really stopped bleeding. She immediately tossed the medicine bottle aside and hugged him. This rainy night was too cold, he must not catch a cold. “Big Block of Ice, you see, it stopped bleeding. You just wait a bit more, once Air Spirit and others come, they will help you treat the wound!”

Xiao Xu nodded toward her, but he knew his own body best. Just now he didn’t stop the little fellow from putting on medicine for him, so that he could calm her heart.

While that cloaked person put away the bow and arrow and tossed it to the subordinate at his side. Seeing Xiao Xu’s body got hit by the arrow and that he fell to the ground, he smiled complacently. His hand lifted to withdraw all his people. As long as Xiao Xu fell, the other people were not important. Up until now all along the way, Xiao Xu was his only target.

“Master, master. “The enemy retreated, so Fire Spirit and others quickly came over to circle around him. Seeing their master was seriously wounded, all of them were so worried to the point of being at a loss of what to do. “Air Spirit, quickly help heal master ah!”

Air Spirit immediately stepped forward and when he wanted to check Xiao Xu, the cloaked person’s voice floated over.

“Your Highness Prince Ying, never expected you still fell under my hand.” The tone of his voice rose, it had traces of conceit.

Xiao Xu lifted his hand and stopped Air Spirit from walking forward, then he turned to look toward the cloaked person. “No, this king didn’t fall under your hand, rather it was under his hand.”

Who was the cloaked person? And who was the “he” they were talking about?

At this moment, Chu Qing-Yan’s head was spinning around and she couldn’t make sense of things anymore. What she cared the most about was Big Block of Ice’s body.

“Looks like you really know who my master is, a pity oh.” The cloaked person shook his head and pretended to sigh. “When you knew he had dispatched people to assassinate you, were you in so much pain that you didn’t even want to live anymore?”

Xiao Xu’s lips only hooked up a bit, revealing a light mockery. He didn’t join the dialogue.

The cloaked person also didn’t care if he answered or not, rather he got up in the rain and slowly said. “He made it clear to this subordinate that if you arrived here, you won’t have energy left over and to kill you without mercy!”

“Oh——” The cloaked person had just finished speaking when Xiao Xu’s chest jolted and he spat out a mouthful of black blood. His raging red lips had already turned a dark purple color, his whole person seemed to have only a gossamer breath left.

“Why is it like this?” Chu Qing-Yan, seeing this was the first to say in a lost tone.

“The arrow was poisoned!” Air Spirit immediately crouched down and examined his family master’s wound.

“You are really despicable! We have no grievance nor hatred with you. Why must you use such a vicious attack!” Chu Qing-Yan snarled at him, separated by a curtain of rain.

“This is not something I can decide. At that time when we fought in the inn, it was originally to scout out your real strength. But didn’t expect we were seen through by you guys. I also finally realized why he would fear you so much. Your Highness Prince Ying, you are this generation’s most formidable person. But in success you are a formidable person, in failure you are also a formidable person.” The cloaked person said this maliciously.

But he also knew how to destroy a person’s heart, Xiao Xu closed his eyes.

“It’s Snake Kiss poison.” Air Spirit picked up the silver needle, looked at that pitch-black as ink poisonous blood dying the body of the needle black. That black blood on the needle flashed with light in the curtain of rain. His gaze also became sad and full of bitter anguish at this.

The cloaked person heard this and gave Air Spirit a deep glance. “Not bad, it is Snake Kiss poison. One of the ten most toxic poisons in the world. In five steps it will seal the throat, seven steps and you will die.”

He glanced at Xiao Xu and the cloaked person laughed coldly. Since he had already successfully accomplished his objective, he had no intent to stay here for much longer.

“Let’s go——” He waved his hand and gave the order, and those black clothed people retreated like the tide.

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