Adorable Consort – Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – Clench one’s teeth must persevere

Liu Fu brought Xiao Xu’s group of people to the vicinity of the rock garden. Afterwards, she pointed at the place they were hiding in and somewhat fearfully looked at the stunningly beautiful man in front of her to say. “Originally I brought that little young master to look for you. But when we got here, we ran into a Daoist priest my father invited over. So we hid here. But I don’t know why that little young master knocked me unconscious. When I woke up again, he had already disappeared.”

“What Daoist priest?” Xiao Xu grabbed onto the important point in her words. Since the little fellow wanted to look for him, she certainly won’t personally run all over the place, unless she ran across some matter that must be resolved immediately.

Speaking of this Daoist priest, a thread of fear appeared in Liu Fu’s eyes. “This Daoist priest is someone that I don’t know from where father invited him. He lives in our manor, fiddling with pills all day. And my father reveres him greatly, giving him an endless stream of precious medicinal herbs from our manor’s treasury.”

“His residence is in a courtyard not far from here.” Liu Fu added.

Xiao Xu immediately said. “Take us there.”

“Yes!” How could Liu Fu still have those charming and gentle thoughts with regards to this stunningly beautiful man in front of her? For her, besides fear it was more fear. She was afraid her little fingers would just like that say goodbye to her.

The group of people very quickly arrived at the residence of that Daoist priest. It was arranged gorgeously, extremely expensive and luxurious. It was far superior to the inner courtyards in Liu Manor.

Fire Spirit tsked with his tongue, this tea set, this table and chair. Even the main courtyard of Liu Manor doesn’t live it up like this.

But after searching for quite a while, they couldn’t find Chu Qing-Yan’s shadow. But they did capture several little Daoist apprentices.

“I ask you guys, you guys reply honestly.” Fire Spirit said in a strict manner.

How could those Daoist apprentices have seen so many weapons, so they repeatedly nodded.

“Did you guys see a youth around ten years old?”

When this was said, those little Daoist apprentices’ complexions changed as they lowered their heads hesitating, not knowing how to answer. But that person in black inside the room giving off ice-cold air from head to toe made them bow down their bodies. One among them with a sobbing tone replied. “Not only have we seen one, we just don’t know which one is this person asking about?”

“What do you mean?” Fire Spirit asked suspiciously.

“In our dungeon, we have imprisoned at least several tens of children around ten years old. Don’t know if the person you guys are searching for is among them.” The little Daoist apprentice continued to say in a crying tone.

Xiao Xu’s eyes lit up as he took a step forward to say. “Are those the missing children from Ping Yang city?”

The little Daoist apprentice stealthily glanced at Xiao Xu in front of him before quickly lowering his head again. “Yes, starting from last year, master ordered us to stealthily grab boys and girls around ten years old. And today our Senior brothers had just grabbed another young boy, I heard they have just scraped together a full forty nine children. Tonight we could directly start to refine medicine!”

Refine medicine!

Once these two words landed, Xiao Xu’s complexion changed slightly. With a chilling air that terrified people, he asked. “Where is that dungeon?”

“It’s behind the mountain!” The ice-cold air given off by the person in front of him almost frozen him stiff. He crept on the ground and felt the air was even colder than the ground.

“Walk, bring us over there!” Fire Spirit sensed this was far from good, hearing those words “refine medicine”, it sounded like the methods from a heretical religious sect. If the little consort was grabbed by them, then the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate. As a result, he grabbed one of the Daoist apprentices and threatened him into quickly leading the way.

Xiao Xu’s pair of hands were clenched into fists in his sleeves, to the extent that his fingers turned white. Little fellow, by all means you must not have a mishap!

Inside the stone room.

Once that sword stabbed in, it was impossible to pull it out again. Although that youth didn’t understand, he still gave up pulling out that sword. He turned to look at the person by his side.

“You are very smart.” His tone had a trace of admiration.

Chu Qing-Yan used her sleeves to wipe at the sweat on her forehead, what happened just now made her heart hang in midair. Fortunately his eyes were quick and hands were swift and didn’t hesitate for a bit. Otherwise if those people rushed over, although she could protect herself, it would be hard to protect the large group of weak little children that followed by her side.

“You have over praised me.” Fortunately she had gotten the key from Wood Spirit before when she was bored. When she asked him if there would there be other people in this world that could make this kind of key, he said there weren’t that many people in the world that could make this key.

Not many meant that there were still people with the ability to guard against the unexpected, she had asked him after suddenly having a thought: Were there ways to damage a lock so it could never be opened again?

Wood Spirit laughed at her for being too cautious. But he still taught her the method, as long as you used something to jam into axis of the lock inside that fit together, it would prevent people from opening it.

At that time she only asked because she was bored and memorized it after fulfilling her curiosity. But she never expected to use it in the end.

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat rueful, it seemed a tiny matter during daily life could still save your life in the end, as long as you carefully observe matters.

That youth didn’t say more, rather he walked to the last iron door’s side and tried to open it. He discovered that the door didn’t move a single jot. There was no hole in the lock, making it hard for a person to open it.

Chu Qing-Yan walked forward and examined a bit, her expression was also grave. Before when she came in the sky was too dark, so she didn’t see how that Daoist priest opened this iron door. Now she was also somewhat helpless.

Seeing an urgent expression appear on Chu Qing-Yan’s face, unexpectedly that youth opened his mouth to comfort her. “Didn’t you say people above would come and save us? As long as we can wait a bit longer, we will be rescued.”

That youth’s words were also her last hope, otherwise they would be snatched back. Time had already passed, if that Daoist priest wanted to use them to refine drugs, then he would have to wait until tomorrow night. So the time for them to wait for rescue had been extended a bit longer.

But her only concern was, will Big Block of Ice see the markings she left behind for them?

Seeing her still frowning, that youth asked in a low voice. “Are you okay?”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know why he would suddenly ask this. “I’m good, why?”

“Nothing.” That youth took a glance at her then turned to walk to the side. Just now when she lit up that Chinese eaglewood he noticed that even though she covered her face, yet she was still the closest to the incense. When those guarding Daoist priests smelled the incense they passed out, this was sufficient to prove how strong the effect of that medicine is. That she could persevere until now was already very awesome.

In fact that youth’s concerns were correct, because she sucked in too much of that incense, Chu Qing-Yan’s consciousness was somewhat laxed. But she could not collapse.

She bit her teeth, she must press on.

And on the other side of the stone door.

Those Daoist priests weren’t a bit worried about capturing those children, but when they walked here they discovered that no matter what they couldn’t open the stone door. Immediately they became flustered. “Quickly, quickly go call master over!”

After a short period of time, that Daoist priest arrived after receiving the news. Seeing his disciples were helpless in front of that stone door, his heart was enraged.

“Smash, smash this stone door open for this seat!”


All the Daoist apprentices stepped forward, one after another they smashed the door’s board very fiercely.

On the other side, Chu Qing-Yan’s group also sensed the movement inside. Everyone looked at each other with a trace of fear in their eyes.

They came? Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes narrowed.

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